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Last post 2015^^ Lesson learned from Indian serial ^^

Wondering what to blog about can be one of the biggest roadblocks I faced lately! When reviewing my 2015 resolutions; it was hard time accumulating all…My holidays started from17th of December but I could not vanish from this place as soon as my holiday started, still I am here at a place which it does not belong to me.  I am waiting for the workshop to be attended down at Langthel about 21st century pedagogy. A week holiday and no students around brought two of us together( Ganga and myself). Ganga is huge fan of any movies and Indian series. Knitting and watching movies are only job. Well, I am here to share; lessons learned from watching Hindi Serials, and in previous post I have also shared on  lesson learned from Bollyhood and Hollyhood. In totality these three post are all about lesson learned from watching movies and series J
1. If a character is popular, he can die and come back to life as many times as he likes.
I mean seriously? Even characters in any games don’t have as many lives as characters in Indian serial. SHidarth Khuraana<>Raghu. Auchh this is shitty! Its like this, Hero Dies Family cremates him his duplicate appears family still believes dead hero’s back fight for the families.
In one serial she changed many husband :P
Source: Internet.

2. It is entirely possible to build a 30-minute episode on one minor event.
Ahem went out of home? They zoom in and zoom out on every character’s face for the next 10 minutes. Wastage of time!
3. Reactions are really important.
“Maa, I’m pregnant!” After this is uttered by a  bahu (daughter-in-law), every family member’s reaction has to capture at least 5 times with varying editing effects.
4. Never Tired of Marrying and Divorcing
The couples are madly in love but they cannot marry each other. They end up marry other people. They divorce. Marry their ex lovers. Again Divorce. Again Remarry. The story continues.
5.The Good Always Loses the Home
6.Lose Your Memory and Regain It Suddenly
7. Always Fashionable
The women in Indian TV serials love wearing heavy jewelries and saris all the time, 24×7, regardless of the situation whether she is sleeping, screaming or mourning.
8. The villain will always make faces and smirk, while thinking of an evil plan,so that you know she is a villian. But the irony is, you still won’t know, because you are too ideal to think of anything so evil about your own.
That's enough of this serial!
Photo credit: Google
9. Celebrates every Birthday of loved ones, with huge surprises. This creates expectations and when loved one cannot fulfill what characters in serial does, and then it leads to hurt finally misunderstanding and breakup. Haha I have seen this kind of women around me :P Shhh! That’s secret! :P
10. All women in serial procure long and fashionable hair.
Most of these daily dramas revolve around complexities of family, marriage and relationships. I was wondering, where all this crap drama came from?
Truly, this shitty serial literally ruined my wealthy holidays. I have good babies waiting for me to open in the bookshelf. But what I can do is just watch them and whisper, I will nail you during vacation. I know vacation will be filled with families, relatives and all fun. Do I really get time to read all? That is my biggest question so far! And also so sorry DAsho Lingi, thanks lah Dasho, for your greatest help, which I will be remembering your greatness to the eternity. I couldn’t go for Dessup as I was delayed in compilation of documents. No worries, next year is always there!
2016 be good to me, 2015 put me through a lot of hoax LWith the end of 2015 fast approaching, predictions for next year and resolutions were already rolled over my head.
This is a  last post for 2015!  I will be attending workshop from tomorrow. Last day to to be here at Samcholing as well, I will be out off internet connections. So, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends.
Thanks for smiling with me!

Loads of love to all of you J
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