Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Evening Post ^^

Would you glance through this post when you have a moment? ^^ :P hehe 
Well, Happy Sunday Evening Everyone! I feel so refreshed after a beautiful Sunday. Ever feel like Monday comes crazy quick? Sometimes the weekend countdown starts for me before I am even in bed on Sunday night. However, the name of the day of the week should not dictate our attitudes :P
Anyways, the fact that I haven’t blogged has been hanging over my head lately. Not for anybody’s sake but my own. I love the self inflicted pressure I have had with writing regularly… and the fact that I have been slacking makes me disappointed in myself. After all, in my heart I am a blabla writer, and though I will never make a sense from my ramblings, it is important for me to let the inspiration of the moment flow. Today morning I was chatting with young friend of mine, and he said, ‘I didn’t see any updates from you on your blog.’ 
‘Hammer of inspiration should strike first on my head to squeeze the juice of brain…’ I replied.
Paper vase^^
And immediately he wrote, “Then I will pray god to give you a hard blow on your head by the hammer of inspiration, so that you will write.” Haha I truly receive a hard blow on my head by that inspired hammer, so I am scribbling it :P…
You know lately, I have allowed another inspiration take over and snatch much of my free time. As, I have been interested in making useful household things from waste materials. Since I was a young girl, being blessed by the apprenticeship of my creative aunt is an incredible opportunity that I learnt many creative arts. I am taking full advantage of it now. In the last few days I have been able to practice, learn in a new way which has been invaluably taught by my aunt. The most beautiful things I learnt from her were making teddy bear and puppies… I never liked teddy bear and dogs so I neglected to make it. This winter I am gonna try it once, since I am in love with new soul (stray puppies)… After all I need a sewing machine (selai machine :P). I don’t want to hurt my fingers by that creepy crazy sharp needle, piercing. I am scared of needles.
I have brought few decorations made out of waste materials. Have a glace through my photos and enjoy 
Wall decoration with waste materials :) ^^
 It’s already end of October and winter is around the corner of my home. I need to vigorously prepare to welcome glorious chilly winter. I have already activated my seasonal hobbies, knitting! Someone stated last year saying that knitting is also an art of meditation. Yes I am going to meditate now haha. I have already completed a pair of socks for me  :P and currently I am knitting scarf for my friend who lives mile away from me… I hope you will love it once it reaches you dear, ahh heart to heart connection ;)
 This year my inspirational level in knitting has dwindled. Is that I became too lazy?? Or am I encircled with plentiful responsibilities? Both gonna be the possible answers haha…
Let me elaborate on me being lazy this days:
These days one of the greatest love stories of all time is my affair with food. And that’s saying something because I am a truly hopeless romantic.
 But the most hopeless thing about me? I simply cannot eat something that I am not craving for. But whatever I swallow, I need to be craving it, and I eat a lot.
mome made pasta ;) ^^
 That’s why when festival of good over evils came along the way, my tummy told me where I wanted to go before my head could even wrap around the options. I wanted something rich, something to truly celebrate the occasion and to me, there is no better celebration than the party in my mouth :P Haha  And I was certainly not disappointed on this special dasain. My mouth got hell of party to taste all kind of food that I have craved for (Pizza and momo(dumbling)) . So,my dasara(festival of good over evils) have been the most memorable one.
Sinking car in the muddy road, clearing boulders on the way, experienced my heart and lungs  just under the epiglottis was just hell; beside that exploring Trogsa town was fun day. We ordered pizza and wet up to see my brother who is studying there in Sherabling HSS and I did shopping for him… Had lunch together and we rushed back to Samcholing exactly at 4:30 PM. Yesterday, I was like all religious minded woman; I had prayed emotionally, devotionally, chanting bazaguru on that creepy road. Ill-disciplined road have nearly taken our lives. Its muddy and vulnerable. Thank God!!
Friends corner^^CharmOf Oct^^ Season of avian life ;)
 No worries, am safe fit and fine. Jumping in fact :P  end of October is beautiful and its a great time to observe backyard songbirds in the Samcholing valley.   Best of all, the cool, sunny weather of October energize these songbirds, making them more active and conspicuous.  So it does enhance the experience of birders, drawn outside to enjoy the pleasant weather and reward with a wonderful diversity of avian life.

 I thought of describing these photos separately but due to time constrained I couldn’t but I am no mean. I am sharing you whole of my photos here and I have dasara share for you as well :P. So be encouraged today; in whatever goals you have set or challenge you are facing. You may feel totally ill qualified, as a child would feel, and yet God says “go” and he will guide you. More than that, he will put his words into your mouth.
I am going to take up this little love of mine once more. I think it will be good motivation for me to post little things here and there on my blog. Hehe enjoy and have fun...

