Friday, June 27, 2014

Its fun to be with students.

One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers but with gratitude to those who touched student’s human feelings. The curriculums are raw material, but warmth is the crucial element for the growing plant and for the soul of a child.  I am not a brilliant teacher, but I use to master the topic before I enter the class. My class starts with bowl meditation in the higher classes and concentration game in the lower classes student. They love both, so that we can build the friendly atmosphere inside the class room start the lesson.
I am glad I am your teacher Karma, remember
all the fun we had in all the
things we did... you are a very special kid...
Take care and save journey.... Loe you!!!!
We use to lost our way in the worried focus on results and we have forgotten how to be civilized, social beings. Politeness goes a long way. You know I used stick in the beginning, but finally comprehended, using stick ain’t good. Students were uncomfortable, scared of me… uffs that’s not the strategy, I became conscious. So, I totally stopped beating the student. YOYO good habit built in me JAccording to one study, being kind causes the body to release the happy chemical. So being nice to my colleagues and students is must. So that, we all will work happily ever after.
The most happiest day of the teacher are:
1.     When student do their task on time bound.
2.   Giving positive response in the class.
3.   Paying attention to what teachers say.
4.   LOT more J
Student will love if:
1.     they are reinforce after every response.
2.    We share our lunch, sit and eat together J
3.    We give team a remarks after every book check (star, smiley face J, grade )
4.   LOT more… hehe let me not mention more than four points…you know better than me right J.
Reinforcing the poor students will definately bring lot of changes in them.
Similar to students, teachers as well need constant developmental feedback. Remarkably there wasn't even a departmental marking policy so far I guess, As I used to collect feedback form from  a child every month, but so I was being judged without any criteria L
Be happy with your job and always say YOYO to yourself. Be good to others so that you are rewarded with best!!! J

What Scares Me?

It really is a simple question, and one more people won't hesitate more than a few seconds to answer. After all, everyone knows something that scares them, even if they won't admit to some of them :P

In today's world, fears are mostly things that frighten us or that we know make life terrifyingly hard. Fears don't keep us alive like they used to. Sure, people in the Trongsa  have great fear towards snakes, bear and leech. As Trongsa is the highest ranked snake population in Bhutan.
You now, I actually like this fear. It's an easy one to challenge myself on. Just climb a ladder until I don't feel comfortable, then push myself a little higher each time…In me what fears me most is the “LEECH” HEHE it may not make any sense when I say that m leech phobia… truly if I happened to encounter with the leech . I'm not going to turn and run screamig but if leech glue on my leg then I will be screaming on the top of my voice. You know, last Sunday, I was invited by one of my colleague for dinner and on the way to her home, one leech glued on my leg.Uffs I nearly died, all my muscles crumbled, eyes turned into snow white, body became like a chilling cold 
metal… I cant imagine that day…uffs!! Now I am stong enough,  I'm probably going to smash it if it comes within reach. If it stays out of reach and minds its own business though, I don't really have any problem co-existing LOL… Do I sound like a cruel woman? Ya I am LOL :P
Next, I am dog phobia too…
Uffs ma’am Sarita’s JACK(name of dog) is hell… When I come to the schools and go back home, I always encounter with Jack uff!! He used to scare me with great fear. You now last time he gnawed on my left leg… I was injected to prevent from rabbies… I cried truly!!
Next day when I was on the way to school, jack was sleeping on the edge of road… again he was growing his voice towards me, you know what I did? I gave him a CHEWING GUM, :P . Luckily I was saved that day… Now he is tied because of his conduct . Happy me lol… Now if I happened to encounter with dog I will not run away, instead I will be standing still to fight LOL :P…That’s hw my colleague taught me. I still used to do it and none of the dog of Samcholing chased me till date after Jack taste. J
I'm not saying all this to try and sound like I'm cooler or braver than anyone else.M still a dog phobia… It's more like I'm sharing some of how well I know myself, to encourage you to look at the things that scare you, challenge yourself to overcome your fears if you can, or try to understand what it is about those things that scare you.

So, what is it that scares YOU? 

Friday, June 20, 2014

sUmMeR SeT - cRaZy mINd :p

Summer is my favorite time of year, I am eagerly waiting for this day to come (1st of July)yoyo… I ll be leaving home in Dagana and then I will meet with my parents, play with my lil nephew… enjoy the greenery of my village, smell the fragrance of summer flowers and receive the shower of summer rain… uffs all crazy things strikes my mind… hehe still I have a crazy mind like an immature teen ager… M NO MORE IN TEEN AGE!!! L
Nyz,  I love vacations because it helps me forget all my troubles for a few days.  This summer, I found that I have a passion for something that I had never experienced before.  I was warned that this activity could be addictive, and that it could become dangerous if not done right. I do not now whether it’s wrong or right… but m already moving ahead, with my decision… You now this days I have whole lots work to be done in the school and I am not getting proper sleep hehe because of WC lol :P (watching football) whole night and next day I could see all my work going in haste. Moreover I am more concerned about my health; heavy work during day time and less resting period during night really concern my health these days… I have been looking for all my fun summer options, and I have decided that watching football and knitting  was the best activity for me.  I discovered the joy of knitting, and I think I ll love it!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


LIFE AS A TEACHER is always preparing Notes, Preparing Homework, preparing lesson plan, preparing students attendance, preparing SUPW marks, preparing students result, preparing consolidated sheet… uffs
I guess never in my life I put "such" effort in my work.

