Sunday, March 17, 2013

Boring Sunday...

I'm super duper BORED! HAHA. Yes, as usual ;) Lol. What to do? :p I always complain bored when I am really bored or when the person whome I LIKE didn't come online.Its Three pass two PM. I am bored. cant really go anywhere, Yanzom and me planing to go for walk near bird eye view however we have to attend the evening prayers. Face booking fade up... non of them seems friendly.missed my family and friends a lot.. :(

Friday, March 15, 2013

Our lyf...

We are driven by self-interest, it’s necessary to survive. But we need wise self-interest that is generous and co-operative, taking others’ interests into account. Co-operation comes from friendship, friendship comes from trust, and trust comes from kind-heartedness. Once you have a genuine sense of concern for others, there’s no room for cheating, bullying or exploitation.
Like anyone else, I too have the potential for violence; I too have anger in me. However, I try to recall that anger is a destructive emotion. I remind myself that scientists now say that anger is bad for our health; it eats into our immune system. So, anger destroys our peace of mind and our physical health. We shouldn’t welcome it or think of it as natural or as a friend.
Given the scale of life in the heaven, one human life is no more than a tiny blip. Each one of us is a just visitor to this planet, a guest, who will only stay for a limited time. What greater folly could there be than to spend this short time alone, unhappy or in conflict with our friend? Far better, surely, to use our short time here in living a meaningful life, enriched by our sense of connection with others and being of service to them. 

Paro Tsechu

Paro Techus (Religious Festival), a grand social time as well as spiritual significance. We the Bhutanese family rose early and dressed us all in traditional handwoven silk kiras, bejewelled with antique red coral and turquoise necklaces, and attended the festivities in the very early morning at the five story high dzong. (built in the 16th Centuary and houses the courts, government and monastic offices for the area). Before the sun moved around through the morning hours, we will have an opportunity to kiss the painting of Guru Rinpoche.
So, the Paro tsechu will start from 24th of this month, grab the opportunity to  be the audience to watch mask dances and get blessed yourself.

 Preparation for Paro Tsechu:

I snapped this photo in the evening .. sorry its not clear because I snapped it from distance... You may be wondering what so important about this river, to ease the peoples comfort many volunteers came and built the temporary wooden bridge so that the people can walk straight to the Dzong. Where the mask dances were displayed...

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Sonam choki(PinkyPinky), She is from Punakha.  Mostly remains in her own dream world. She speaks soft and smooth.  But she at least laughs when she is happy. She likes playing around like a kid, and used to drink numerous bottle of amul kool and munch kurkure . True lover but bitterly betrayed. Cool life she leads.

She has a glasses bigger than her face. But she never wore it outside the classroom.heeh…

Lhamo, shortest name perhaps in our class.  Fashionable, Modern and frank! she does not have any nickname, though she like having one…She is from Paro, so some time she speaks in Parop acent.”Gam bay”
She is friendly with boys as well as girl.

Sonam Yangzom(Tenn Yang), as far as I know her closely,  she has compassionate heart, true lover. She is from Mongar, and speaks fluent Nepali with correct pronunciation. True lover by nature, hurt brings her tears but heals super fine next day. But lives an optimistic life with full of ambitions. She is emotionally weak. Closest friend of mine as we studied together since class seven.

Rupa Gurung(Kaykay); She is popurlary known as nothing lol… she is from Dagana. She is very harsh to unknown. For her smile is the strength because she keeps on smiling so no body will notice or find her pain.  ..She loves kitty very much and eats biscuits a lot.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

My personal experience of being a teacher…

My class students 2012... :)

