Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Take me back home :( :(

I have this enthusiasm for my today’s post because in a way. I expected much, I planned a lot and at the end it all flied on air. However due to some visible reasons, I am not going home during Lhosar (New year). I have to say sorry for myself more than to you(friends). My convocation will be held on 25th of Feb.We had a great plan to hang-out with mates… L Prior planning of the events is worst. Nyz, forget it… ummm
Let me mull down the best moment just to forget all those creepy plan:P
Um um um!!!
Okay let me talk about my winter holidays…
My holiday-vacation at DagaRoll last month seems to be one of most memorable experiences of 2014, because obviously aside from the fact that I had spent time with my family whom I really seldom with, the chance to see my old friends and batch mates made it more admirable. Of course, I can also feel the happiness within them to see me too. One, two, three, I think it’s been really almost 4 years that some of them really had no communication with me or didn’t really have chances to see me because whenever I got home, I only have one activity to do most of the time and that is to cuddle my nephew, Rigden(Dolley), almost 24 hours a day since he was born. So you can imagine how lucky his mom to have a baby sitter in me whenever I’m home. (haha)
Rigden with his dear Baby-sitter :P LOL
Anyway, it was really fun and I super enjoyed especially the last one month of my vacation. These days actually were really intend supposed to be with someone whom I will not mention yet today for a little puzzling of mind and for our privacy’s sake. Oh well, at least I can say that now.
Until now, I’m a bit hanging up here at Samcholing vicinity. I created a very good rapport with my family, friends and acquaintances. December is really a manifestation that it is the best month to have get-together and parties after all. Pardon me, I think after several years since I really been serious to work and responsibly take charge of having such. 
Haha I am actually a good servant to him... feeding on time
This might be one in my first lists to record a vacation I truly enjoyed.
Stress free from work defines my stay in our region and the meaning of vacation really gave a feelings I had . Thank you MOE(Ministry Of Education) for the arrangement of vacation for we TEACHERS particularly on DECEMBER :P. Today right after my duty, I went home and placed last December in the calendar.
Today, in my illusion I’m bringing myself again to those days which seemed too audible to hear loud laughter’s, giggles and teases from one another!
Oh please, take me back home! 
Currently I Am Missing Him So much... 
He completed 2years and celebrated his
 3rd birthday on 20th of Jan, 2015 ;)...

