Saturday, December 20, 2014

Love To Be a Stalker.

I think the best part of being me today is being a stalker. I love following people that I do not know, yet I am putting myself to their boat. Unmatched thoughts made me ask myself, how do they manage life like they have? What’s really a life to be like them? Is it happier to be like them than me?
Obviously, a part of me always gets interested why I allow myself to get in touch to their works while mine are too far from them. I don’t think we are neither related to each other, I feel discrete though however I can’t stop following them. Forgive me anyway, I love to trail.
When I am bore and when I am connected with net, what I usually do is I used to go through the blog post of my friends and you know I will not leave the commentary part as well :P. I read everything. I will be always in curiosity who is that person to comment on that particular article. I love to know more about them as if I’m letting consumed my day just merely getting to know them more than what I’m supposed to do. Then, I click his/her link and if I find that person’s comprehension help me in any means or I can explore more and learn more from them. Then positively, I will start following him/her, not personally, I will not do that if they allow me also… fact aside hehe :P.
Until one day I realized that I would love to be stalked too until I wished and there you are guys, lol!
Kidding aside, following other people about their lives changes me, fulfilled some parts of being me today. I do not know but there’s an interest of getting people around me sometimes. I may sound useless, to admit it again more than many times but it is very true, I’m not a writer. I just love to write. That’s also inspired by the people that I follow :P.
But as what everyone knows and probably would say that everybody started like my way. I don’t have heroism to write most of the time but there’s something inside of me aching to just be here to fill my small space.
I have to apologize for being too straight forward today friends. Today I am feeling lonely. I have no friends to count on around me and no one to turn with when I think I need some. Yet I only found this space friendly, who would accept my say. When I felt I have none. Although I know that I am being fenced by many true friends, but still when they are not around me I feel like world seems depopulated and that’s how dreadful I am sometimes. Ultimately, I will always be thankful that I have them.
Don’t worry; I don’t stalk all of you because obviously I don’t know who you are. Just in case anyway, I will be stalking with benefits because we all deserve to share what we have.
So just stalk my page, my pleasure!
Just don’t follow me personally because I won’t have the courage to allow either,lol!
Keep stalking others too and you’ll see the payback afterwards. Who knows, you will be next following by everybody!
Happy Weekend!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Missing You Apart.

Hi, everyone! Today is Friday which means tomorrow will be Saturday. Obviously it will, right?

I’m congratulating myself that I‘m almost able to surpass the whole week which seems too blur to see back.  I don’t know why I have the feeling of hardship to deal my everyday this week.
Anyways, I’ve been aching to get back to this space and express again, and yet there is so much keeping me busy and fulfilled in other parts of my life.
But more than everything, I miss you all, I love being here that’s why no matter how speechless I might be today, I still have the nerve to be with you. I will not promise anything to post now which makes me better because I am too lazy or do not have all the time to update here so I think I will just be relying of the mood. I will be having whenever I am here. So, I really can be as transparent as what you all might be expecting and that’s how I wanted to do so I can really be of myself with sense too.
Today is holiday but I am desperately missing everyone. I need to be here in the school for again few more days, please don’t ask me why and I will not give you the answer as well LOL HAHA. All my friends left, no students to be seen around eww! felling blue.  Holidays seems torture for me, calling my mom and friends all the way and saying how I miss them.
 Nyz, I have jotted down the big events that happened in last four days…
1. We welcomed new principal.
2. Gave farewell to outgoing students.
3. Gave farewell to seven teachers who were transferred.
4. Celebrated 107th National Day.
5. Declared result on 18th.
I have brought few photos as well. Please have a glanceJ.

With  sinor cjemistry teacher Ma'am Shoba.
Maam Sugar :P
Prizes for class topper, 2014.
Missing you all :)
National Flag On Air, raising high to seek happiness.

Dances performed by Teacherson 17th Dec.
Posing with maam Ganga :) on 17th.

Choesum for National Day.

