Thursday, December 01, 2016

Hello December II

Happy Thursday friends!
Are you weary of the cold?
Are you wishing for spring?
Maybe you are dreaming of a summer's day by the water?
Or would you be happy to just rewind to a

(I'm okay with spring and autumn, but seriously, let's keep summer away as long as possible)
Let's do a bit of
Daydreaming hehe...

 I don’t mind carrying my needles and thread with me where ever I go :)
Hello December! Chill is at our doorstep! We need more and more layers. With arrival of chill day, my needles are also flying.  I wish I could figure out how to read and knit at the same time ewww... but then watching TV and knitting can be done  J hmmmm... I'll knit on that and get back with you.

By the way, do you knit?  Crochet?  Enjoy handwork?  Or, are you the person sitting across the room who is hypnotized while watching someone else's hands work needles with yarn in, out and around?
 I think most knitters have a story to tell.   It may be a story of celebration, frustration, loss, healing or centering.  We each have a reason for picking up the needles.   The rhythm of needles moving in and out calms me, slows down my thoughts allowing me to think more clearly and problem solve.  This is my own knitting story. I don’t mind carrying my needles and thread with me where ever I go.
I hope you have had a grand week.  I have been spending a lot of time at school... at least it feels like it.  This is a busy time of the year, as major holiday is on my way, I can erase busyness with desire. It is all good and a lot fun, though I am happy to have the afternoon off today hehe.
Fighting against winter :) by keeping warm :)
You know, during my off hours I was catching up with my favorite blogs and one of the writer had mentioned needing fresh inspiration.  It hit hard on my head.  I've posted a few times of my own struggles with my writing.  Needing "fresh inspiration"  put a face on my own endeavor to put something of substance worth sharing here on my pages.
 Today while searching for something I thought I had posted, I found myself reading back through several months of posts.   As I read, I remembered the joy I found in writing, and hearing back from you.   As I revisited many of your comments I realized how much I learned through your kind and wise words.  Sometimes one must go back to go forward.
Though I continue to seek that "fresh inspiration", I still feel this is a very happy place to be.   And, you are the one who make it so.
I am thanking each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. Your love, incredibly kind words, and genuine support towards my blaba post made my heart absolutely burst with happiness. Thank you thank you THANK YOU! J
If it is frigid where you are this weekend,
please stay safe and warm.

Sending you wishes for the best week-end ever!