Saturday, July 25, 2015


TWO in ONE selfie...
I didn't know that selfie is a word hehehe.  When I first saw this word in FaceBook, I thought that they just made it up but it does exist in an oxford dictionary that states:
"a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website."
 I feel occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself every day isn’t necessary… :P Sorry I am telling to myself... Sigh!! :P

Appearance is a vital factor in a personal life. On a daily basis people perform the same routine to make their appearance more attractive. After waking up they brush their teeth, wash their face, style their hair, apply their makeup and the list goes on. Because of people’s external values of wanting to look better to the public, applying makeup seems to be the most important factor. It is a mask that is applied to enhance our looks. Really? Ya, I am serious...ekekek :P
Do you wear makeup everyday Rupa?
Makeup for me is within four walls of my room. I need a big day to revel outside lolx :P  Again coming here in Trongsa I getting hydrophobic... ahh... I dont know after applying water on my face it starts to itch and I will have blisters all over my face…I am scared of water. I used rose water to wash my face and lately I am adapting with normal water. I have stomach disorder as well; for all those reasons I have drakspots all over my face. But I am okay with who I am, what I am, or how I look… I have minimal interest to camouflage my skin by applying various cosmetics plus I am too lazy.
 I have tried wearing makeup last
 Sunday and here I am LOLx :P 
Fairer and spotless face of mine :P 

 But one of my favorite things to do to pass the time is sit in front of my computer and watch YouTube videos. I usually end up watching some of my favorite online makeup gurus for hours on end. Among my favorites is Lisa Eldridge, who comes up with the perfect blend of cute makeup tips. Lately I have downloaded a video of her named, “MakeupForGlasses.” Thinking it will be useful for me. The cuteness of video was a little lost on me hehe…
My advice to you ladies, if you feel insecure, Ugly, Shy about the way you look. Why not try makeup? Makeup doesn't mean changing your whole self; it's just a tweak of how you present yourself. It just has this magic that gives you good vibes about how you look. Wearing makeup can bring out a better you because it can hide your insecurities and enhance your beauty. When you wear makeup, it can hide your insecurities. It can cover your blemishes on your face such as pimples, dark spots, scars, and even uneven skin tones; foundations that fit your skin tone will do the job. You would look as if you don't have blemishes at all. Trust me. Haha…
Makeup will reveal your hidden beauty, ladies try it out… 
And stay beautiful and attractive forever. 

Happy Weekend Friends..
Bye Till Next Time...

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Telephone Rang Beside The Bed^^Planner

Hello friends, It's been almost a month since my last post about Bloggers Meet In Trongsa. I have been very busy with my work lately that I hardly have time to even chat with Ragnomm. I think my body is suffering from my hectic schedule because I have been sickly lately.
I am from Dagana, a place with  over 14 geowgs.  The weather there is warm all most throughout the year so coming here in Trongsa,  was a big adjustment for me especially during my first year.  I literally felt like I was in the freezer on my very first day. Trongsa is colder than Paro :p Though we could experience snowfall in Paro.  haha that’s what I am experiencing, cold wind blows from Black Mountain …that’s weird! :P… Every time when cold season rolls in, I feel like to hibernate.
 I went home during our summer break :) 