I don’t know how it all happened but as I remember I never wanted this profession way back. After my plus2 my parents are already convincing me to join teaching but I hesitated because I know that being a teacher is a tough profession, I even told my friends that if in time I’d be a teacher, I won’t be efficient because all I will have to do is to give students presentation and I will never explain the lesson, I’ll just be a friend to the students. I was once a student and I remember how hard our teachers work for us, they are always encouraging us to do what we don’t want to do and I have to admit that they were like our second parents but out of all the hard task they’ve been doing, they still get to be criticized in the end. Well, that’s one thing why I don’t even bother to take this profession.
It was been offered to me I hesitated but accepted and I was trained for two and half years, after that we have to go for the teaching practice for six months. Well, hear now, I’ll tell you one of the best experiences I ever had.
Things happened so fast I have to teach that instance, waaah, I can’t even believe I was a uuhhm teacher. So I gave it a try, I said to myself ok I’ll just have to give it my best shot. I was really terrified, worried, scared well I really have mixed emotions of uncertainties that day. I thought to myself . Teaching profession is really difficult. But the first time I handled a class, I remembered I taught class IX IT , I told the class that I’m new to teaching and they must understand whatever inconsistencies they might observe. Well, the first day went good my students are participating and I really enjoyed it then I went back, the one week got extended and extended and extended. I was hell yeah enjoying it. I like the teaching profession already, and yeah I’m not mistaken with my percept of being a teacher it was really a hard task, but what’s good about this is it’s a rewarding experience specially when our students shows gratitude of how thankful they are that they have you to educate them. During teachers day and during the rose day students came and wished me with bunches of roses and cards. WOW, what a great experiences…Well, I can say that this profession is something we could love and hate at the same time but after the hard work and pain v can look back to something v can be proud of and when v see the results, the lack of compensation will after all be rewarded by thank you then suddenly realize that nO tHiNg iS gOoD oR bAd tHiNkInG mAkE iT sO... :)

My King:

We are born in this peaceful land where we have profound and vulnerable leader and care each and every person as his own son and daughter. He is really the reincarnation of god who has such compassionate and loving kindness towards his people.

May the lifetime glory njoys by d whole world...

Fun page: ^_^

Today I felt so bore in the class...
bLaCk CoFfE...
Classes was hell and dream was heaven hehe... is the club day.... I don't have club... I have submitted name list in taikwndu club... and I may not get a chance to get into it...
Little headache too... wanna go back into my room and wanna take rest... no breakfast I am feeling hungry as well...
I don't find any body friendly here... even Facebook.... so wanna log out... :) but missed my friend and families a lot... :) especially Sangay Rigdyen Dorji and Rosae...

Finally m in ICT club... right after the club distribution... I came in my room and drank coffee with toast... 
Ummm I feel lyk eating the yummy yummy noddles but doctors advice me not to eat :(...

M ryt back from evnin walk... was tiring...I was accompanied by yansooo and Tseten ... I ate korntos and drank tea in Tsetens frn house... we had a Lovely evening hehe...

Now I felt bore n m blogging...
M planing to eat something and write something on Quality of Education in Bhutan...
Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for now...
I ll back after 2 hrs...
Hehe I wanna have Rice with ama datshi(bhutanese-curry)... ufff but I cannot eat chillies any more...:(...

nono now wanna eat ummmmmmmmmm Rice with kewa datshi...LOL..

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Teachers of SMSS  having fun during teachers day.

The most beautiful day in the life of a teacher is "The Teacher's Day". In Bhutan we celebrate the Teacher's Day on 2nd May coinciding with the Birth Anniversary of our 3rd King, Druk Gyalpo  Jigme Dorji Wangchuk- The father of Modern Bhutan. On this day, the schools, institutes and colleges around the country celebrates the day with utmost joy. 
When I was a student, this was a time when I had immense fun wishing my favorite teachers. Teachers are my true inspiration in my life. I still do remember my teacher saying, “Nothing is late if the goal is achieved on time “ Mishara Sir.
Now, I am a teacher in near future. I did six months of Teaching Practice in schools. I came across all types of students- naughty, good, bright, dull, thin, fat, etc. and came across many good and bad situations. Whatever be the students, I have same feelings on every student. I taught them subject, they taught me the lesson of life.
The Teacher's Day makes me full of emotions with lots of wishes and remembrance from my students. On this day, I realize how lucky I am to have chosen the teaching profession. This is the day where I can, not only remember my teachers but also remember my students as well.
Be proud my teachers:
Sir Jas.
Sir Ugyen
Sir Bijoy.
Sir Karma Galey
Sir Tandin.
Maam Hari.
LM Mishra sir.
Sir Raika.
Sir Jagat.
Maam Leki.
Maam Chimmi.
Sir Karma.
Lopen Lama
Sir Tshering(yuh mi teacher wen I was in class IV, I dun wea u my teacher)
Sir Sujit.
Sir Michel
Sir sujit.
Lopen Nima.
Sir Goash.
Sir Murali.
Maam PM