Monday, December 15, 2014

How can I stop forgetfulness?

When I was young; I prided myself on having a good memory, not only for faces and places, but for the words people speak in their daily lives and I could utter the movie dialogue A to Z, wow! I wish I can have that powerful memory in motion… But now I find that my memory is not so trustworthy. Of course, memories are not neatly filed away so that we gain immediate access to our whole memory bank, for me, memory acts in a most dreamy way. We find ourselves remembering a garden in our childhood, playing and fighting with our childhood friends, memorizing elements in the periodic table, memorizing the mathematics formula or Memorizing the multiplication tables, memorizing Gaseylagleng! Wow! I appreciate my brain for what I did. But the biggest problem with rote memorization is that it can be forgotten after the exam or if I cannot remember the first starting sentence, then I couldn’t start the whole sentences. So, when I reach college I was pretty reluctant and gave minimal importance on studies. I memorized less. Is that the reason why I acquire less memory power today?
My problem is I keep forgetting things where I placed them... and also when I have to get something, then I will go to that place or storage, if I am already there, I forget what I am supposed to get or to do…if I am doing flashback analysis on the problem (e.g. where I placed the thing?), I get stress a lot. What seems to be my problem and a solution? I am really tired of being absentminded; today I forgot where I have placed the list of students who lost their books.
Photo of the day... Sorry no post was linked with this foto
Nyz,  Tnxx:Yangs, Gangs and Maam Sugar :P for making a grt day :)
Next is, I’m also having trouble. I keep on forgetting what I am about to say to my friends. Sometimes in the middle of a conversation, if someone comes and disturb me, I forget what is the topic that I’m talking about...I can’t continue speaking, because I’m completely at loss about what I try to say or describe before…
and it happened pretty often too… What could be my problem? Please help me…I have been asking myself the questions like:
 Is absentminded a disease?(Scary: Oh NOO!!) Do my friend experiences such things like me?(Wanna hear) Is it just out of interest? (Fun)…How can I be mindful?(Lesson). Please leave me a comment to help me.
Thank you!
Pleasant evening ahead J

Friday, December 12, 2014

Who I am

My personality and character are two important features that make me who I am. Although I may have some weaknesses in my character, I am basically the upbeat type.:P.  I try to be as happy as I can most of the time.
Being down or depressed comes with everyone's character at some point. When I come across this point in life, it is one of my weak situations. When something happens that makes me angry, the outcome is always sadness. I let my emotions out but crying or keeping quiet to myself. Depending on what the situations are :P.
Las(okay) let me strike to the point, some would say I am a boring. While others would say that I'm creative, multi talented and very artistic blah blah :P. The truth is, I enjoy writing about my life and events. I like hanging out only with besties. Playing chess and knitting are my favorite activities ;)
Following are the Twenty and One facts about meJ
#1) I love my mom and dad more than any one ;).
#2) I like to spend time alone after work.
#3) I play chess at least twice a week…
#4) I love to eat dumpling (momo) and love to munch numerous chocolate. 
#5) I never broke the heart of my friends. They are always wonderful..

#6) I love my friends and I miss them..
#7) I don’t talk much. I am kinda serious LOL kidding.
#8) I love to try something new every day… (esp. cooking, knitting, and sewing.)
#9) It’s been long time I haven't backbit....hehe.. 
#10) I am all alone here... missing home :(  
Picture in action :P
#11) I am fan of football stars than movie stars.
#12) I don’t miss to watch FCB football match and ‘Ek haseena Thi’.
#13) I do not get hurt easily...thats fact about me.
#14) I love to live and lead a simple life and be infront of the computer.
#15) I hate a lady. ‘full of herself’ not gents... (sorry dats d facts lol!!!)
#16) I keep my phone silent 365 days(Sorry guys, dts d reason why I couldn’t attend your calls)
#17) I always complain about my height…
#18) I never watch scary movie _/\_
#19) I hate flirty guys… 
#20) I love shopping. Esp: baggy-hiphop dresses for my nephew and high heel footwear’s for me…)

#21) I blocked 156 face book friend till date :P

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Most Scary & Bizarre Night Dreams Ever.

