Friday, November 27, 2015

Throwback^^ feelings

Hello everyone, 
How have you been? :) I am smiling at you? 
Ahh! Now I saw you smiling as well hehe :) :).
Well, today I have brought you throwback feelings in me. Happy reading, peaceful night and keep smiling :).

Another way I like to add some fabulous way to live a life is by treating yourself a well deserved gift.  I give a monthly salary treat to myself,  I handover gift every end of the month… You wanna know what I have gifted so far? :P  hehe lets that be a to secret :P  … and also we need to offer some of our income to KenChoSum(Buddha Dharma and Sanga). I have full faith in Capital Him, that’s, “KCS”. Real people hardly exist in this materialistic world. Sometimes the surroundings you live are too suffocating to breath in and you will find nothing real. At this time it's always important to surround yourself with positive, supportive, uplifting people, this becomes an extremely important survival mechanism when you are facing difficult times in your life.

Some friend lift you up, from miles
 and add smiles.

Today I really wanna talk about relationships, where I had bitter-sweet moment with all kinds of relationship that had surrounded me.  Relationships come in various forms, some are with people who live under same roof; who share the same blood, your relatives, friends, neighbor; Some of them live in the same community and others miles away. Some of these people have been in your life for as long as you can remember and others may have recently come into it. Most lift you up when you spend time together, while others drain you mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically ahhh!. Who could be this kind of person in my life? Yes I know you and you know yourself as well .I need not mention here to slam down you. :) :) :) Smile smile smile for you :)
If you have any of the above people in your life it's time to let them go. Be thankful for the time you shared, the lessons learned, but remember YOU matter, your feelings matter, wish them well, love, light peace and move on.
If you recognized any of the above in your relationships it's time to let them go. If for whatever reason you can't just reduce the time you spend with them. That’s what I actually do. 99.9% of my relationship with my community, friends far-near, relatives, colleagues are amazing but I failed to make it flawless just because of 0.1%. Sorry, to the people who falls on 0.1%; your attitude, justifies mine.
  I remember when I began to cut people out of my life like those listed above. It was so hard and yet the peace that followed it was so worth it. Somebody rightly said, ‘Truth is like a  I tried to do it gently but some required blocking of emails and FB. I haven't missed a one because they truly were toxic. It is well worth it and I highly recommend getting toxic people out of your life, immediately!!
:p :P :P :P hehe :) ^^

P.S. - Don't think that you need to spend a huge amunt of money to treat yourself to a well-deserved gift. Even if it's a nap after a long tiring day, a moment in the sun, watching your favorite show, cheering your favorite football club, or wearing makeup and taking selfie, eating your favorite dish, listening to best soothing music, wearing best suit dresses, curling up with a good book are also "Treat to yourself!" hehe menbay ya la(don’t you think so).Yes alright

I am huge fan f FCB and this is a treat for me (wink wink)

Thank you la ;) beyond words :)

 Treat to me !!

It is well worth it !! :)

 Yehaaa AiPee!!
Loads of love (wink wink)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Kadrinche Beyond Words ^^ Kinda Review :P :P hehe

I feel It’s been a long while since I last posted here; When I stopped feeling guilty, lazy, or like I was letting people down, I realized that that’s ok. I’ve really missed writing, but when life takes over, or when the blog is not calling me, I can’t force it. So this post is dedicated to being true and to wonderful author of Kadrinche Beyond Words and I would like to thank to those friends who are still reading my blabla.

Photo credit: Author of this book.
Today I have brought you a review of a good book, ‘KADRINCHE Beyond Words’ It’s a simple good book worth 200 pages. Authored by Jolly Kinley Wangchuk sir. He is a blogger, author, office goer and good parent. Author in his disclaimer, told us that, names of the people, places and organizations were used to make story more authentic.” Yes the story is simply written with as expected realistic plots. When I read this book I kept protagonist as author himself and I was empathizing him all along the journey of my reading. And now when I see Kinley sir, I see the character of Wangchuk in him. Please be that la. Thank you so so much lah Author for this book. I wanna say, the most important thing a father can do
for his children is to love their mother. So love your beautiful wife unconditionally. It really touched my heart and gave me a life lesson to be a good wify haha… and the importance of parental love to children. I had a good times dating with this wonderful book. I have revised the book in the form of question and answer. Please go through it ^^.