Monday, March 04, 2013

Class XII Result out wow I am gone mad…

Class XII result out with just 60% in over all percentage. Ufff where can I go now, who can accepts my marks? I am gone mad now. I have decided to go to Thimphu. I came all the way from the village to the  city in search of a job. But, numerous buts...
With all formalities I came to city and many pairs of slipers I changed as it torn off on walking in search of job.
My life is half-way to death in search of a place to live...
To every vacancy announcement I submitted my documents but my name never appeared on the shortlists...
Shall I tear off the university certificates and dump it off and live in the village with cows and goats?

Shall I commit suicide or go to village for paddy plantations?
When in home, my dad and mom always nagged me to go in search of a job...
Shall I pierce my belly with a knife or hang myself.
Those who took my job be extinct from this world, if You think bad on me let God do the justice...
I am despondent, none looks friendly...
Shall I carry grass and fed my hungry goats...but let it die out of starvation because I starved for several past days...
Why should I be burden of this world? After all, I know that I will never be better...
Finaly finally finally, I got a call from RUB saying that I qualified in BEd. That is the most happiest day I ever had. So, I felt proud of myself because I could at least make my parents happy…

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Struggle for my primary education.

I still remember walking 3 hrs a day. Some times with empty stomach. I was little girl when I was first admitted in the school. The road I walk wasn't a rose instead its all thrones. Where during summer I cant imagine leeches kissing my legs and bleeding. Whole body get wet when I reach in the class, because no umbrella to get on instead I have a plastics over just to protect my books. My unlucky feet never get chance to wear the leather shoes till class four, all I prefer is the plastics shoes which is durable one. I used to have the plastic shoes stitched several times.  It is not that my parents don’t want to buy good looking’s shoes for me but I never used to demand for that. No lights at home what I can do is that I used to complete my home works staying myself near the kerosene lamp, which embarrassed me to show my home works next day  to my teacher.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Deteriorating the quality of education in Bhutan

Today, Bhutan’s the Quality of Education became the talk of the market. People constantly debate and discuss about it in online forums, in hotels and bars, in homes and offices, informally and formally, over the country. It became national concern and scholars and educationists are working on it. Some says quality has deteriorated and on the other hand some debate no. To comment on this topic there has to be a valid data and statistics. Therefore, in this essay I have mentioned few points to prove that the “Quality of Education is deteriorating”.

Most of the teachers in Bhutan are teacher not in love with their professions. They come to teaching when they fail to get selected for any other professions. It is the destiny that brought them, they believe. Trainees (here in PCE, Paro) would be teachers very soon but if we ask if she/he love the teaching profession, one will say---‘NO, I don’t want to but I have no option as I didn’t qualify for other profession or higher Education’. I too am same. Teaching wasn’t my choice, but as of now I love to be a teacher. And I will try my best to improve the quality education.

This is happening because teachers are underappreciated and receives very little respect, despite working hard under poor conditions. Does anyone love working so hard when it is not appreciated and valued? I am damn sure, nobody like it rather it undermines the faith and commitment. Education secretary, Aum  Sangay Zam, has told in one of the article in Kuensel that to retain teachers they don’t give no objection certificates (NOC) especially to Mathematics and Science teachers to apply elsewhere, because there’s already a shortage of these teachers though there are teachers who want to leave the job. What does it mean? Forcing a person to be a teacher when he/she is not willing to work?  How can one possibly let the horse to drink the water when it is not at all thirsty? If he/she doesn’t have interest in teaching, how can we say that he/she will teach well? We have to think more to improve the quality of education. Our education quality will not improve when those de-motivated and uncommitted teachers are involved in the system.