Last night I had the extremely Scary & Bizarre Night Dream.
 I have ever experience in all my years here. It was total clear and I knew exactly what I was doing and I could feel everything.
Before I explain my dream, I will start with a bit of back ground about me which might help you to understand more. LOL
Since I was a young girl, I have had a lot of strange dreams where I paralyzed in sleep; I have no ideas what causes it. When I reached class XII; I experienced fewer dreams. As, I slept less than eight hours :P. During college days as well, I use to hang out with friends, assignments, face booking, kept me busy all the times. So, I slept less. Whereas now a day, I have much of leisure time, hence you will find me in front of the TV or reading books. You know reading books will leads me to snooze, in a moment. :P.
 I lately finished, ‘Buddhism in the modern world’ and now I am hanging out with, ’Moment to Remember’.
What actually happen to me is, I doze up during the daytime and at night I will have the scariest dreams. So, I promised not to sleep during the day time and also not to sleep more than eight hours and & n nd no to have the dreams LOL:P. Odd character about me is that, I will always remember only the most weird dreams. I always wanted to remember the most beautiful dreams as well, but by crack of dawn, all the sweet dreams will fade away from my memory. L

In this dream I had, it was a beautiful day the sun was out and it was really bright, there were a few large puffy white clouds. I was on top of a huge cliff surrounded by mountains nothing out of the ordinary. I was alone with heavy heart, searching for a lost child. There were two women, who approached me; I can sketch their creepy faces.:P
At last it was said that the child was my nephew, who will celebrate his 2nd birthday in 20th of January 2015. This is reality. Huh!
When I saw that two scary women; fear suddenly rushed through my body. I started to get a butterfly sensation in my stomach. I felt my heart rate shoot up as they started to approach me. I reclined on the ground and implored them saying, ‘Please, give my nephew back’.
They listened to me and they are kind enough to return him back but they said, ‘We threw your nephew in the river. What so ever, we will use our net and we will take him out.’ By then I fell on the ground, I became numb; my eyes are filled with tears, I was actually paralyzed. I wanted to talk to them but I couldn’t. I wanted to scream I couldn’t. Eww, I never suffered in my real life. I could see them, throwing the net in the river and they bringing a huge bloody lifeless fish and they said, that’s your nephew… Suddenly I was awakened by my friend Yagchen. ‘Rupa, are you okay?
I opened my eyes and then I started to realize it was a dream and started to calm down and suddenly I was completely conscious and was aware I was in my bed, but I was able to open my eyes plus move any part of my body. I could see my entire room, it was dark but I could see everything in my room. I quickly chanted ‘Bazaguru’. Later, I realized that's because it was all a part of the dream realm.
Though scary but I wanted to continue my dreams, just to bring the happy ending. I forced my eyes to close and I wanted to continue my dreams but I couldn’t. I could visualize only the weird faces of those two ladies. I could see rainbow colour of the rays approaching my eyes. I couldn’t sleep. After that, I put on my TV and I watch the football match between Liverpool and Sunderland.
Now, I realized that if I sleep more. I will definitely going to have dreams at night, so I am force myself to stay till 11 PM in the evening and then to be awake by 5am-5:30am. That habit will provide me with ample of time to do the morning activities plus  NO DREAMS AT NIGHT. LOL :D
At the same times, I appreciate my brain, which is really fascinating things. It's like; dreams are some awesome virtual-reality video clips played by the memory of brain. It's amazing what our brains can create sometimes. Despite its scary sometimes, it really is nothing to be concerned about. Remember, video clips of dreams will be played only in the world of fantasy LOL.
Did you have dreams last night and do you remember? J

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Polished my heart and mind :P

