Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dzongkhag Soprts Meet 2015 :)

Trongsa Dzongkhang,  conducted its Annual Sports Meet on 13th May till 19th May at Taktse Rigzung Higher Secondary School.
The Participating School were; Taktse RHSS, Samcholing Mss, Langthel LSS, Sherubling HSS and Tshangka MSS. Taktse was crowded with throngs of people. The students were bustling with energy ready to compete. A panoramic view of the field could be seen from a distance.
Director of TAKTSE College inaugurated the opening ceremony by lighting the Olympic torch and declaring the sports meet open followed by the national anthem, Marchang ceremony,  Principal's welcome speech, followed by a speech from the chief guest, and oath taking ceremony. The sports activites for the day begun with 200-400metres relay race, runs, jumps and throws. all the spectators were amazed by our students' enthusiastic performances.
Next day we have had ball and indoor games, which lasted four days.
I have brought you few visual treat from Taktse, please have a glance :)
All participants moved to their respective teams and huddled together.
The participants actively participated with zest and vigor. The team members were focused on their goal and tried to get in position. They wanted to try their best to bring down their opponent.

The participants had to warm-up before the activity began. They sprinted around the area they were stationed. Some did stretching exercises. The team members got tips from the coach.

The spectators were shouting and cheering loudly in support of their team. 

Many participants were impatient and anxious just because their team are about to loose.

Entertaiment program in the evening...

Team samcholing brought three cups…
Yipyip Hurah!!

Finally after four days of vigorous play, it was time to announce the winners. The winning team was felicitated by the guest of honor. The spectators were cheering loudly and applauding for their teams. They were chanting incessantly and waving their team flag. The day ended on a happy note…
Team samcholing brought three cups…
Yipyip Hurah!!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

I write Nonsense ^_^

Opening my life and heart on this blog isn't always easy. I have had to share with all of you... some of the most heartbreaking moments of my life. The things that I could not wrap my mind completely around in those moments, here it seriously has taken me months to understand the full effect of something that has happened. I am a burrow vision person; I always have been and certainly always will be. I see the small picture. I see what is directly in front of me, and I don't question nor wonder about the future, I take what is in this very moment and I deal with what is right in front of me. I have been criticized for that many times in my life. That I don't plan for a future that is suppose to turn out how I visualize it in my mind to be honestly... none of our lives ever really turn out that way... in the whole scheme of things. Things always happen along our journey's to accomplish our goals and either side track us or completely change the direction in which I our lives were planned in our minds to go. 

My vision for my life has not turned out how I envision it to be. When I go back and read what I have written it hurts me, but it's the truth, its life unfortunately life isn't fair! I learned that my mummy is the only person that I count on, I am not leaving my dad behind he is more than a friend to me, I am always a dad princess :P I know. I am boasting myself but that’s the fact lolx. Mommy, I count u starting from you yelling and screaming at me for whatever wrong that I have done in that moment of my life till your blessing for bliss. For me you are always my sweet mom and you are the one person that I could accept anything from because I love you. There is no one like our mom and I bet no one can replace our mom. It’s pretty awkward to say that I have celebrated Mothers Day on 2nd of May.   I just wanted to wish her earlier because my mom wanted to leave home, on 5th of May. I forced her to stay but she turned her deaf ear to me. Sympathetic me :P spoke to myself :P,’ Who will stay in a place which doesn’t belong to her…’ so I allowed her to go. I perpetually feel that Trongsa does not belong to me. I am scare to death by this crazy little creature called leech eww. I am sick of this creature truly. Please, #leech#vampire#blood sucker why not you aestivate whole summer. I awfully dislike your existence. Sorry for I being pitiless to leech _/\_ L

Today I would like to thank my mom for being a constant inspiration in my journey of life.
Happy Mothers' Day <3 

I have found a lot of comfort in sharing my story. I find a peace about the words I write and the deep thoughts that I can create on paper that can hopefully mean something to someone that needs to hear whatever it is I am writing about. 
Truly, I have lived a good life ... I have loved and I have been loved. I have my parents that mean the world to me. I have been happy and I've been sad. I have been at the top life and been to the bottom. I have lived to be who I am and never to pretend to be someone else. I have had some amazing friends. I have given compassion and I have received compassion. I have had the best and worst of days and been grateful for them both. 
I don't know how long I will live. You don't know how long you will live. It's about living today, appreciating what you have, recognizing what you want and going for it day by day. 
Thank you for reading my post.  

Monday, May 04, 2015

Reflection: Happy Belated Teachers' Day :) :)

I started to think about how much we teachers have been able to do in order to make the difference and shape our students’ lives in some way.  After all,  the world has changed, it’s in permanent change and we and our students are part of this brave new world. I have changed. I'm older, more impatient, more critical, and sometimes I feel weak and tired to face students’ lack of interest.  Recently I've found myself complaining about class seven students’ and I realized that for the first time in my life I have such a difficult group to deal with regarding everything: impoliteness, lack of interest and responsibility (Sometimes changing humanitarian heart into brutal is easy for me :P :P :P) What’s important is the final result, the final grade: pass or fail no matter if they have learned or not.  This conversation was like group remedy in the teacher’s room where other brilliant and experienced teachers were having the same kind of complaints

In Bhutan we teachers are underpaid.  Yes, we are, even if you work in the richest  school which pays the best salary, still you are underpaid. It’s the Bhutanese educational system and the society that not value teachers as they should be valued.  I always pay attention to peoples say, what they will say is teachers are nation builders blah blah, building nation aint a piece of cake. We will only like to work hard if we are acknowledged for our hard work and paid accordingly.  I've heard from lots of colleagues they are looking for another alternative to survive apart from teaching. And to tell you the truth, I've thought about it many times as well, though I am new to my profession.
Being a very optimistic person you must be surprised I'm writing these words.  Well, I've never said teaching is a bed of roses or that it’s only darkness and pain. No! Not at all!