Yesterday I was in front of the laptop and mind mapping to starts with my essay, many points didn’t strike my mind so just to refresh I logged on to face book where I have chatted with one of my friend who is currently studying in India, “what is the difference between the Bhutanese student and Indian students?” I asked him and the immediate answer he gave me was, “When I come here and sit with Indian friends I feel like I haven’t learnt anything.” So, I realized that Bhutanese children receive free Education unlike India. This system has actually overwhelmed the perception of the Bhutanese students to learn because they don’t feel the pinch to get Educated. People without experiencing the pain don’t understand the value of Education and they don’t study at all despite attending the classes.  When students sit in the class just for attendance and warming the bench, we can never expect the quality of education to improve, rather it would deteriorate spontaneously. Thus, it brings down the Quality of Education.

School functioning without conducive environment is another reason why quality of education is declining. For example, school like Gangzor Primary school in my village has no proper facilities. No class room for class III students. So, parents were called and they constructed bamboo temporary hut, with the plastics roof. During summer no rains drained out. The classes were overcrowded with no space for the teachers to move through for active interactions. That lack of space did not allow teachers to use their active and innovative teaching methods. How can we study in a place like that? Where is the environment for the learners?

Another factor solely responsible for the decline in quality of education is the students’ attitudes.  They come to class without any interest in learning.  Thus, it declines the quality of the Education. If we compare between the present youth and the learners of the past decades we will see that the students at present are not very interested in school educations. As compare to my father who studied up to class eight, I am still far behind in English to him. Today, especially the children don’t like learning Dzongkha. Today Graduates are doing three months course before they seats for PE, because they are not able to write application in Dzongkha. If we go around and ask our trainee teachers to write the application in Dzongkha, I think maximum will fail including me.
Every coin has two sides and let’s not forgets this universal truth. Though Technologies has helped people in many ways but it too has disadvantages. A modern technology like mobile phone is useful for communication but writing SMS hampers youth’s grammatical structures and spellings.
Another reason is due to internet. These days students spend most of their time in internet rather than either playing or reading books. It said that physical activity such as playing outside also helps in improving the minds of a person. But rather than doing that, they play online games which only disturbs their mind and consumes most of their time. Also online chatting makes their written as well as spoken language decline tremendously which ultimately affects their education. Using calculator has done more harm than the help. Students who use calculators from his early school days don’t know the product of 9 and 8 because they depend too much on calculator.

The quality of education is declining because there are good numbers of untrained teachers employed in the various private schools of Bhutan. Similarly, in the Government Schools also, we have contract teachers, teaching without having any proper teaching practices.  Class XII pass outs are teaching the students, how  will they teach well when we (trained for three years) couldn’t do the presentation well, how will they apply the different teaching strategies for different learners and teaching skills for different topics? These are serious threat to the quality of educations. When those trained and experienced teachers face difficulties in managing classroom and keeping students engaged to learn, imagine those untrained teachers. How do we expect not to decline the quality of educations when the students are taught and brought up by the untrained teachers?
Quality of Education will keep on declining if no measure is taken care by the Department. Education Ministry introduced the “Double Promotion System” for the students; not based on the academic merit, but be given to students, who are late beginners, i.e., starting school at the age of eight, nine or 10. As I have seen in Ganzor Primary shool where double promoted students of class six doesn’t know how to frame a simple proper sentence. New system was to fast-track older students, who meet the minimum academic requirement for higher classes, so that they can cope with the higher levels according to their age. But where is the quality that they are taking care of? Though they are doing this to reduce the number of drop-outs and also to help everybody receive basic education but they are neglecting the fact that it will deteriorate the Quality of Education in future adding taste to the already deteriorated quality.

To conclude, unappreciated teacher,  free education, under-prepared teachers, lack of appropriate curricular resources, poor learning environment and little in-service training for teachers were the main reason why classroom practices were ineffective, which finally leads to decline in the quality of education. As many schools in Bhutan lack essential infrastructure and curricular reform is quiet by a lack of sufficient orientation and resource support to deliver the curriculum. And teachers, the agents of providing quality education, work in poor conditions and have low motivation.