Characters in the story:
I came across many characters in this story but I have neglected the minor one, sorry for that.
•        Mrs. Karma, is the daughter of divorced parents. Poor village girl. True lover of Mr.Wangchuk. Mother of four children, sister of Thinley. and later went with another man, breaking the promises that she had tied with her husband.  She is from Tashigang. She is very beautiful and influencive.
•        Mr. Damchoe, a son of a rich man. Running his own business. Stole the happiness of Mr. Wangchuk and I can describe him as ‘offensive Damchoe.’Antogonist he is.
•        Mr. Wangchuk: he is protagonist in this book, inoffensive in nature, true lover, kind hearted, forgiving, gentle and hardworking man. Dedicated husband and a parent to four children. Heart patient. Toiled hard in his lives.
•        Mr. Thinley. Blood made brother to Karma. Studied till class VII and truck driver by professional, offensive man with unkind heart. He lack in gratitude.
•        Mrs.  Zam and Thuju, influential person. Who enjoy flirting and modern life…

•        Mr. Karpola: jolly hilarious man. Adopted brother to karma; good friend of Wangchuk in Trashigang. Kind man though messy. :P
•        Eden: a girl who wanted to marry wangchuk. Stylish modern and open.
•        Kelden Tshering: first son of Wangchuk and he is  successful software engineer. Yeshi tsogyal is medical officer; Jetsen Lhamu is the youngest pilot and youngest son Pelden Drukpa civil engineer by profession.
-          Ms. Dawa: Kind, understanding and beautiful. Had huge crush on Wangchuk. Police officer by profession.
-          Namgay: human ghost, boss of bosses gunda boss :P.

Your opinion of the illustrations tastes and figures.
This book illustrates the quality of human being. Humanity at difficult situations and remaining at base at that kind of time will discover the  beautiful butter fly from ugly caterpillar. I also come to know that; life has a way of kicking us when we’re down. And just when we think we can’t fall any lower, what we have to do.  This book also told me, setbacks, failures, and tragedy are a part of life. Whether we manage to find joy and success in the daily struggle of life is largely dependent on our ability to continue through even the toughest adversity without ever giving up.
The book may be predictable in parts, but that does not bring any boredom in reading what is next. I was hungry and craving to read what is next. As soon as I have started reading this book I was eager to know who could be Wangchuk’s better half. Any ways, this is a beautiful, touching, nonfictional work(though author says it’s a fiction :P), heart-warming story that will sure to leave your eyes welled with tears at the end. I was immediately captivated and transported into the world of many people around; while reading.

What you felt as you read?
This book is simple, humorous, and emotional and heart touching story. Truly I had a mixture of feeling; emotion stretches from confusion to laughter to happiness to frustration and lastly I landed up crying. I Do Not Want To Cry, But The Tears Just Fall Down My Cheeks  when Wangchuk decided to sell his kidney and heart less Karma left her precious family behind because of fake people around. Wangchuk was permanently scarred. . Truly I feel today’s worlds is materialistic and the real people is very rare. I was just wondering, is there any man who is like ‘Wangchuk.’ Does this kind of man exist in this world? I was asking this question to author casually and he bumped me with this answer, “Ya he does exist.” And I was all like ‘Innala’(is it true)…
 And Karpola is a man who kept me all the time hahahaha…

What you noticed while you read?
I have noticed the life of a human being. A high school boy getting into job, then marriage.  Children at home, misunderstanding those who can shoulder the heaviness of misunderstanding and bring it into the base level that person will turn into gold at the end but author didn’t tell us what happened to Karma after her marriage with Damchoe. Author, brilliantly captures the emotions of human heart which will tug the reader’s hearts but peculiarly falls short on the passion that this kind of story desperately deserves second edition :P. It’s a Bhutanese context which gave me the real pictures of places and human characters.  I was frightened by the story of female goast found in Chendebji. I am goast phobia. Damn me! :P

