Thursday, September 05, 2013

Trip to Dungtse lhakhang

Today, as we didn’t have classes.We friends decided to go to Dungtse lhakhang(Temple), to offer butter lamp. We offered butter lamp and came back. I really enjoyed basking in the peacefulness and soothing quietness of the temple. What I realized was, everything that occurs in the temple is uplifting. It speaks of life here and life beyond the grave. I mean to say, It is a bridge between this life and the next. It speaks of the importance of the individual as a child of God. It speaks of the importance of the family and the eternity of the present relationship.
Let me share brief history about the temple, “The monastery was built in 1421  by an eminent Tibetan lama named Thangtong Gyalpo (1385–1464), also known as Chagzampa, who is remembered for his building of some eight iron bridges in Bhutan. His reason for building a temple in chorten form is because it is said to immobilize demons and proclaim the victory of Buddhism.
In 1841, the 25th Je Khenpo, Sherab Gyeltsen restored the temple with the aid of local villagers, thanking the donors by carving their names on tree trunks which forms the columns of the ground floor

So next time on, when I am mentally feeling a tad low, I will just step into a temple, to get my spirits and mood, all refreshed and I will enjoy the relax in the calmness and comforting silence of the temple.

Snaps :P
 Complete view of the temple.

Near view of the temple.
Me and my friend Yangzom <3...

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