Sunday, November 01, 2015

School Picnic^^ Coronation Day.

Coronation Day.
Today is first day of winter. An incredibly special day for we Bhutanese as a public coronation ceremony of our fifth king was helded on 1st  November 2008, an auspicious year that marked 100 years of monarchy in Bhutan.  On this joyous occasion of coronation of His Majesty the King 5th Druk Gyelpo, We The Citizens of the Druk Gyalkhab would like to wish our His Majesty the Fifth King Jigme Khaeser Namgyal Wangchuck a Happy & Merry Coronation Day. We pray that we be blessed with such leaders at all times to come. May the reign of our King be long and glorious… Long live the king & long live the monarchs…PELDEN DRUKPA GYELO!
Today, family of SMSS nailed annual school picnic, which was a most awaited program.
You know the weather was very pleasant. The final night of October was cold but the day was sunny. This kept me warm and made me to look for a shade whole day. Truly, I have been looking forward to the annual school picnic. As I always say picnic is an open air entertainment hehe.
Yesterday I stayed late night. Even the sleeping tablet so called book; didn’t invite me a baggy eyes, instead my eyes were wide-open-sharp till 3:20 am. Then I rolled myself into the blankets and went to sleep. Anyways, that morning I woke up earlier than usual. The alarm did not have to ring at six o’clock for I was up at 5:00, to reach mom and just because of the kick of picnic day. We were scheduled to meet at the school gate at 7 sharp. The charm of the picnic lay elsewhere this time: memories stretched back to college days…
Winter chill, Black Mountain and crecent rays of sun made beautiful Sunday morning, and song birds welcomed the beauty of the day. At the same time it also made me thoughtful. I realized that life has many chapters, and if one closes, the other is about to begin. Umm, it was already 6 to 15minutes. Hurriedly collecting my thoughts I went inside to dress up... Yangchen, was positively waiting for me. Soon enough Maam Pema, Ganga and Dechen Dema joined in. We had endless things to talk about, though we spent about 6 hours together every day, the chitchat was constant, till we reached the picnic spot. By the time all the teachers and students had assembled at the picnic spot it was already nine and time for freshening up and a round of tea and snacks. After that we are separated to do the delegated job. I am a student entertainer along with warden sir.
 Yesterday, the job delegation was out to all of us and as soon as I got my job, which was toughest of all. I know I am disaster in entertaining others.  I talk less :P  So, I discussed with principal, if we could take out the battery of school bus so that we can entertain more to our students. He gave me a positive response but it failed. So, finally I contacted with principal of Samcholing Primary and asked if I could borrow the solar panel. The ultimate response was ‘YES’. I wore the widest smile then.
By 11 AM lunch was already being cooked, right then, it was time for games. Right from antakshari to cock fight, cat and rat, bull fight students, Doraemon game and afternoon we had a dance show by all talented students. They danced untill their heart vibrates. Around 2pm; principal noticed wishy-washy face of all colleagues and students. Then we attacked lunch at 2:30 pm sharp. In between snacks, tea and juice were served.
Lunch was a wholesome affair of cheese-paneer- soyabean(neutralla)-eggs-chicken-beef-butter-mushroom-vegetables-curd-zazu. We ate to our heart filled with bliss, and our face turned into rigid… First we served to students and then teacher took their share. I being vegetarian, I got more than enough curry. The cheese fired is not in my list! So I ignored it. Which they considered it as one of the special dish for veggie ;)
After lunch,we visited the holy place, Yab Temai Nima’s Kudrung. We saw the finger prints and the prints of arrow inserted on the holy stones, there were prints of sun and a moon as well. .

Lost in my thoughts I was recalled back by Ganga and Yanchen, who pointed out that the sun saying, 'The sun was already old.' We all watched the dimming sun. I remembered how eagerly and with a happy heart I had watched the sunrise in the morning. The much awaited day was now going to be another page in the diary of my memory. But yes, I felt hopeful for the future. For, I knew that the sun would rise again tomorrow Xoxo. We headed back home at 5:30 pm i guess and I stopped by school to write this post hehe... 
Photos of the day ^^

pink-blue ;) wink wink...

plesant day :)

Thanks for being with me...

Loads of love!

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