Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wednesday^^ The Real day

 His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck our beloved 4th King turns 60 tomarrow. 11th of November is a very special day for all of us because His Majesty means so much to all of us. Kadrinche Miwang Chog For Everything!
The gratitude and appreciation that the family of our school have for His Majesty have been best expressed through the celebrations of reading festivals, mani dundrup(chanting mani padme hung), displaying rare photos of our fourth king, green walk, tribute by students in the assembly, art competition, quiz competition about fourth Druk Gyalpo and many more. Last week was adopted as a dedication week and celebrations rushed till today. Tomorrow is another big day to be celebrated.
 I have brought you few photos extracted from each day. Sorry I was busy inspiring, helping, coordinating, participating, contributing and with my own personal work. So I got a least time to write.  From my side my greatest tribute is; I read many books this year and the last book that I nailed was,’Kadrinche Beyound Words.’  Review coming on your way!!! J Well some books are meant to be read.
        Miwang chog Happy Birthday La.

            Long Live Our King!


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