Saturday, September 28, 2013

Exhibition: Togetherness of ICT wolves :P

It's been too long since my last post... life in College sure does keep me busy writing, preparing, thinking lol. Okay, I hope you're all well and that you're not melting in your work like me but rather doing wonderful alright. So, Yes. Where have I been? Well. I did literature review on action research and I've finished doing the IT exhibition  which was wonderful .The ICT faculty members and the students of ICT from year one to four organized the ICT exhibition in the three computer labs.The main aim of the exhibition was to develop and show case teaching learning materials using the IT skills. The exhibition was inaugurated by the College Academic Dean who was accompanied by a team of faculty from the National Institute of Education in Singapore. Lecturers and the student teachers came to witness the show. The exhibition was the first of its kind in the college.It was all very much worth it, and thank you very much to those who came along to the events to say hello. It was lovely meeting you Sir Passu famous blogger of Bhutan and Yee Jenn Jong sir, who was the   Special guest from Singapore, your presence made our exhibition worth truly. Passu sir, you are my inspiration to start blogging. At first I didn’t know what to post and what to write in my blog but later after going through the Passu sir’s dairy, I came to know that blogging is fun. We can express our feelings in our blog. You know when ever, I am content I blog, whenever I feel low, I used to blog but this days due to me keeping myself busy with the college activities, I couldn’t  update my blog. However, I shared whatever the important events happened in our college right. Please don’t say, “NO” lol.  There may well be a couple more events later on in the year; I'll post about those on here nearer the time.
I did quite a huge  task alright and you know, I am excited to share snaps of my latest events that happened in our college. Worry not more on that later. For now I'd like to share some wonderful snaps of the day.
Do enjoy:


Wow!! wonderful lab management... try out with this type of arrangement in your school.

Preparing to exibit their wonderful models.


Delightful guest, who made our exhibition the wonder... :)

I am lucky to meet with sir Passu, who was my inspiration :) 

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