I'm currently reading "Buddhism in modern world" and it's been such a good read.  I love the author's suggestions for how to make prayer a priority.  Sometimes I feel like I'm constantly meditating (knitting) :P so it was nice to be reminded that it's a less stressful.  I've been incorporating authors idea about prayer and scheduling into our routine this past week and life has been much easier and spiritually fulfilling.
You know, a couple of months ago I experienced a great disappointment from someone I trusted. I was left with confused and uncontrollable mind. I was in depression. I always thank my blogger friend who stimulated me to read a good book. You know, today I am hooked up by book. I was trying to find the key wisdom that could allow me to finally reach a peace of mind. On this mission, I learned a lot about life, love and happiness. I realized that the most useful knowledge comes from the very basic and traditional thoughts. Simple words have deep deep meaning.
It is impossible to write here everything that I have learned, but I'll try to tell in a sentence, which has impact my life in an extremely positive way. ‘I realized that, the power of positive thinking is extraordinary.’
Blogger friend, you write many wonderful words of wisdom. Though I haven't had a chance to leave a comment individually, I'm reading them and learning a lot from all of you. Thank you so much for sharing the wisdom you've encountered. I'm looking forward to read more. Keep sharing your inspiring, thoughtful and brilliant ideas.
Many thanks for good inspirational books as well. My next assignment is to read: Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern.
Has anyone else read something inspiring books/articles recently?
:P :P

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Blessed to be with you all.

I hope you all had wonderful and blessed days.  I had a fun, cold gloomy weekend with my parents and had a great time.  I felt so grateful for all the love that surrounds me.
I know I missed a few days in my grateful posts along the way, but I did think of something each day even if I didn't get a chance to write it down.  It was a great exercise in counting many blessings in my life and I was drive away by my hobby (Knitting). So, I am not able to drop into my little space. :P

And now on to start!   Yesterday at Mass I was thinking about just how grateful I am for the time leading up with my parents. My parents visited me a week long ago. I ordered my mom to buy something, that’s hush-hush lol.  She did shopping for me and I liked all the stuffs she brought to me… ;)

My parents with Yanchen ;) <3
The show of appreciation is long overdue.  My parents are the best parents one could ever be blessed with.  I appreciate my parents more and more.  Words cannot describe the love I have for them.  My parents don’t need gifts to feel appreciated.  I know when I express my feelings for them, which are a present that not enough money in the world could buy. I would be lying if I ever said I am NOT the apple of my father’s eye.  I am Daddy’s Little Girl, forever… Okay okay, arousal of self boasting: P.Anyways, a few months ago I decided that I wanted to get away from nagging mom to buy me something, but my craziness didn’t allow me. You know, Samcholing is very remote place. It’s already winter here, it’s very cold and in fact I have only a pair of boots. So, that was the only reason, why I nagged my mom :P.
Now that I am all grown up, sometimes it is hard for my parents to accept that I am an adult.  In their eyes, I will always be that curious child who would act innocent.  I will always be that little girl who wanted piggy-bag, not wanting to eat food while going to school. Mom, preparing noodles for me, that’s beautiful. I will always be their little girl, though I am already old L

As the years passes by, I slowly have to deal with the realization that my parents are not immortal.  I wish they were and if I knew how to make them live forever, I would.  I don’t think it is possible for them to truly know how much I love them and how much I appreciate what they have done for me.  I try to treasure every moment I have with them and hold onto these wonderful memories I have of them. Eww! am I emotional? :P
Nope :P L
Final message to my parents: I cannot thank you enough for giving me this life.  Without you, I would not be who I am today.  Without your sacrifices, I would not be successful.  Without you, I would be nothing.  Thank you baba-mummy.
I hope you all have a blessed beginning December… Enjoy closing stage of twenty-fourteen and prepare for next year. Twenty-Fifteen is going to be a blessing for every one of us. So, be happy and farewell December with your warm open heart and wide smile. ;)
Bye till next time

Have a nice day ahead :)