Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I've selected words after trip to Zela.

 I've selected words of the year before. I've never stuck with them. It seems impossible to identify one word for the entire year. Life is too transient for that sort of exercise, to my mind. For a couple of days last week I did think about it some and came up with 'Commit', 'Stronger'. Both words that could be applied to multiple areas of my life. I want to keep doing, start doing and stop doing. I like this idea. It is more concrete, more doable, holds more accountability. So here is my list of things I want to start doing.
  1. Stretching daily.
  2. Establish a regular devotional time(praying daily and proastrating 108 times daily)
  3. Waking up by 5:50 am.
  4. Increase expectations from my parents.
  5. Establish a cleaning routine.
  6. Reduce my anger( I will be doing an action research on it)
  7. No punching with boys.
  8. Blogging once a week...
  9. facebooking an hour daily.
  10. Maintaing notes.
  11. Sleep on time.
  12. I don't wanna hurt any one in my life.
  13. Avoide eating junks.
  14. Keep a daily record, including the days activities, money spent, what was for dinner, weather, exercise and college activities.
Yes, it's a long list. But a completely doable list. My plan is to let the last item on the list hold me accountable for the others.


Life is beautiful... :)
The only thing I really want to stop doing is eating oily stuffs. That is a big one and will take a lot of effort on my part. 
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