Dasain: festival of good over evils!! ;)

Treat from girls hostel ;)

Soul mate :P 
My Family ^^ winkwink!
My LOve :P ^^

Monday, October 12, 2015

Sunday Trip^^ Walk For Health ;)

So glad I took the time to write this. I'm, unfortunately among the busy, busy, people. I do make an effort to unplug daily and be by myself. I live in an area without great internet service and often it aids in my much needed disconnect! I find time to watch football; take trip, watch crazy Indian serials, dance shows are my favorite, making music with my friends centers me and keeps me in touch with human reality, not the crazy world running in circles.
When I ask others how they are doing, I really want to know. In turn, I so deeply crave the time and space for heart filled conversations with others about how I am really feeling. I would love to hear how you make this happen :P ;)… Aarey bolona :D
Haha its okay not to speak now let me take my turn to tell you a story about my weekend trip with my students.
 I have photos of the day for you as a treat… Auuu Kinzz, so sorry I will portray myself jumping and sitting on my bed next time namo, I am  waiting for the hammer of inspiration to strike on my head to sketch  :P ;) no worries…I love to portray myself as cartoony girl …which I look cool, fashionable and young :P seriously!
Here goes my trip story:
Move For Health...
It was my plan to take my nature club members for field trip, as it was one of the actions included in my action plan. I have been busy for last week and I was little weak as well, I was lost in thoughts and craving every new day to give me another strength-hope, gradually invited the weekend.So, I scribbled the proposal letter to the administration and principal approved with full of appreciation. Thank you sir. I called all nature club members right after the Saturday class and announced them saying we are going for a trip tomorrow. They were excited and days-scholar was ready to bring food for all boarder students. I got a kick of bliss by seeing the excitement and contentment in them. Next day, we gathered on the school gate. I checked whether all the students were present or not and asked to call those missing friends.
tired but not exhausted :D
We started our journey, under the crescent rays of sun just youthful on the mountain top smiling at us. We threw back the smile to sun and kicked off our journey; exactly at 6:15 am. We had sever
al things to be carried, water, lunch box, dalda, incense stick...Alala! I had tug of game with students. They won and students carried my stack. No worries I carried my handbag full of junks. Oh that’s secret!  After an hour walk we reached Kingarabten(name of a place), the sun beam already streamed through window of that grocery shop and feed them the morning immature hug but  the shopkeeper was sleeping bongbong without any feelings.  We couldn’t lure them, we crawled to another shop and I could hear the snore from the punctured house :P. Finally a lady came out rubbing her eyes. Then we purchased juice, crunching-munching things form her shop and forwarded our journey.
Our destination
was downward.
Our destination was downward. ‘Down in the valley, the valley solo(shallow)’ I used to say solo, during my kinder-garden. Remembering this song, I wanted to sing aloud but I need to maintain the dignity of being teacher :p kidding and finally I made it!  I sang a song to myself; when I stepped downward. The valley wasn’t solo :p its obvious  narrow and with steep slope. But valley was a lovely place, though remote, idyllic place for those melancholic people :P, total silence, less people travel by, and away from the road. Isn't it a lovely place?
Finally after several footsteps, we saw a roof top of that lhakhang(temple).

We reached there, and there was a Kyenngyer(caretaker) and Lama(monk). I was totally tired but not exhausted, I wanted to throw my body on the couch if there was one, but I pretended not to show my tiredness. I greeted lama with widest smile and beautiful words “kuzuzangpola”, :P and I explained him why we were here. I asked lama 
to tell us about background of ChakarZur lhaknhag and he narrated a story about it…
Here it goes,
I too did social work ;)
It was prophesied by Guru Rinpochoe, one day, a wise man will come and build a temple here. So later Yab Tempai Nima (wise man) came and tried building temple for several times and at the end of each day demon dismantled it. So, Yab tempai Nima, used his super natural power and he used ChaagThaab(metal chain) to tie the sun and moon, so they had built that lhakhang in a day, by tying sun and moon, making the day longer.”

It is two storey old traditional building. The building seems very old and mild quake gonna bring huge devastation there. Down floor have the statue of Buddha as a main pearl. Upstir, the statue of Jutsuen Dema was displayed. We prostrated, offered few pennies and we received holy water and endless blessings from lam.
Then, we stepped down the ladder; and we did weeding, maintained flower garden, boys involved in grass cutting. Lama was pleased with all of us and I asked if I could take a kupar (photos) with you… We took group photos and we dispersed.
Photo session with lama:)
Then we visited waterfall. Sun had already reached her half life, onset to her maturity; I was so careless that I even didn’t carry umbrella or cap. Students sympathized me. I said its okay! When you all can walk under scorching sun why not me? We had tuff time breathing under sun; numerous bottle of mango juice counterbalanced the heat on me.  Exactly at 1:25 PM, we reached waterfall. She fed us with immeasurably blissful moment. I traced the smile on pale faces of students and rainbow on water fall made me to smile widest. Our smile and beauty of water fall made that place a heaven on the earth :P. Truly, I was lost in the forest of excitement. We shared our feelings with water fall and waved farewell to her, living her alone tearful and brought memory full of stunning scenery given by her as treat to all of us. Then, we came back to our home, with heart full of memory and visited Kingarabten palace. All students went up to visit temple, but I didn’t go as I needed some rest. After few minutes we had our lunch. Chillis are my great enemy! I had ama-datshi’s soup and that’s the referee to warm up the game inside my stomach, “Devil-Ulcer”. I couldn’t walk, so I landed up looking for a cab.

