Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The big day is here: 1st Oct. :)

 Lets dedicate ourselves to, bring smile on their face:)
Tomorrow, 1st of October, will be the first time that we, as a team, will spend one whole day together focusing on International Day for the Elderly people. The venue will be at the Samdrupcholing Palace (Just below our schoolJ). They say that there will be a guest from various sources. Dasho Dzongdha will be the chief guest.
The theme of International Day of Older Persons 2014 is “Leaving No One Behind: Promoting a Society for All”
The reason to celebrate, International Day for the Elderly is to dedicate honor, respect and care for the grandfather and grandmother. Remember, someday you hope to be included among this group, including me. So, that is time where we need extra love and care.  We need to improve attitudes towards older people and appreciate them. It is fact that, sometimes older people are treated like less important members of society.  That is positively not how I want to be treated when I am older, so let us take care of the elderly in the present and carry it on to the future. Let us manufacture a chain today. So that we can, carry out these chains to generations. This year, all the students will be adopting one elderly person. I too planned to adopt one this year, so that I can give my love and care to him/her.
This day has taken more than weeks to organize which reflects the difficulty in getting everyone in the same room, at the same time.  The following are just a few of the activities taking place tomorrow.
  1.    Cultural show by our school students.
      2.  Adoption of the old age people.
      3.   Lunch for all.
      4.  Entertainment programs.
I will report back on how we get on (with photos!). Keep visiting.:P
Happy Day of Older Persons!!
Greetings from Rupa. :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

PlEaSuRaBlE tImE sPeNT wItH gRaDe oNe StUdEnTs :)

There’s no discounting the importance of the first day of class. What happens that day sets the tone for the rest of the class…
Today I had visited class one. It was my first time experiencing with a first grade students. They were so innocent. I was an actress in front of them. I made my face in any shape to put them in the picture and narrate a story.
I have been teaching for so long but I never visited the class of a small children. It was a pleasure to be with them. Actually, I was substituting one of my colleagues, who are on leave, to celebrate THRUE. I went to the class, students greeted me. I didn’t know what to do. I remembered quick and easy activity for small kids, which my first grade teacher, Maam Chimmi usually asked us to do, long ago in 1997.
I asked them to draw the outline of their hand on one section of the paper and on another section of paper I asked them to draw the outline of their friend’s hand. After that I asked them to shade the hand with brown color and nails with white. That was my instruction. I had provided them with a paper each.
I told them that, ‘Those who will finish first will get a big star’ (Ga heyma chami di lu Karma bom jinii mey). I inspired them. So, after five minutes a student from a corner came in the front, with his paper.
Chaiboo.( ‘Did you finish?’) I asked.
‘Chaila madam,’ his meek voice travelled to my ear
s.’  ‘KaLey tagey’, (let me see.)
The below is the diagram of the hand he drew.

Outline of the hands drawn by one of the stds.
I was surprised; I didn’t tell you to paint your nails with black colour!
Your work is incorrect! With his innocents eyes directed on my face and he told me, ‘Madam la kho gi shimo dirty dhula’(dirty nails).That is the reason why he painted black. I giggled and again he had requested me to give him a BIG KARMA (Big Star)!!
:P I was reminded they are a small kid. J So, I didn’t pause to give a big Karma(star).
They also notified me that I write the opposite “F”.
 “Madam gi ‘aff’ deee misey bey la… :P “
My style of writing 'F' which lil kids called as a F in reversed form :P
Haha I thoroughly enjoyed being with small kids. I have to thank my primary teachers for education me how to add the letters and from a word and words to a sentence. Primary teachers are a real teacher. They are knowledgeable, patient, enthusiastic and kind.  They manage all this in the face of students who often don't want to be taught.  
Thank you my primary teachers.

You all are always rememberedJ       

Pleasant evening ahead dear reader’s J

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Reading Tree

The mission of our reading week was: we believe that exposure to books and reading is vital for early childhood development. We seek to promote early literacy in our school through programs that educate the children on the importance of reading and writing. We the teachers worked sacrificing our precious time and came out with the fruitful outcomes of reading week. I already mentioned in my last post about the reading week, the scheduled program and all. I was so happy that my class children topped the wall magazines and class decoration. Competitor includes from class six to ten (exactly ten sections). I being a class teacher they made me proud. We also won the role play of the story. I was acknowledged as well. There were prizes for students as well. Cartons of waiwai, a cartoon of juice, chocolates and bundles of pens for students were awarded. Students were extremely contended and let me not mention on my part LOL .
I didn’t bring the real picture of the yesterday’s program but I just want to show you; the teachers’ contributions on the reading tree . Twenty two teachers contributed their ingenuity in a reading tree. Please identify which one is mine:

mine??? :P

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gift from Singapore :)

