Monday, October 28, 2013

Study tour.

It has definitely been a while since my last entry, and I should probably stop procrastinating so much on blogging about my whereabouts and travels. As much as I tell myself that I have no time, I definitely do judging by the amount of the assignment that I do in hostel, or the amount of time I spend on face book. Oh the wonders of the modern world LOL...
Now times comes for the study tour, we had a choice of going to  either Phuntsholing or Samtse however, due to few reasons like, it is expensive for the college to send 27 of us and our exam is very near to door  so,  we are forced to cancel that place and the college made mandatory to opt for the nearest place. So we preferred to go to the National Soil Services Centre located in Simtokha.
We started our journey exactly at 7:45 Am. We were provided the bus by college and ma’am Hari(Chemistry tutor) accompanied our class to reach us to the soil centre. Well in the bus, honestly I didn’t sleep! Because everyone just having fun and making a loudness sounds, we made own "Bus concert", own "Standing Party" and own "Stand Up Comedy" for seriously like OMG LOL. I already enjoyed the situation and the condition.
We took around one hour fifteen minutes to reach our destiny.
We entered conference hall by 9:45 in the morning.
The great thing about these study tours- aside from the endless mandatory sketching- there were presentation from various units.
We were briefed to the general introduction of the centre  by the program director. The soil centre were scattered into four units if I have not mistaken lol (Soil Survey UnitSoil Microbiology UnitSoil Fertility Unit and Soil and Plant Analytical Laboratory unit). All the units were headed by different peoples. We were there in the soil centre unit for around two hours and we made it to the restaurant for lunch. We actually beat the large group, which resulted in the restaurant telling us that there was no enough food for this large number of students… Hehe however we made it in the end.  After that by 2:20PM we headed towards the Department of Geology and Mines which is located in the heart of  Thimphu city.
 I'll make this post more of a photo journal, since I don't want to be over-wordy with my entry. 
Long story short, finally we moved towards the Buddha point. Uffs very windy and cold place…really I was freeze to ice... We headed college at six in the evening.

Bestieee, Bro GAjen and me,,,:P

Group photo with chemist,director and staff of NSSC.

This beautiful Buddha stands at the top of a hill above Thimphu. There is still earthwork going on - and the base of the statue is being finished, so we werent able to go right to the edge to enjoy the view - It was awesome!

The staff of NSSC were very wel coming....They entertained us with snaks and tea... we enjoyed!!

Grinder to crush the stones.
people across the country brings sample to test the minerals contain.
Sample will be grinded to analyze.

They made the sample into powdered form and mixit throughly...
Everyone just having funinside the bus...we made our own "Bus concert", own "Standing Party" and own "Stand Up Comedy"  LOL

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