Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Blessing of True Friendship.

Friends played an important role in my personal and professional life. They encouraged me when I was cheerless, they entertained me when m feeling lonely, and they listened to me when I have problems. I have varieties of friends: schoolmates, college mate, colleague, and much more. Each type of friends is helpful in one way or the other. I have brought the photos of my beautiful friends. Please have a glace LOL :P
You guys understand my problem so well... cheers for our friendship!

Pinkzz, Kipdel, Sky, Tenn-Yang, Tiny
Are beautiful ladies whom:
I can trust,
I enjoy being with them.
U guys are the one who plays with me,
Doesn't drain me even if m wrong,
U all r d one who stand up for me,
Who cares me,
Loves me,
Honest to me,
And most of all, loyal to meJ
Atom bomb is desperately
Missing my u all L
Yanchen will be always there if I need her. C never turns her back on me when I  need her.
Thank u zaminn u r d ultimate gift of god J
Love u alwaysJ
I miss our conversations
I miss our fight
I miss how we used to talk
every minute of every day...
My 2zalaS.
Loads of love to both ;)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy moment ^_^

Okay, so I've been pretty bad about updating these...School has been keeping me busy, along with some other things in my personal life that have come up.  The funny thing is, I know this blog is a much bigger deal to me than it is to all of you la, and yet here I am fretting that everyone is going to be disappointed if I don't post the photos of the sponsor that we had made to our neighbor dratshang LOL. Kidding ;)

As I have mentioned in the last post, the entire money

that we have collected from the annual school archery tournament will go to Samdrupcholing Dratshang. We were successful to buy the necessary stuffs last Sunday, but we could handover only by yesterday evening… If you want to subsidize in future; then please remember poor monks of Samdrupcholing Dratshang and do something for them. They will definitely smile broad by adding you happiness on other side
The cold dark winter evening was brightened by the marchang ceremony and followed by the prayers recited by the monks.
Though it was too cold, but our body was warmed by the hot suja(butter tea). After that, our principal was kind enough to hand over some of the essential goods we brought for the monks.
They were very happy and khenpo with pride thanked us. J

Monday, November 17, 2014

Entire Sunday I dated with Half Girlfriend:

Summary of the book was already done by Mr. Sherab. I read his summary and he touched every part of the book. If you would like to visit his summary then this is the link.

First of all let me not forget to thank Ugyen Gyeltshen Sir for his creditable account for lending a book to me. He mentioned me not to thank. UG sir, I am sorry la. My post would be incomplete without thanking you la. I hope you won’t mind.
I can’t believe myself that I finished a novel in a day. I used to say that reading is not a part of my hobby. I do not read more than 15 minutes truly and I always used to admire the book worm, wising to be like them. Something miracle happened to me right. LOL :D
 I received the book on Wednesday; but I could start only on Sunday. Wednesday till Saturday kept me busy with paper work at school, preparing for an annual examination.
Once met owner of the book on air, I mean online.
He asked me, ‘How do you find the book?’:P .
Shall I turn into offline mode, pretending not to see his messages? Oh that’s cruel!  I was in guilt cuz I didn’t read the book. What reply should I give? Mulled for few seconds…
 I responded him saying that,
“Good evening sir.
 I didn’t finish reading la.
It is very nice book.
 I read the summary of the book from Sherabs blog, I wanted to read it. So, I hunted for the book… blah blah…”
I diverted the topic.
Haha any ways he understood, that she is yet to start the book.
He wrote, ‘Take your own time.’
Ah! I took long breath and I wrote.
‘Thank you J
:) <3
Sunday, I woke up early and I did all those necessary house hold chores quickly. After that I sat on the chair with Half Girlfriend and dated whole day.LOL.
I experienced the beauty of reading.
I didn’t summarize the book but I answered few questions: Please go through.

Characters in the story:
·        Mrs. Riya Somani,  is the daughter of the rich business man. Resided in Delhi. Riya is Mahadevs wife. She is very beautiful and fluent in English.
·        Mr. Rohan Chandak, a son of a rich family. 24 yrs old man running his own business. Married Riya and divorced.
·        Mr. Mahadev, the narrator of the novel, and the husband of Riya.He is from Dumraon in Bihar. Poor man but rich heart J
·        Mr. Mahendra Somani. is the father of Riya. He has got a less sense of humour.
·        Mrs.  Jayanti somani, is the mother of Riya.
·        Mr. Piyush Yadav is the sport teacher at St. Steven college…
·        Shayam; two years son. Riya described him as, ‘dare devil grandson.’
·        Rani sahiba, mother of Mahadev, Kind, sweet but disciplined woman.
·       Mr. Shilesh: Friend of Mahadev in college who lend his blazer and shirts to Mahadev when he first visited Riya’s house. He also provided free residence for Mahadev in USA for three months.

