Thursday, October 03, 2013

Trip To Paro Taktshang...

Life is beautiful when my parents were nearby me. Parents are and were my heroes in my life. This week I feel blessed to be with my parents. My dad and mom came all the way from Dagana which is a day travel by bus, to search the inner peace from Paro TakTsang(Tiger nest). Taktsang is one of the holiest places in Bhutan the monastery is perched on a high stone cliff overlooking the northern Paro valley. This place is especially venerated because of its association with Guru Rinpoche, who is said to have flown to Paro Taktsang in the form of Dorji Drolo, mounted on a flaming dakini-tigress in the 747A.D. Our journey started by 7:30 am in the morning and headed towards Taktshang with few of my relatives from Paro. We reached Taktshang around 10:15 am. We relaxed for a while, registered, Then I drank Drupchu (blessed spring-water), after that we kept our belongings, where we are allowed to take in the materials to make offer. As, one’s body is searched of and any thngs like inflammable materials, cameras, etc are not allowed to take in. The body-search done by a police I guess, with his bare hands and we are allowed to go inside the monastery to offer butter lamps. Then we climbed up the properly arranged wide but steep steps of stone-slabs to the main entrance that leads up again along the same steps to the internal landing that leads to the main Guru shrines on the far edges of the precipice. This was my second time visit to Taktshang, I was blessed to visit for the second time. This time I went around along with my parents and I got an opportunity to explain, some of the shrines present inside the temple. I was double blessed by then LOL… My dad has little backgrounds about Taktsang, however my mom being illiterate she doesn’t have any ideas; so, I was guide to my mom. We spent almost three hours inside the monastery. WE had lunch together and headed downwards the Paro Valley which is the breathtaking but chilling view down across the stretch of greenery of coniferous forestsl.Well, I got to go now. I don't want to make it a very long post. And sorry. I'm lazy to upload those pics I took. Maybe some other time when I am not lazy first alright? HAHA!
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