I was planning a journey by bus and things got nasty at the end. In the last miles to my destination, events all turned against me, my patience dwindled and yet not hopes. There was a roadblock, the landslide could do nothing better than this. The road that sank promised it would only return after three days or a week."A week?" I tried to frown, putting on a hide for deep down, going back to residence is boring, yet no option. Next day, the telephone rang beside the bed early in the morning and I woke struggling to grab the receiver. A call from AuTsewang(A shopkeeper), “Gari tangmeylo dari, block clear beyanu(Traffic open for today)” I shrinked! Good news it was. A week's job was done overnight, I believed one gets success overnight If only we put determination and hard work in utmost effort. It was almost 7am. I woke up quickly,rushed washroom. Waked my brother and followed the short way. Aww the way seems horrible! I fell down four times...OMG L MY cloth was all painted with muddy sol… I received a call from my mom and I was too emotional then haha. Anyways, I got an ample of time to change my cloths, even I had a time to apply mascara lolx :P bus reached by almost 9am.The block was cleared, thanks to the road maintenance people. Hope was still alive. So,my journey started on 5th of June, reached home by 7th, I stayed for four days; on 13th  I started my journey back to school and its obvious that its two days journey.I promised to spent my next summer vacation here in school only.
I am back to school.  I started my duty when the enrollment started in June 16th.  Everyday is a busiest day for me. After mid-term examination I am taking additional 3 periods, which now I cannot weigh my periods, despite the fact that I am a matron L :P… Anyways, I am teaching the students in lower classes and I know lower class children will rock J I love to be with them.

Following are some of the serious plan for two seasons. As I’ve never been much of a planner although some people thought I was but honestly, I am not. In the first place; I don’t have planner notebooks to scan whenever I feel I have something to jot down or remember an event I missed or a day that I should remember. Although I believe I should have one but as I told you I am not a great planner for my every day. So, this time I want to become a serious and a passionate planner lolx. I am adopting a plan book and I have designed Summer-Autumn scoop :P

This is based on the popular 4-3-2-1  graphic organizers,
 manipulated a bit... I always use this strategy to weigh the students understanding of my lesson.

What a privilege it is to be ourselves and overcome the day being a great planner!
Oh well, I just hope it’s as easy as it is.
Wish me luck for I will really try this starting tomorrow!(lol)
Thank You For Being With Me...
Xoxo till next time :)

Friday, July 03, 2015

Bloggers Meet In Trongsa :)

In my life I always wanted be an engineer knowing the fact that I always used to score best marks in mathematics. That was the only dream I had since class four. I passed several exams with good marks in mathematics and when I reached class six I explored what are the basic subject to flourish as a complete engineer. We are asked to choose a stream: Science, Commerce and Arts. I qualified for science and I dropped biology and took mathematics as my main subject supported by IT(Information Technology). I did the examination of class twelve and I thought mathematics seem kinda okay for me… Hope and aspirations was still alive with me to be an engineer. When I got the result;  hope, aspirations everything died. Though I qualified for engineering course; my ranking seems foolish. So, my parents always wanted me to be a teacher.So I choose to be a teacher... :P LOLx  haha kidding aside... 

What are all these?

Sorry, it’s just an introduction of what I should be telling you today.  Yet very far to what I’ll be sharing right now (lol!) Huh???

So everyone probably notice the absence I made from my last post to this very day right? Nobody else to blame except me because I truly have been carried from the season and I have no way out!
Oh my, how I wish I really could detail everything right now yet for some who might just been so curious the sudden absence I made. Please allow me to pause for a moment as I will try to organize the events I have attended.
I don't know if many young readers know the concept of pen pals. Not too far back in the past, we often write to strangers from different people across the country and school. Sometimes, these strangers eventually became persons who you would share many details of your life through letters and post cards. They could even turn into your best friend, yet you might have never met them in person.
With the popularity of online forums today, letters are not written anymore, but pen pals exist. I have many of them and enjoy our conversations mostly focused on blog. Many of them I have never met in person.
In similar fashion, Rima Reyka, is a pen pal of mine. We chat over emails, wechat and Facebook a bit about blog and personal lives as well.
A few months ago I got an email from her. She told me that she will be visiting Bhutan. I also knew she had met up with many of the Bhutanese Bloggers and I was so jealous when they did, as I just wished I could meet her in person, as she became amazingly good pen pal of mine :P