And yes, we have to study to teach, to teach and learn, go to conferences,  prepare lesson plan, keep record of CA, coordinate reading, evaluate students students book review, correct notebooks, practicles, deal with discipline, contact parents, prepare and correct tests, face endless meetings, find nice activities to engage students, write comments on journals- profiles and an endless list of duties uffs m suffocating. Not to mention the fact that most of us around the world have to deal with low salaries to survive.
Well, I have said too much already about how hard being a teacher is.  I want to talk about the joy of being a teacher, some one rightly said, ”The suffering of being a teacher is similar to suffering with the pains of childbirth the joy of giving birth to a child does not compare to the pain we suffered before, which it’s quickly forgotten. “ What a job! 

Being a teacher is indeed one of the most rewarding jobs ever. How can we forget students who hug you, bring you flowers, chooses your favorite colour to gift u, bar of chocolate or simply smile sweetly and bowing down several times to wish good morning. That makes my heart glow with thousands illumination. I know I am a crazy teacher, I never read my blogger friends who all are teachers but writing about all those stuffs. I sometimes, feel ashamed truly. Let me share about my funny-little-cute-crazy-students, m talking  about class PP students, what they will do is they will rush towards me if they see me  coming on my way, they will bow down and say, ‘Good morning madam’ after that they will flash away and again they will appear in front of the office waiting to say, ’Good morning madam.’  In a day I receive maximum wishes from innocent little cuties. I love making fun of them as well hehe :p :P
'But if you were born to be a teacher and
 if you love what to do,
you will not give up. Like me haha
Teaching is a treat for the soul, isn't it? If it is not, we should not teach.  And if it is, then it is necessary that, ideally, our learners feel the same pleasure from our teaching. If not, perhaps we have failed our mission in some way, as the cook who intended to offer pleasure, but the food was too salty or burnt.  Perhaps it’s time to stop and reflect our mission as educators and teachers. Perhaps it's time for another change. 
But if you were born to be a teacher and if you love what to do, you will not give up. Like me LOL haha :P :P :P
Last but not least: I think we cannot put a price tag on the hard work we bring into our classroom every single day. The amount of passion, heart, soul and effort we put into our job cannot be calculated with million dollars too :P We find our real compensation in how much our student's succeed. TEACHERS' DAY is only the day where we are known n acknowledged.
Thank You for being with me friends…
Pleasant evening ahead…


Friday, May 01, 2015

Happy Teachers’ Day…

Teacher’s day is the only day where we can remember our great mentors. Before saying anything, I would like to apologize, for all of the times I had an attitude,and for not appreciating the hard work and effort that you put into teaching me the lessons I needed to learn. Thank you for spending your valuable time teaching me, even when I wasn't keen to learn. Kadinchoela Nge-Gi Lopen-Tsu(Thank you my teachers)
 Every year in Bhutan, we celebrate teachers’ day on 2nd of May. As  it also  coincides with the birth anniversary of great dragon king Jigme Dorji Wangchuck (father of modern education). To appreciate and remember his good deeds,  we celebrate Teacher's Day. Today I stand here as a student and I would like to wish Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers who have taught me before, as well as even to all my university lecturers.  I believe their hard works on lecturing and guiding us through our education should be noted and appreciated even though they get paid for the job. As a teacher you all gave me the tools I need to face my future. Now I know how to read and write because I have the power of knowledge you provided me with!
Today, I have kind of feeling/desires to meet back some of my former teachers. They must be very proud and happy that their former students (us) are now in successful path after their contribution in the past that would be never forgotten.

I have never personally said thanks to my teachers for their dedication and service to us. So,  I would take this opportunity to thank them. You all are very special, this come to know that you are loved a lot for the ways you have made me to bloom.

I am proud to be your student.
Sir Ugyen
Sir Tshering.
Sir Thinley Phuntsho.
Sir Tandin.
Sir Sujit.
Sir sujit.
Sir Raika.
Sir Murali.
Sir Michel
Sir Karma.
Sir Karma Galey
Sir Jas.
Sir Jagat.
Sir Goash.
Sir Bijoy.
Maam PM
Maam Leki.
Maam Hari.
Maam Chimmi.
Ma’am Kesang.
Ma’am Dechen.
Lopen Nima.
Lopen Lama
LM Mishra sir.
Your hard work makes a pompous impact on my lives, and for that I would like to express my gratitude. As student, I could not have left this day passed without wishing you a joyous Teachers’ day.

Happy Teachers’ Day…