Friday, June 20, 2014

sUmMeR SeT - cRaZy mINd :p

Summer is my favorite time of year, I am eagerly waiting for this day to come (1st of July)yoyo… I ll be leaving home in Dagana and then I will meet with my parents, play with my lil nephew… enjoy the greenery of my village, smell the fragrance of summer flowers and receive the shower of summer rain… uffs all crazy things strikes my mind… hehe still I have a crazy mind like an immature teen ager… M NO MORE IN TEEN AGE!!! L
Nyz,  I love vacations because it helps me forget all my troubles for a few days.  This summer, I found that I have a passion for something that I had never experienced before.  I was warned that this activity could be addictive, and that it could become dangerous if not done right. I do not now whether it’s wrong or right… but m already moving ahead, with my decision… You now this days I have whole lots work to be done in the school and I am not getting proper sleep hehe because of WC lol :P (watching football) whole night and next day I could see all my work going in haste. Moreover I am more concerned about my health; heavy work during day time and less resting period during night really concern my health these days… I have been looking for all my fun summer options, and I have decided that watching football and knitting  was the best activity for me.  I discovered the joy of knitting, and I think I ll love it!
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