  •     Mrs. Joyti: Girl friend of Shilesh. Kind and beautiful.
Source: google

What do you like or dislike about story and why?
There are a lot of things that I liked from the story but the very moment that captured my mind is: DIVORCE and I LOVE YOU.
When Mahadev enquired about Rohan, she said,’We got DIVORCED’. That’s painful for Riya but that is the best news for Mahadev.
When Mahadev reads Riyas letter at his home in Bihar, latter sentence of Riya’s letter read, “I LOVE YOU” ‘three words eight letters but so powerful huh. That three words sentence gave a strength for Mahadev to search Riya nook and corner of the world, finally Mahadev found Riya. He asked her hand and she agrees to marry him. That’s BEAUTIFUL J. They came to Bihar and ran the school.
But the only thing that I didn’t like was that sunning news of the Riya’s marriage with Rohan. I felt what, two bastards are doing. She said that, Rohan is also a Rakhi brother. How dare she marry with brother, thought she is bitch :P.

Your opinion of the illustrations tastes and figures.
The book may be predictable in parts, but that does not prevent from the beauty of this story. This is a beautiful, romantic, heart-warming story that will sure to leave you board smile at the end. I was immediately captivated and transported into the world of Madhav Ja &Riya.

What you felt as you read?
As I came across this book “Half Girlfriend” by Chitan Bhagat it was so sweet, simple, humorous, emotional and heart touching story. Truly I had a mixture of feeling; emotion stretches from laughter to frustration. That I couldn’t help myself to stop the tears roll down my cheeks when Riya left Mahadhev. Parle-G packets around him, weeding invitation on his hand, eww hard moment for me to swallow on other hand I cannot stop my laughter when Mahadev understand English in other ways and looking at his frustration during the interview: ‘These English speaking monsters would eat me alive’ LOL

What you noticed while you read?
As I went on reading this story, gradually their acquaintance bloomed into friendship and then to Half Girlfriend-Half boyfriend, later to love. Everything felt just picture perfect but author didn’t tell us what happened to her lung cancer. Author, brilliantly captures the emotions of human heart which will tug the reader’s hearts but peculiarly falls short on the passion that this kind of story desperately deserves.

Questions you have after reading.
  •     What it really means to love another by helping your love's dream become a reality.
  •    Love is always ready to excuse, trusting, to hope, to endure whatever comes, stay true. But why did Riya married Rohan?
  •      Riya never mentioned that her dad was a heart patient. He died because of heart attack. Was it all because of Riya’s divorce? If it so then, why did he left separate deposit for Riya?
  •    Why Riya is less connected with her families? Is that what happened in high class family?

What it reminded you of?
It just reminded me of my own life :………………………………………………………………………………………. yet to tell 1001 stories of my life :P

What you wondered?
As I read the story I just wondered of how this sweet tale of young but everlasting love can mean so much to someone and if the people when they read the story will really understand what it really means. So, please read it.

What you learned?
The very important thing that I learned from this story is that we should be true to one person who is tattooed in our heart, rather than wasting our time caring and thinking so much to the people who don’t care about us.

 What you thought was important?
We should share our dreams, aspirations and passions with each other. Though you will have bitter-sweet endings to things sometimes but we cannot afford to think that it’s the end, instead move on with the memories that we held within us.

What you think will happen next?
I really cannot say what will happen next.
Any ways let me guess, Mahadev and Riya will have next daughter child. They will also visit the Riya’s place in Delhi during vacations. Else both of them will be always dedicated in their work forever, in their non-profitable school, and improves the standard of English in their Hindi medium school as Riya speaks fluent English. She would be teaching English to her students. Mahadev’s Ma(mom) would be smiling board with warm heart playing with grand son and a daughter.

Write over all conclusion in a sentence :P.
Poor man rich heart, rich man poor heart.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Thank you note for my MOM...

Miss you mom :(
This is your daughter Rupee writing you a "THANK YOU" note. I know thank you is nothing in terms of what you have done and doing for me. I may forget myself one day but i can never forget you. Because you are the best mom in this world plus you are the first lady best friend in my life. I have been blessed by ken-cho sum because I am loved by you....
I know I haven’t been the easiest daughter to have. I remember well that I was a small, carp, cranky, black-hearted, violent child. I punched and kicked my brothers as m pampered by parent being only a daughter and punched my classmates’ as well. I didn’t really eat food. Mostly I demand for the money to purchase for the junk food. I’m still sorry about that every bad deeds. I was a bad girl!! L Even, bad girl was constantly loved by my mom. J
I still remember how you chased A GIRL WHO Bullied ME WHEN I WAS IN class one. I punched my classmate called Phul Kumari. She cannot resist my pressure on her; so, she came with her elder sister, and I was beaten by her. I cried and complained to my mother, she followed short way and warned the girl. I am proud of my mom because you stood by me, though I am wrong.
‘Thank you mummy
For all the wrong you made me right
For all the truths that you made me see.
For all the joy you brought to my life.
For every dream you make come true.
For all love I found in you.
I will be forever thankful mummy.
You are the one who held me up and you never let me fall.
You are my strength when I was weak.
You are my voice when I couldn’t speak.
You are my eyes when I couldn’t see.
I am grateful for what you have given to me.’