Questions you have after reading.
•             Love is always ready to excuse, trusting, to hope, to endure whatever comes, stay true. But why did Karma married Damchoe?
•               Wangchuk died because of heart attack. Was it all because of Karma’s divorce? If it so then, why did he kept photo of her carrying all the time?
•             Why Dawa remained spinster and helping out to Wangchuk in a difficult time when Wangchuk is already rejecting her?  Is that what we should do if we don’t get the person which we have loved the most? Did all four children looked after Dawa in her old age?
What did you imagine of?
I imagined life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense.
What you wondered?
The one characteristic of authentic power that most people overlook is humbleness. It is important for many reasons. A humble person walks in a friendly world. And at the end he discovers gold in him as Sherab clearly mentioned in his review. As I read the story I just wondered of how this sweet tale of a man but everlasting love mean so much to someone and please read this book so that  you will really understand what it really means.
If you’re dying to start ‘Kadrinche…’, I say go for it.   You won’t regret.

What you learned?
Look, at the end of the day, the fact is that time is precious. Don’t spend your life doing things you don’t want to do. We all have to face uncomfortable social situations from time to time, so it’s best to do so with a plan. A well-crafted strategy will let you enjoy your activity of choice with peace of mind and ensure that you aren’t hurting anyone’s feelings. Make sure you enjoy the moment ^^ Life is just now. 
 What you thought was important?
There are so many things that are important to me and they are success, my student, friends, family, and contentment.
And also we should share our dreams, aspirations, smiles and passions with each other. Though you will have bitter-sweet endings to things sometimes but we cannot afford to think that it’s the end, instead move on with the memories that we held within us. It’s important for me to share today because sometimes the most uncomfortable things are the things which will help us most. Healing from pain means looking aback and acknowledging it as well as being positive and striving to move beyond it. Nothing happened to me but I am just feeling low and dumbfounded these days. In my mind I always have these, “True people are rare in this materialistic world.” Everything around me is fake and suffocating. But I am managing to give away my smiles, just to hide the pain ? No worries; ups and downs are  a part of life. I am strong today hehe. 
What you think will happen next?
I really cannot say what will happen next. As today I am mentally sick and I wish I can imagine and think more. Damn disturbed mind! :P Let me guess, four siblings lives happily ever after. They will also bring Aunty Dawa in Wangchuk’s heaven.   Pelden Drukpa will encourage people to have green activities in our country as he has already started with it. I am an environmental science teacher, Thanks Pelden for proposing to come up with this book. Lets practice green activities XOXO ^^.

Conclusion + Last words.
Wangchuk made me to fall in love with the world, society, the characters, the story, everything, and then Karma ripped it all away!  
This is one of my all time favorite dating with Kadrinche. so I had to save it for last.  Fantasy fans who have not read this book are seriously missing out.  Also, I wasn’t really a fantasy fan before I read this book so if you know someone who maybe needs the right fantasy book to get them into the genre, this might be for them!
I hope you’ve found some great gift ideas for yourself or for a friend alright?  Please get a copy for you tupga(okay)  and the only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.Kadrinche beyond words ata Kinley.
Pleasent evening ahead :) 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wednesday^^ The Real day

 His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck our beloved 4th King turns 60 tomarrow. 11th of November is a very special day for all of us because His Majesty means so much to all of us. Kadrinche Miwang Chog For Everything!
The gratitude and appreciation that the family of our school have for His Majesty have been best expressed through the celebrations of reading festivals, mani dundrup(chanting mani padme hung), displaying rare photos of our fourth king, green walk, tribute by students in the assembly, art competition, quiz competition about fourth Druk Gyalpo and many more. Last week was adopted as a dedication week and celebrations rushed till today. Tomorrow is another big day to be celebrated.
 I have brought you few photos extracted from each day. Sorry I was busy inspiring, helping, coordinating, participating, contributing and with my own personal work. So I got a least time to write.  From my side my greatest tribute is; I read many books this year and the last book that I nailed was,’Kadrinche Beyound Words.’  Review coming on your way!!! J Well some books are meant to be read.
        Miwang chog Happy Birthday La.

            Long Live Our King!


Sunday, November 01, 2015

School Picnic^^ Coronation Day.