As a college student, as soon as I wake up, breakfast, then go to class, listen to the lecture or switch on the computer and check email, lunch,tea time, evening walk, chating with friends, washing… go to bed…. That's the routine. Okay maybe not that simple, sometimes we still have some spontaneous event, like go to the laboratory for experiment, IT lab and that's it.

Being a teacher, all I have to do is meeting my students and being with them all the time. Truly, teaching is easy as long as you know what's going on the textbook, give them homework, mark and give it back to them…


There are special circumstances with that, when your students don't do their homework properly, students don't understand and you have many syllabus to cover up before the exam approaches. PLUS OVERLOAD OF PAPERWORK and PHYSICAL WORK in the school make me tried at the end of the day... We being a teacher teaching is not only the job, we have to go around and monitor the social work, which is very hard and you know in our school we are concerned with the development of physical ambience, by planting the hedges around the school campus. Umm we brought the hedges from Gelephu, truly it’s all tender shoot, my house students couldn’t grow those hedges…THAT IS MANDATORY for me to REPORT to the head of the school, she directly took out the MEMO for five of us... Umm that is why some times I hate to be a teacher…
 Some times I can't really work out as students need to go home, walk miles away to reach their home, may be they are tried thats why they do not do their home work on time. Some times it depends on their determination, it's just so hard to finish our work because it's all depends on the students. Basically if they don not finish their homework at home, I  cannot proceed to the next chapter, and if there are too many holidays, we lack teaching…REALLY sometimes it's just cruel on my part TO PROCEED even THEY DON'T REALLY UNDERSTAND…
Any ways I love being with my students, besides work load… Hehe friends suggest me to be a good teacher...LOL...
With class VII students...

Monday, June 16, 2014


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I'm sure if you were to count up all the words I say on a daily basis, you would find I say "Sorry" the most. Some of the reasons people excessively use the word "Sorry" are to settle situations, to gain acceptance, to fit in and to make those around him or her feel more comfortable.
Today, I am here to applozize you for the deeds that I have done to you. Please forgive me.
I am not begging the sorry just to put the heavy weight on my shoulders and trying to make you happy by saying sorry, however, when you are not happy, I accept the blame for it. That is why I am SORRY!!
Do you remember the speciality of todays date??? UMMM… ya I know you do dt…
SORRY for altering the special day into futile …
Edited pics 
Forgiveness is always a gift, whether from God, parent, spouse or a friend. I will never demand it or get angry if you ain't immediately forgiving me. I will wait for the time that you forgive me, that forgiveness will be a gift from you but truly I don’t deserve it, it will be a credit from my side…


Friday, June 13, 2014

This is my first post from Samcholing...

Dear friend,
How have you all been? Yup, it's been a while, again, hasn't it? I think it's fair to say that this blog is not a big priority, so I hope my few regular readers and blogger friends will be forgiving. But my, is there a lot to tell you this time around!

So, the new career started, in Samcholing middle secondary school in Trongsa. This is located 30KM away from Trongsa, in the upper valley of Gelephu-Trongsa highway. You can impede your car and visit my home for coffee,m serious… J I have neglected my small space mainly because we didn’t have internet facilities in our school. You know, today we the family of Samcholing were very happy to receive the internet facilities. Thank you king, education minister and dzongdha of our Dzongkhag for crediting us with such a facilitiesJ. Now I can blog and share everything with my friends… Happy meJ!!!
Ummm, I have been keeping in touch with my friends through mobile internet and my blogger friend too….
We all know that today is nation holiday, and I was not happy because I alone didn’t get holiday as I being the IT teacher I have to involve there in the school for the internet installation... uff! till yesterday I was busy with questions preparation and again no holiday, I blamed my fate… L I shared with my blogger friend Soanam as well,”Sonam, I don’t have holiday today sii L I need to go to school while other friends were enjoying at home”. He consoled me by sending me the good sms, “O sorry to hear that. Glad as well that you are getting net installed soon. You are the only IT teacher there ?” but still I didn’t replied him as I was busy bee whole day, nyz, m happy that internet installation was success…. Umm this is my first post from Samcholing… now I will keep on sharing about my daily live and journey of teacher… please keep visiting, though my scribbles won’t be worth to you but m sure that you will keep in touch with me… keeps miling and keep visiting. Yoyo…
I will write more tomarrow.
Till then takecare…
Bhuddha bless you always!!
With love J