my heart is swelled with pride and eyes filled with joy of tears am am so lucky to be your daughter
I was blessed because I was love by you. You are my inspiration.
I am hoping that saying "THANK YOU" will do some magic in conveying that you are the world best loving mom…
 My dad is equally loving and caring one. I will find suitable time and I will write more about him la(‘LA’ is the respectful word in dzongkha) J

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Random highlights of my past 11 days

It's been a bit of a hectic week (or weeks?) at the same time I enjoyed few days out of 11 days :P. I have listed few random highlights of past 11 days...
Besides the majestic coronation celebration of Fifth king on 1st of November and birth anniversary of our beloved Fourth Druk Gyalpo on 11th November. I also enjoyed: winter walks& school picnics; I knitted hat, gloves and a scarf for myself, enjoyed cheering up the archery tournaments organised by Samcholing Middle Secondary School, ran marathon. I also prepared questions for annul examination; I am done with PE rating as well. That’s the highlight of all eleven days.

Student dedicating sppech to HM.
Dedication form gradee one student
1st November, is very special day for we Bhutanese, as it is the day when his majesty the Fourth King of Bhutan, the father of present king abdicated the throne to King Jigme Gesar Namgyal Wangchuk. It is a national holiday in Bhutan. Majestic celebration was held in Samcholing Middle Secondary School organised by all the lady teachers. Where as to mark the day gents teacher were involved in the archery tournaments to raise the fund to donate the money to nearby dratshang (a place where monks resides). Two days archery tournaments mounted up almost sixty thousands, apart from the tournaments prizes for top three winners; we accumulated exactly Ngultrum(Bhutanese currency) 25000. We had made small contribution to Samdrupcholing dratshang.

As a tribute to our fifth king, we lighted 108 butter lamps.

Samdrupcholing dratshang is presently runned by a khenpo(Highly knowledge monk) along with thirteen monks. It’s too pitiful to see the monks, going to the village during the season of rice harvest to solicit a small quantity of rice; so that they can feed themselves for few weeks. It says that samdrupcholing lhakhang is electrified but we cannot see any rice cooker nor curry cooker to cook the rice for monks. So, we teachers planned and organised a fund raising programme; so that we can help them in a little ways we can. We actually planned to buy few kitchens essential so that it will ease the work of monks.

Monks from Samdrup Choling Dratshang, dedicating prayers to Our beloved King. on 11th of Nov.

 60th Birth anniversary of our fourth Druk Gyalpo:
Yesterday, 11th of November again it was a big day for Bhutanese. It was a birth anniversary of our fouth Druk Gyalpo. King Jigme Singye Wangchuk is the longest served king in Bhutan, he has a heart which melts the hearts of his people.
We welcomed the day by hosting of national flag and reciting the national anthem. Welcome speech was given by vice principal. We lighted butter lamp and recited heartfelt prayers by the khenpo, all the monks, students and teachers of Samcholing. As tribute to king, monk displayed mask dances and cultural show by students and teachers. The programme went till 2 PM. And the programme ended up with the distribution of suja(Bhutanese butter tea)and Desi.
Tribute by students to HM
mask dance by monk

cultural show by teachers. 



Lady teachers serving suja-desi to stds.
Welcome speech by vice principal. 
We lighted butter lamps as a tribute to HM

School marathon:
We ran and we ate…
School marathon was scheduled on 8th of November and the picnic was on Saturday, 9th of November.
It was a beautiful, cold and sunny morning which was perfect for a marathon. The marathon was full of runners. We categorized the team runners into four groups: Senior boys,Jr. boys, Sr. girls and Jr. Girls.  We kept different range for different groups of girls and boys. . Everybody was full of energy and prepared for the run. They were in an athletic outfit: shorts, tops, head bands, sneakers and anything you can image... At 7am they started their race’s. I also joined, Jr. Girls: Some went further and some fell back. I kept my pace at a steady normal jog. I wasn't trying to compete anybody but I ran for fun. This was a great event for me. I ran along with a few girls who kept the same pace as me. I ended my race at the finish line in dash-dash minutes :P. I was pretty exhausted, so I ate huge amount of breakfast KIDDING :P.
Enjoyed the beauty of water fall before run <3

Thank you friends for reading my highlights of the last 11 days. 

You didnt c me in the lady dancing group right? Umm I will bring you a story how hard dancing is for me, so stay tuned for that!

 Happy  evening ahead everyone :)