Friday, June 13, 2014

This is my first post from Samcholing...

Dear friend,
How have you all been? Yup, it's been a while, again, hasn't it? I think it's fair to say that this blog is not a big priority, so I hope my few regular readers and blogger friends will be forgiving. But my, is there a lot to tell you this time around!

So, the new career started, in Samcholing middle secondary school in Trongsa. This is located 30KM away from Trongsa, in the upper valley of Gelephu-Trongsa highway. You can impede your car and visit my home for coffee,m serious… J I have neglected my small space mainly because we didn’t have internet facilities in our school. You know, today we the family of Samcholing were very happy to receive the internet facilities. Thank you king, education minister and dzongdha of our Dzongkhag for crediting us with such a facilitiesJ. Now I can blog and share everything with my friends… Happy meJ!!!
Ummm, I have been keeping in touch with my friends through mobile internet and my blogger friend too….
We all know that today is nation holiday, and I was not happy because I alone didn’t get holiday as I being the IT teacher I have to involve there in the school for the internet installation... uff! till yesterday I was busy with questions preparation and again no holiday, I blamed my fate… L I shared with my blogger friend Soanam as well,”Sonam, I don’t have holiday today sii L I need to go to school while other friends were enjoying at home”. He consoled me by sending me the good sms, “O sorry to hear that. Glad as well that you are getting net installed soon. You are the only IT teacher there ?” but still I didn’t replied him as I was busy bee whole day, nyz, m happy that internet installation was success…. Umm this is my first post from Samcholing… now I will keep on sharing about my daily live and journey of teacher… please keep visiting, though my scribbles won’t be worth to you but m sure that you will keep in touch with me… keeps miling and keep visiting. Yoyo…
I will write more tomarrow.
Till then takecare…
Bhuddha bless you always!!
With love J

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