Friday, November 14, 2014

Thank you note for my MOM...

Miss you mom :(
This is your daughter Rupee writing you a "THANK YOU" note. I know thank you is nothing in terms of what you have done and doing for me. I may forget myself one day but i can never forget you. Because you are the best mom in this world plus you are the first lady best friend in my life. I have been blessed by ken-cho sum because I am loved by you....
I know I haven’t been the easiest daughter to have. I remember well that I was a small, carp, cranky, black-hearted, violent child. I punched and kicked my brothers as m pampered by parent being only a daughter and punched my classmates’ as well. I didn’t really eat food. Mostly I demand for the money to purchase for the junk food. I’m still sorry about that every bad deeds. I was a bad girl!! L Even, bad girl was constantly loved by my mom. J
I still remember how you chased A GIRL WHO Bullied ME WHEN I WAS IN class one. I punched my classmate called Phul Kumari. She cannot resist my pressure on her; so, she came with her elder sister, and I was beaten by her. I cried and complained to my mother, she followed short way and warned the girl. I am proud of my mom because you stood by me, though I am wrong.
‘Thank you mummy
For all the wrong you made me right
For all the truths that you made me see.
For all the joy you brought to my life.
For every dream you make come true.
For all love I found in you.
I will be forever thankful mummy.
You are the one who held me up and you never let me fall.
You are my strength when I was weak.
You are my voice when I couldn’t speak.
You are my eyes when I couldn’t see.
I am grateful for what you have given to me.’

my heart is swelled with pride and eyes filled with joy of tears am am so lucky to be your daughter
I was blessed because I was love by you. You are my inspiration.
I am hoping that saying "THANK YOU" will do some magic in conveying that you are the world best loving mom…
 My dad is equally loving and caring one. I will find suitable time and I will write more about him la(‘LA’ is the respectful word in dzongkha) J

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