Love for doggy ;) a new friend, who joined us...

Group photo 

Roof top of temple
Please go veg... Save animals :P

Stone where sun tied with metal chain.
Stone where moon tied with metal chain, by Yab Tempai Nima.
Isnt it beautiful??

Lunch at Kingarabten palace.

  It was fun day for all of us. The book of memories remained in my heart J.

Thank you charo(friend) for being with me…
Loads of love to you.


Thursday, October 01, 2015

Thoughts through mind ^^

In the following minutes I will try to write every single thing that goes through my mind. It's been a long time and in this rhythm I will tell every single reader a story which I have bo
This is me lying on couch. Sick-sick and sick!
Alawai! Sinimey! LOL :( :P :P 
ttled up, but I cannot promise you that I can tell you every bit and pieces of my feeling hehe… some sentences are prohibited from disclosing :P… That’s secret!
Many thing happened in and around the surrounding, we have celebrated International Ozone Day, International Rabies Day, International Elderly Day, Annual mock drill, received blessing for long life(Tsepami wang), annual exam kicked off with NIIT. Behind beautiful things around me, you know, this so called stomach ulcer is a bitch.
I woke up at 2:00 am on Tuesday morning for no reason.  In retrospect, I can see it was probably my body's way of telling me that I might die later that day. My life that morning was not particularly enjoyable.  I felt like my internal intestine had been punched by someone who is really enthusiastic about punching and therefore punches a lot.  In fact, they love punching so much that when they finished punching my internal organs, intestine, they moved on to punching my skin and all my muscles and also my eyes.  I am in pain almost the entire week. Oh my, I’m congratulating myself that I‘m almost able to surpass the whole week which seems too blur to see aback.  I don’t know why I have the feeling of hardship to deal my everyday this week.
 This pain been going on for days and night, on a scale from 1 to 15 it's a certain nine, if it cross the label of 9, I'll go crazy, or to be more exact I'll come closer to what people call certifiably nuts. Of course there are tons of moments when it's more than a nine.  Really unbearable pain! I prefer chilli less curry. Considering what I've gone through and am still going through it. I'd be happy if I could nullify the pain and bring down into the scale of zero.
Yesterday, I tried to convince myself that I was okay and I thought I should crawl upto School.  I tried to stand up, but I ended up head-butting the wall and crumpling to the floor again. I lay there on the couch staring at some words written by my student, which just said "Happy friendship day madam Rupa."  I started wondering whether that would be the last thing I ever saw.  It was a depressing thought for a few reasons, and then I throw my head on cushions and sleep it off. Knock knock on my door , it was already lunch, I picked up my phone and saw several missed calls and I opened doors and I saw my friends there. Shouting at me,’ did you eat chilli again L.’ They wanted me to take hospital. I don’t wanna go anymore, I tried to stand with my own feet, after several more unsuccessful attempts at getting to my feet, I finally made it.  I used this as an excuse to not go to the hospital.  "Hey, look at me!" I thought.  "I'm doing great!  Out of all my friends Yanchen seems very serious at me… :P shouting like a strict mother.  Kinda scared haha. Then I went hospital. The blood test showed no result it was normal.  The only thing that even hinted at what could be wrong with me was my k…..  After looking at my urine test the doctor was like "Your k…. is being weird." And I was like "Is it true?"  And the doctor was all "I don't know."  Haha. Four hours later, I wasn't dead and the doctors send me home with a antibiotic wrapped in a transparent plastic. He advised me not to eat spicy food, take meals on time, drinks lots of water and also he suggested me to do an endoscopy.
As I'm sure is the case with many of you, I walk that thin line. I nearly fall down. So when I go through a terrifying medical saga, I panic a little. Today I read a saga of a girl who died because of K….. disease. I cannot say more than, just uttering RIP.

I still don't know what is wrong with me, but I'm definitely not dead and I'm feeling a lot better today.
Just give me this day!
Its end of September my heart is just starting to have her second day of chilling!  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!!

Oh never mind, have a nice Friday!
Thanks for being with me!