Monday, February 13, 2017

Why I haven't been blogging^^

Happy Valentine's Day :)
I'm back after a long blog break!  Last year was quite a roller coaster ride for me with ups and downs, heath deteriorating but I am still on my feet and all is well.  God is Kind and loved ones are beautiful…
I've been missing blogging so much but for several reasons, just can't seem to get started back regularly.
I've decided to list those reasons and do what I need to do to get past them and back to blogging, because I miss my blogging friends so much!

Reasons for not blogging regularly:
  • extremely slow internet service.
  • takes too long to find the "perfect" photos for my posts
  • feel like my mundane life is too boring for anyone who really want to read about,
  • lastly; guilt because I don't get around to visiting everyone else's blog that visits mine

There is a joy in living. Life's a blessing <3 
So, here's the plan:
  1. open only one browser window at a time (when possible) while making my posts
  2. forget about perfectionism, it stagnates creativity in too many areas of my life
  3. go back to my original purpose for blogging; more of a diary for me that I enjoy sharing with others
  4. return blog visits when I can, but leave a reply in my blog's comment section when someone honors me with a comment

I truly think I can get back to blogging if I stick to this plan.
I'm printing it out right now so that I won't forget and slip back into my perfectionism.

 So, I hope to be back with postings of my little life....
Thanks for reading my ramblings.  I hope you'll come back often!

Ps: Thanks a lot la Ata Kinzz, Ata Kinley and Charo Dechen Sangmu <3)… for feeling my absence… 3 of you are my beautiful people that I always count on… Much Love <3