Coronation Day.
Today is first day of winter. An incredibly special day for we Bhutanese as a public coronation ceremony of our fifth king was helded on 1st  November 2008, an auspicious year that marked 100 years of monarchy in Bhutan.  On this joyous occasion of coronation of His Majesty the King 5th Druk Gyelpo, We The Citizens of the Druk Gyalkhab would like to wish our His Majesty the Fifth King Jigme Khaeser Namgyal Wangchuck a Happy & Merry Coronation Day. We pray that we be blessed with such leaders at all times to come. May the reign of our King be long and glorious… Long live the king & long live the monarchs…PELDEN DRUKPA GYELO!
Today, family of SMSS nailed annual school picnic, which was a most awaited program.
You know the weather was very pleasant. The final night of October was cold but the day was sunny. This kept me warm and made me to look for a shade whole day. Truly, I have been looking forward to the annual school picnic. As I always say picnic is an open air entertainment hehe.
Yesterday I stayed late night. Even the sleeping tablet so called book; didn’t invite me a baggy eyes, instead my eyes were wide-open-sharp till 3:20 am. Then I rolled myself into the blankets and went to sleep. Anyways, that morning I woke up earlier than usual. The alarm did not have to ring at six o’clock for I was up at 5:00, to reach mom and just because of the kick of picnic day. We were scheduled to meet at the school gate at 7 sharp. The charm of the picnic lay elsewhere this time: memories stretched back to college days…
Winter chill, Black Mountain and crecent rays of sun made beautiful Sunday morning, and song birds welcomed the beauty of the day. At the same time it also made me thoughtful. I realized that life has many chapters, and if one closes, the other is about to begin. Umm, it was already 6 to 15minutes. Hurriedly collecting my thoughts I went inside to dress up... Yangchen, was positively waiting for me. Soon enough Maam Pema, Ganga and Dechen Dema joined in. We had endless things to talk about, though we spent about 6 hours together every day, the chitchat was constant, till we reached the picnic spot. By the time all the teachers and students had assembled at the picnic spot it was already nine and time for freshening up and a round of tea and snacks. After that we are separated to do the delegated job. I am a student entertainer along with warden sir.
 Yesterday, the job delegation was out to all of us and as soon as I got my job, which was toughest of all. I know I am disaster in entertaining others.  I talk less :P  So, I discussed with principal, if we could take out the battery of school bus so that we can entertain more to our students. He gave me a positive response but it failed. So, finally I contacted with principal of Samcholing Primary and asked if I could borrow the solar panel. The ultimate response was ‘YES’. I wore the widest smile then.
By 11 AM lunch was already being cooked, right then, it was time for games. Right from antakshari to cock fight, cat and rat, bull fight students, Doraemon game and afternoon we had a dance show by all talented students. They danced untill their heart vibrates. Around 2pm; principal noticed wishy-washy face of all colleagues and students. Then we attacked lunch at 2:30 pm sharp. In between snacks, tea and juice were served.
Lunch was a wholesome affair of cheese-paneer- soyabean(neutralla)-eggs-chicken-beef-butter-mushroom-vegetables-curd-zazu. We ate to our heart filled with bliss, and our face turned into rigid… First we served to students and then teacher took their share. I being vegetarian, I got more than enough curry. The cheese fired is not in my list! So I ignored it. Which they considered it as one of the special dish for veggie ;)
After lunch,we visited the holy place, Yab Temai Nima’s Kudrung. We saw the finger prints and the prints of arrow inserted on the holy stones, there were prints of sun and a moon as well. .

Lost in my thoughts I was recalled back by Ganga and Yanchen, who pointed out that the sun saying, 'The sun was already old.' We all watched the dimming sun. I remembered how eagerly and with a happy heart I had watched the sunrise in the morning. The much awaited day was now going to be another page in the diary of my memory. But yes, I felt hopeful for the future. For, I knew that the sun would rise again tomorrow Xoxo. We headed back home at 5:30 pm i guess and I stopped by school to write this post hehe... 
Photos of the day ^^

pink-blue ;) wink wink...

plesant day :)

Thanks for being with me...

Loads of love!