Happy Lhosar to You all :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

^_^ Being Thankful ^_^

Thank u all _/\_
If you were really reading my blog post since the long time here you will see the difference how this blog runs since the day one till this very moment. If you really compare mine to other bloggers (please don’t _/\_) you will definitely see the immense difference. Majority of bloggers speak on different ways and levels but mine is just write-up of my feelings. For a blogger like me, I still need brainstorming first before laying down my sentences because I want to be understood by everyone. Why? As, simple as I want them to jump and be a part of the writing.
Today what I fell about writing is: writing isn’t about to impress people, it’s something a people should share. When you have something to say, say it! Of course, you must be particular too. Not everything should be uttered huh be careful LOL kidding aside :P. Your words reflect would define even you, right? So you must be aware to construct your own.
“The smallest act of kindness is
worth more than the grandest intention.” Oscar Wilde.
So everyone probably notice the absence I made from my last post on December.
Ma’am Rima was saying, ‘Missing your blog post lately… ‘
Sherab was saying, ‘I hope you are busy Colouring your life… ‘
Sonam Tenzin also commenting same… Nobody else to blame except me because I truly have been carried from the season and I have no way out!
I wish I really could detail everything right now yet for some who might just been so curious the sudden absence I made. Please allow me to pause for a moment. Truly, I have lot to say but I think I might just be picking up those that are really needed for today’s post. :P
I use to say that I love other people more than myself. Little did I know that I sometimes love myself too than others? :P
People play a very important role in my life. Most of the time, my heart will saturate by the feeling of people around me and putting their shoes on mine. Literally and figuratively speaking, it is true.
Perhaps I am not the kind of being too sweet to let everyone know I care for them but deep within me, people can easily feel that I have a heart for them. Oh well, I’m not carrying my own seat and blowing my own triumphant. However, most people let me know that they feel that way to me. Ehem…Today, I was brought to this topic because of an old senior citizen from my village who called me erly in the morning and said ‘HI’. You know last time, hegave me Nu.500 and said, ‘Please have something on the way back to Trongsa.’ I denied and said, “Today I am earning bajay(bajay: ‘grandpa’ in my mother tongue)instead I have to give you bla bla… I cannot take your money”, I was trying to convince him from nook and cranny but I couldn’t. Both the agay(grandfather) and angay(grandma) forced me to take…  I was touched… That time, heart swelled and tears filled my eyes (worry not tears didn’t drop down :P) without their notice I wiped my tears, that was the only option I had… I cannot be too weak in front of them… :p hehe
Truly, I was really touched by all the neighbors back at home. Next morning it was on 7th of Feb. I didn’t have bus ticket. So, I got leisure time to spend with them. Many people came to see me at very end. Some of them brought me few amount of dry beans rapped in the cloth piece. Butter-cheese-eggs-rice… Ahh I couldn’t hold back my heart. I was really touched...
Thank you my neighbors for your countless: beans(Love)-butter(Care)-cheese(affections)-eggs(wamth)-rice(compassion)-gunduk[dry-sag](sympathy) :P ;)
With much Love daughter Rupee ;) missing you all.
See you all on 17th of June… Countdown started :P
Thank you readers for being with me… Happy weekstart!

Love you allJ

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, thanks RNL! ;)

Maam Rima, Norbu Sir and Zamin Laekiii, nominated me for the The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I feel so honored that someone thought my blog was inspiring enough to nominate me! Thank you so so much! It is a great start to the New Year. I couldn’t response immediately as I was ‘full of activity’ during vacation J.

Norbu sir and Miss Leki, I have always enjoyed reading your great posts and Rima maam, I admire your amazing photography skills ;) truly I am in love with your SNAPs ;). Congratulations 3 of you for receiving your blog award, you three are indeed inspiring bloggers. Best Wishes for this New Year. You know it’s the blogger community that makes me keep writing and let me to manufacture close relationships between every one of you la. Keep Blogging. Looking forward to read inspiring post from all of you.

This award is passed onto the blogs which inspire you in this wonderful world of blogging.
The conditions are:

1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you
2. List the rules and display the Award on your blog
3. Say 7 facts about yourself
4. Nominate other 15 amazing bloggers for the award, link them and inform them about the nominations.

LOL these are the conditions that I have to fulfill... haha last person indeed :P... It’s okay not to follow the rules la :P I am providing you with an option J 

I have already listed #21 #facts #about #me :p in my last post... seven seems too less LOL :P kidding aside.
Today I will be telling you few facts about ,"Colour your life with crayons..."

  1. Now after I want to make merry to my small space, “Colour your life with crayons”  on AUGUST 9. That’s her Birthday J
  2. At present I have 432 Google followers . M glad J
  3. “Annual cultural festival in our school” attained  670 page views. That’s highest till dateJ
  4. I have 257 posts in my blog, last published on Dec 20, 2014. It’s been long that I couldn’t give attention to my space.L TTT
  5. 'Love To Be a Stalker' :P Stands popular post today.
  6. 47 members joined my blog. Hoping for more entry in 2015 _/\_.
  7. "Colour your life with crayons... Pink-Blue... are d best!!!" was truly dedicated to capital H.I.M :P... but now, he is no more existing in my heartL... hey Blue! be happy! M happy without you...

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     Dear blogger friends, I wish you all prosperity, success and good health. Keep painting your blog with words and camera( and nd n & ... I will try to write ore often in future :P) ;)   
                    PlesanT EveninG AheaD!
                 LOadS oF lOVE tO yOU aLL ;)