She told me she was planning a surprise trip to Trongsa only to meet Ugyen Gyeltshen and myself.  She was Indonesian by birth but currently lives in Singapore, with her 13 years old son and sympathetic better half. We emailed back and forth for a little while, and I was looking forward to meet her in person.
Strangely, our first time meeting was in Trongsa at  Samcholing. I was nervous to meet her because we had so much in common… and to inform you, I am a lady who mess my home regularly. I know Singapore is considered as one of the cleanest country in the world :P So,I was nervous to receive her and take her to my resident. Even then I did my job, we met with each other, we laughed together, ate, traveled together, became a translator between khenpo(head of monk)-Rima and I also gave her a campus orientation…
Photo credit: Rima
Next day, I were tasked to call nearest taxi driver and Ugyen Sir, since we had planned to drive to Langthel just to meet our fellow writer/author.  
Next morning, I  ringed UG three times :P and I dilled taxi driver many times. Finally taxi driver responded me saying, he reached Taktse(name of a place) and he will be picking us exactly after two hours. Ahh! I know I am a lady with no patience. I cannot wait that long. Two hours is not a piece of cake for me. Then, I asked Rima to take a walk until junction and we will find any vehicle to reach our friend. Haha you know what happened?
On the way to junction, we met with a balero. I asked, ‘Au! Gati jaynimo?’(May I know where are you heading towards?)
‘Langthel’ he acted in response.
‘Au! Can I get a lift till langthel,I will pay for endeavor’ I said.
He declared ‘Tupla(okay), but wait for a minute, I will visit lhakhang and I will be back within a minute.’
Ahh! His ‘a minute’ nearly turned into an hour. We waited him for so long and he didn’t come back. I find him hostile L at that juncture. Luckily, we met with another balero; cousin of my students, who came to pick up them for vacation. They gave lift to both of us. He was generous that he offered front seat for us. But we denied to be in the front alright, Rima LOLx :P Haha anyways I enjoyed being outside.
I am asking you Rima, did u enjoy as well :P…
Walking on the muddy road, sweltering under the sun, drizzling shower on our forhead finally blessed us to meet with our comedian blogger, author of Dear Sedey, atheist :P,  engineer by professional, who joke seriously, give tender advice to younger’s, who loves chewing numerous doma(bettle nut) and pays not much interest on food stuffs :P he is Ugyen Gyeltshen.  He made us nosy to visit the power house… Actually it was suffocating inside the tunnel, though they have a huge tube to supply oxygen, still I couldn’t breathe fresh air. Condition of an engineer was just nasty there :P.  I idolize you Ugyen sir for loving your post so much, and so sorry to hear that you are apart from your family. Family is a very important part in one’s life. May Buddha Bless You With A New Job and Unite Together With Your FamiliesJ Like you, with perseverance, dedication, commitment, determination, stamina and resilience rarely need to be wished good luck because you make your own luck wherever you go. Haha its oki not to visit lhakhang as well lolx :P Truly, he never entered any lkahang; that we made to visit together…
photo credit: Rima
When the sun shines during monsoon season, we embrace it. Day we spent together was spiced things up and walked down a mountain…After a beauty lunch at the MHPA personal lodge, an incredibly warm welcome at UG sirs place… a good dose of rice, suka roti, dal, spicy-curd, mixed veggie, desserts and tea…I brought a bag full of memories, laughed galore, solid sing-along, and finally we were back up to the top of the mountain; we call home.
On 2nd of July, we reached Rima till Trongsa.. . Explored Trongsa Dzong, sat down  together for tea and snacks sponsored by UG sir and finally we fare welled Rima L
It was such a great pleasure to meet Rima, for the first time in person… and I was so happy to meet with Ugyen sir for the second time… :) See you both in future…
XOXO… Rima, happy stay in Bhutan tupga J have fun… Do not melt in Phuntsholing… Travel safe and see you
again J
A huge bunch of love to all my readers and to Rima-UG-Chogyal. J
Note: Ugyen sir, comment on my ‘Theme Font  namo, as per your compliment I have changed it into Times New Roman J.’ Thank You J