The morning was gloomy, snow top Black Mountain smiling to Samcholing. I was rushing towards MP hall, to keep ready my students for role play on a story, as today is the last reading day of the reading week. I was encountered with the gup (head of village). “Kuzuzongpola miss”, he greeted me. Actually I was in hurry, ‘Ah azah Gup kuzuzongpola,’ I replied.
His hand went into his biggest pocket of his gho (gho: Bhutanese men’s dress), I was already thinking that he is surely going to give me some doma (beetle nut), I was prepared for the answer, I don’t take doma la.
I was wrong. He said, “Ye gu chi dhu la madam gii” (there is a letter for you madam, in a respectful manner).
I replied, ’ya gatiley inna asza gup?’ (From where asza gup) I was actually eager, and I never expected such letter from any one truly.
I can’t wait to have my hands on letter. So, he said, ‘Kolkata ley inn mey” (from Kolkata) his hand was still inside the pocket searching for my fastidious letter.
Finally his hand was out of his big pocket and gave me a letter. He was wrong; it was a letter all the way from Singapore. I was so glad, I couldn’t wait to open and I stopped at school canteen despite my busy schedule and opened the letter. Wow!! I was touched, happy and I couldn’t describe my emotion at that particular moment. Maam Rima Reyka my Blogger friend has send me a book marker. Which looked so beautiful, awesome and the colour was so sweet. This blog post is for you maam, Kadinchoee la, sem gai (Thank you so very much maam, I was more than happy) to receive your adorable letter and awe-inspiring book marker, which now I am going to surely start with my book.
Hehe glad to know that we two are huge fans of Doraemon… Give me five!! Infact, I am heavy fans of it… I have huge collection of it at my home. My friend used to treat me with Doremon. Maam truly, I was overjoyed to go through each and every sentence of your letter at the same time I over enjoyed looking at all the characters of Doremon: Shizuka, Nobita, Dorami, Gian,Suneo, Doraemon eww all sweet and cute.  You know last year my best friend had gifted me with a giant fat Doraemon. He cannot move as he is too fat lolx…:P
I just wanted to let you know the things you did for me will not go unnoticed. I appreciate your surprise and I appreciate your gift-giving skills. Many sincere thanks goes to you for such a thoughtful gift. To thoughtful you, from thankful me. I really love my gift. I simply adore it! You are amazing! Your gift had no price tag on it, but if I could tag I would label it as priceless. Thank you ma’am!!!

Happy Sunday.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Picture story^^^ KingaRabten Palace :)

Each Lhakhang I visited made me wonder as everything seems new to me, starting from the statues. I only knew that I would have given more important in enjoying than appreciating the holy sites Happiness grows from appreciating and enjoying is only another phase of happiness. Today the prayers I am saying is different, the wish I make is different than years ago. This shows, that I am matured enough.
Stain of cup on the floor :) 
We had lunch together and back to home, with wonders in my mind.
Students are provided with questionnaires, which they have to answer all the questions with in 15 minutes. The marks they obtained will be added as their CA. 
This is the bed of our second Druk Gyalpo, still preserved.

This palace is looked after by the Dzongpoen Pemala, who is working under national Library. He said, this dzong is now converted into Museum. We could see lots of dzongkha text.
It was believed that our second king expired coughing blood. We could still see the blood stain of our Second Druk Gyalpo.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Welcoming reading week :)

Coming week will be so jam packed with amazing activities and fun in our school. Awaiting, reading week welcomed us with warm arm. It will start from Monday, 15th of Sept.2014 to Saturday, 20th of Sept.
Three months baby is at home so dedicated to her school work
 Students will test their knowledge with Books, model reader and guest readers will visit the school, a Family Literacy Day is already planned. Teachers are already preparing for the reading week… Some of them sacrificed their weekends, stayed late in the school and they are preparing for the reading week. Teachers are maintaining all the boards available around the school campus, keeping the theme” reading”  We the class teachers are involved in class decoration.
We have various competitions among students, among teachers and the best reader of the week will be awarded with a certificate.

