Saturday, October 19, 2013

College marathon...

College marathon is always scheduled in end of September or first week of October and it is open events for college family, however this year it was different than previous year. This year we ran class wise. There were group run as well, like girls group, boys group and mixed group. Rest we all have the single runners from the class. September end is cold here in Paro, all the students teachers were asked to gather in the college football ground latest by 6 am in the morning.  The girls as well as boys covered up twelve kilometers starting from College gate-On the way to Airport and we followed the Paro town’s way.
Boys winner said, “This achievement is not for the first time for me and I am been winning this race since from the school days itself. However this achievement in the College is considered as great achievement for me in my life time”. “I hope for completing the race not for winning but unfortunately winning the race is so fascinating for me as a whole.  Girls first position holder said, “I stood first in marathon in my life time is so fantastic and great achievement for the long run” The Director of the College said that he hardly took participates in the race unfortunately he was there to award price as a guest.
It is compulsory to have at least 18 participants form each class.  Around 90 percentages of the boys and 80 percentages of the girls have been participated in the marathon competition. It was started at 7 am in the morning and all most all the participants have completed the race. I too ran and positioned in top 20th from single runners. Funniest part of me was you know, I ran first position till Hotel Holidays from college gate and I was totally exhausted by then. So, I just slowed my speed and followed consistency. My philosophy as well is not to win the race but just to complete it. It was nice to see even some of the lecturers competed the race and won medals.Exciting photoes of marathon will come your way later... keep visiting my blog :P...thank you!!!

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