Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Who is my best friend???

A best friend is the one who knows exactly what you mean, someone who knows you better than yourself, and is with you no matter what.A best friend is an honest editor and your biggest supporter. A best friend is not just a shoulder to cry on, but also a source of joy which drives away the tears and puts the smile back on your face.
Everyone has a best friend during each stage of life only a precious few have the same one.

Tenn Yang:

Same like that I too had a best friend we met first in class seven, she had a beautiful heart, and she never hurts other people. So, it was in 2004 where we are placed in same class we two introduced with each other and became friends. She is no fairer weathered friend, we used to eat together, sleep together, buy a cloth of same design, study together and of course we used to score same marks in the examination. We passed every examination with similar marks... We qualified for class eleven and did our +2 together and I am so happy that after the complection of our Higher secondary school we are placed by government in the same college.
I do believe that friendship is the gift of god and I do really cherish the gift> You know, friendship is the true source of knowledge from where we can learn so many things which are so crucial throughout our short span of life. But due to the ignorance and unenlightened being we rarely do realize that.

Have you ever realized that today we are under same roof eating from a same pot is all due to our merit we have accumulated and it’s due to our fate? So, we should feel proud and let’s try best to help each other in our help and kindness and offer our help and kindness and compassion to those needy ones.
I as your friend always tried my; level best to make you happy but unknowingly I might have hurt you. So, if it is so they do forgive me and my love care and remembrance are always for you.
I am proud of you and happy to have a friend like you who always rendered you help even sacrificing your own work and time. You know I have learnt so many things from you which are precious in my life and I ll never forget but it will be remembered always in absence of you. I really enjoyed your company and you are so caring and good nature person and I will guarantee that you will become a helpful person for your parents and other as well in future. It’s not a word that uttered from my lips but surely it’s from the core of my heart. You have that potential in you.
Remember that I have limitless love, care, mercy and I feel too pity and I feel pinch in my heart when I think of your health because we know that our life is impermanent and nobody can predict our life span but I am worried about your sickness. Still then my payers are always for you and may god bless you.
I have so many things to be uttered but what to do I am wordless because we know that when our heart is full our words are less. So, I as your poor friend I would like to say that always have faith in god because the ultimate source that will help us when in need is none other than GOD. Hence forth whatever you do have faith, trust in GOD because there is no doubts that he will cheat us. I love you so much.Yangzom, I do remember you and I still trust you as you are one of my friend that is very precious and rare to find. So, Please eat meals on time hehe... ;)


Ezza is my best friend too. He studied in Dagana till class three.  He is from Dagana. We are very close friend. His birthday is 3 days ahead then mine... hehe waiting to celebrate together this year at least.
Ezza you are a source of constant support in our lives. Be it sharing secrets, exchanging advice, planning the future or just killing time doing nothing- every moment spent with you is a memory to be cherished forever. So I wanna cherish you Ezza and I wanted you to know how special you are to me.According to my experienced of self-esteem in friendship I have realized friends who take an advantages form each other. They relentlessly impact their sentiments. They approach you when they need you, but they never regard you when you need them. Sometimes they betray you without remembering your supports.   I really did experience that kind of friend in my life however my best friend are never shortlisted in that category.  I believes, hating some one, caring some one is the fact of life and I avoided hating those friend. So do not hate those kinds of friends if you have instead you must supports as much as we can. After all they will definitely change their immature mind towards right track.

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