Friday, March 13, 2015

Most Wonderful Gift...

Dear maam Rima,
Ahhh! I lost my smile :P :)
Finally I could collect the most awaited parcel from you. It took more than two months to reach me. I am very sorry that I couldn't collect on time. Besides white quilt has become kind off brown, everything was safe la. You know as soon as I got the parcel, I removed the quilt from its wrappings...and I enjoyed reading the first page and sharing it with my buddies here at school was fun…
I admired the gift that you have sent me. I am glad. Truly, no one have gifted me the book, today I felt myself awesome to receive this wonderful gift.
2015, is declared as the National reading year, to commemorate the 60th Birth anniversary of our Fourth King. I am sure that ‘The Rainbow Troops’ will help me get off to a good start of National Reading Year. Truly, I haven’t read any book this year. God bless Mam Rima, for being kind enough to send me this book. Thanks a ton for the short letter but sweet... I appreciate your thoughtfulness, encouragement, and support.

Every flip of page will reminds me of you and our friendship. Thank you so much… Thank you for the present! It certainly was nice to be remembered you forever ;)
LOads of love ;) 

Monday, March 09, 2015

A letter from a student, while coloring my life :P

I haven’t had much time to blog lately, as you may have noticed... This year has been a frantically busy year for me at school. Though I have less teaching periods, but I am shouldering the responsibilities of matron-ship, it’s challenging job for teacher.
think that being responsible involves having some skills, experiences and open attitude, and a good sense of what we can and cannot do alright?  Do you force to take over those responsibilities if you possess fewer skills on it? I feel injustice still.
Anyways,  trying to decorate the big empty house, a whole flat kept me extremely busy. You know, I filled my living room with all those stuffs :P like, showcase, cupboard and refrigerator :P, study table and all, else I cannot hear the sound from television because of reverberation. Now, I am a mother/ caretaker of hundred and two girls for a year... I wish this month is the end of November. Hats off for all the school matrons and wardens _/\_,  I respect you people for toiling so hard to keep your students under the strict rules and regulation.
The following are some of the daily routines that I hold:

5:45 AM hostel checking and shutter off for girls.
5:45 am to- 7am:) Dress-up, breakfast, home cleaning and etc, I have to finish up everything with in this short period of time.
7am to 7:15- monitoring social work at hostel.
7:15 to 7:45 breakfast monitoring in MPH(multipurpose hall)
7:45 to 8:00 am, I will have a quick breakfast.
School starts at 8:00 am.
4:15 PM School gets over…
5:15 PM I have to close the shutter and chase all the girls for evening study.
At 7:00 pm-8:00 pm--- I have to monitor dinner.
8:00 to 9:00 pm night study…between that I have to attended the sick. Everyday there will be at least two to three sick in hostel.
Today, fresh Monday, I still hear the ‘DOOR KNOCKING’ Ahh… its challenging.
I don’t get any peace in my mind being a matron. I am not experienced and liable to take over this responsibility as well but I took-over though it will be challenging for me.

Besides, I enjoy the school hours: This year I am teaching science to lower classes. I don’t care what anyone says. Lower class student’s rocks!  I often get “You teach lower class?? Bless your heart!” Students in lower grade are some of the sweetest, caring, and fun children I know!They enjoy every teaching of mine. Today I had a second session in grade four(IV).We collaboratively learnt ‘Materials around us’. As soon as bell rang, I signed log book and went off the class. A small boy followed me and called me,
‘Madam la, I have a letter for you’…
‘Letter?’ I said…
He handed over this letter to me. 
This letter from a student was super sweet, though could see lots of spelling and grammatical errors. It made me feel awesome and I was touched!
Anyway, so much has happened while coloring the life with crayons. I haven’t quit writing here. I just get busy sometimes.Sorry friends :)
Keep visiting and keep painting your life with different colors.

Pleasant evening ahead… Stay safe drive slow J