Monday, November 21, 2016

How to be the best at relationships^^

Hello again...

Hello... It's me.

Hehe Okay^^

I was wondering if after all this time - you'd like to read blabla...
So here we are, It's already November 2016 and I'm not even going to pretend that sitting in front of a blank page and trying to find the right words to type is easy, because I'm so out of touch it's certainly far from it.
I never intended for this blog to become a long lost beauty graveyard, but over the past year, somehow that's the way it seems to have turned outL
No worries,  though today's post isn't something I can say I planned for... but I am impressed using science, human history, surrounding  and my own experience, I have put together a complete guide for the 21st century couple on how to be the best at relationships… I have scribbles plus babla… :P here it goes

Problem in many relationships is that women feel like they have to do all the boring chores and the men just get to go out and ride around.  The truth is that chores are lame and there is rarely anything fun about them.  Help your special lady out by making her daily housework into a fun challenge!   Does she need do cleaning?cooking? laundry?  No! Take turn. ..
This is known as the love around the head^^  :P :P

The only thing women love more than surprises is feeling special.  Show the world that you are proud of your lady by flailing when you're walking with her. The latest study says that just holding your loved one’s hand can calm your brain and shut down fear.  Use pet name to call her, wife, buri or amsuu sounds mundane … She will be reassured that you do not mind calling attention to her and will greatly appreciate the gesture…
Ps: he is carrying chocolates for his sweet heart! :P :P snatch some LOL

Jealousy is an issue that creeps up inside many solid relationships and renders them useless, much like a discarded fish carcass.  Probably the best way to combat jealousy is with compliment.  Every lady loves compliments from her gentleman.  It is a symbol of good intentions, thoughtfulness and love.  And if you use enough glitter, she'll forget she ever felt anything less than complete admiration for you.  Kick off the object of jealousy and welcome compliment.
It is a scientific fact that women love compliment It's in their genes! <3
Ummm he have taken out his heart for her...can you do the same for your love as well?
I can hear you uttering a big 'NO'  :(

I talk a lot! And I feel special when my partner pay attention to my babla.  It’s important to listen to your partner; a priority; if you want the relationship to last. Take a little time to set down your phone, close your laptop screen, put off the TV screen, stop writing lesson plan and listen when she is talking. These simple suggestions will make her feel great and don’t interrupt while they are talking, instead try using non-verbal signal to let your partner know you are listening.
Listen listen and listen

Who woud be able to measure her widest smile?
Maintaining day-to-day communication about your everyday lives will help to cultivate your relationship and become aware of changes your partner might be going through… So, keep ringing her phone^^ She woud smile wide to see your 50 missed call :P

Leave her a paper trail that leads to a surprise/ buy your partner favorite things. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Candles, notes and dairymilk can do, too hehe…

And finally, if you ever get into an argument, imagine that your partner is a puppy with two fore legs and when she drags her abdominal, there is a pool of bloods, and because of the pain she howl so loud...
1st Flaw In Women: Women fight for anything^^

now, your job is to think.'I promise you won't ever be mad again!'
   and steps back from argument  :P

 2nd: Flaw In Women:
Women have strengths that amaze men^^

Thanks for sticking with me, I love you:) and may kenchosum give you the courage to face all the challenges with a smile!
Wish You A Brightest Future With Your Dearest Aum/Ap Khoray LOL  :P :P