Preparing for reading week,
 madam sacrificed her lunch

Let me highlight some of the importance of reading:

Everyone knows that reading is important, but have you ever asked yourself why that is so?
Through reading, you expose yourself to new things, new information, 
poor madam fully concentrating in
 her work leaving chops
 at home on Saturday afternoon
new ways to solve a problem, and new ways to achieve one thing. Who knows you might find your new hobbies within it. Who knows you might actually explore one thing you really like and it may end up becoming your career and success in the future. Exploration begins from reading and understanding.
Reading does help you form a better you, doesn’t it?  Through reading, you begin understand the world more
Working so hard to make his
work best so he could get a certificate
on the culmination of reading
week and had has
sacrificed his lunch wish you all the Best sir
Actually I consider myself as a poor reader, but as I realized now I am not :P LOL…Though I don’t read novels, but I used to read every blog post by my blogger friend and I love to read science fictions. I don't care if others find reading blogs a waste of time. Most of them are narrow minded people living in their own sandbox.
You must live on the edge of knowledge in your field; you must know what was done. What's more to be done? Reading an article about something you found interesting but is not relevant right now is definitely not a waste of time. If you have a team of people who are information sponges you can do anything in a much more productive way. Any problem during development will be solved much faster; every decision will have much more probability to be right, because someone have read about another team facing same problem.
Busy for reading week very creative madam all the best la
Keep reading my friends, have fun and see the great wonder of reading. If you wish to attend our Great reading weekends, then visit our school on Saturday, 20th of Sept. We welcome you! You know, Students are presenting their reading skills as well as they will be presenting the various activities like storytelling, poem recitation and they will also be maintaining the wall magazines.
Happy weekends J

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Day out with history teachers

Maam Yeshi grt. historean of Samcholing 
Watch tower :)
Yesterday, we the history teachers went to Kinga Rabten Palace, The winter residence of the Second King. The history lesson aims took us in that beautiful place… It was wonderful, so beautiful and so historically meaningful for the Bhutanese. And lovely to walk around such a fine place and enjoy the splendid views of the valley…It is still beautiful and could see the work of the olden architecture. The existing of the palace is well preserved.
Maam Ganga, modern historien lol :P
 My first dose of happiness
I know you will fall in love with palace when you arrive. The area where the palace stand was gorgeous. Rolling hills and beautiful flower surrounding it. The floor seems shining, well maintained. The monks living there were very welcoming. We visited the residence of the monk. You know; they were watching tele-vision and they were actually enjoying the new pop Bhutanese song :P ha-ha “modern monk”… I
 uttered that words to me and smiled to myself. Went during day time and it was very quiet, and had our first experience which was great. Great views of the valley. Fascinating to be emerged in the spiritual history of this amazing place. "My first dose of happiness"
work of the olden architecture
I will bring more details of the palace coming week because; I am taking my students for historical visits. We will have question and answer session. I already prepared the questionnaire. Keep visiting :)

Happy week start and happy literacy day :)
  <3 <3

Monday, September 01, 2014

Annual cultural festival in our school

It’s been quite a long since my last post… Life in school sure does keep me busy preparing the lessons for next day, book correction, test paper correction, actually that was part of my life. I hope you’re well and not melting in your work like me but rather doing wonderful alrightJ.  The main reason why I couldn’t visit my blog was because of the cultural festival held in our school. Well, we the family of Samcholing Middle secondary school toiled for a month and finally came up with the annual school cultural festival on Saturday, which was wonderful and it was to the success :P. The main aim of cultural show was to make a school budget so that we can increase the SDF ROFL :D. Kidding.  Our aim was to promote our Bhutanese culture and to create awareness on the students about our culture. Culture actually is what presents us with the kinds of valuable that can fill a life.
Dancing, the most prominent cultural expression of humanity around the world. It plays significant roles in a country’s culture and help to express cultural richness of the country. All the students performed different dances.
Our show started exactly at 6:30 PM, Kinga Rabten’s principal was the chief guest during the show, accompanied by many school teachers and the health workers from nearby health units.
We had six judges from three different schools. They marked the student’s performance with several criteria’s. We are still working on, to take out the top performers of the day… The concert consisted of thirty items, each of which was choreographed by house masters. We house masters toiled hard to come up with different costumes, to embellish the performers.
Performers were divided into two categories(junior and senior), I choreographed singye house senior  and junior’s sigser.
 I have brought few snaps for you, please watch out.
Zhundra dance by my house

Stds on the way to their dance LOL
She stands there with traditional dress :P
How is her outfit :P Pink-Blue LOL

She is in dance form ;) 
Me trying to be a miss Samcholing lol :P
Lil kids excited to dance, "Tulsi agan ma ropula"  :P


Umm yellow earings for sinr. Girls :)
Umm I made hair band for my jr. girls.

Looking back at the concert as a whole, I think the concert was full of pieces which truly embodied the personal history of each choreographer. Everyone placed an absolutely brilliant and unedited version of themselves on the stage and I am proud that I got to be a part of such a wonderful experiences.