Thursday, December 01, 2016

Hello December II

Happy Thursday friends!
Are you weary of the cold?
Are you wishing for spring?
Maybe you are dreaming of a summer's day by the water?
Or would you be happy to just rewind to a

(I'm okay with spring and autumn, but seriously, let's keep summer away as long as possible)
Let's do a bit of
Daydreaming hehe...

 I don’t mind carrying my needles and thread with me where ever I go :)
Hello December! Chill is at our doorstep! We need more and more layers. With arrival of chill day, my needles are also flying.  I wish I could figure out how to read and knit at the same time ewww... but then watching TV and knitting can be done  J hmmmm... I'll knit on that and get back with you.

By the way, do you knit?  Crochet?  Enjoy handwork?  Or, are you the person sitting across the room who is hypnotized while watching someone else's hands work needles with yarn in, out and around?
 I think most knitters have a story to tell.   It may be a story of celebration, frustration, loss, healing or centering.  We each have a reason for picking up the needles.   The rhythm of needles moving in and out calms me, slows down my thoughts allowing me to think more clearly and problem solve.  This is my own knitting story. I don’t mind carrying my needles and thread with me where ever I go.
I hope you have had a grand week.  I have been spending a lot of time at school... at least it feels like it.  This is a busy time of the year, as major holiday is on my way, I can erase busyness with desire. It is all good and a lot fun, though I am happy to have the afternoon off today hehe.
Fighting against winter :) by keeping warm :)
You know, during my off hours I was catching up with my favorite blogs and one of the writer had mentioned needing fresh inspiration.  It hit hard on my head.  I've posted a few times of my own struggles with my writing.  Needing "fresh inspiration"  put a face on my own endeavor to put something of substance worth sharing here on my pages.
 Today while searching for something I thought I had posted, I found myself reading back through several months of posts.   As I read, I remembered the joy I found in writing, and hearing back from you.   As I revisited many of your comments I realized how much I learned through your kind and wise words.  Sometimes one must go back to go forward.
Though I continue to seek that "fresh inspiration", I still feel this is a very happy place to be.   And, you are the one who make it so.
I am thanking each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. Your love, incredibly kind words, and genuine support towards my blaba post made my heart absolutely burst with happiness. Thank you thank you THANK YOU! J
If it is frigid where you are this weekend,
please stay safe and warm.

Sending you wishes for the best week-end ever! 

Monday, November 21, 2016

How to be the best at relationships^^

Hello again...

Hello... It's me.

Hehe Okay^^

I was wondering if after all this time - you'd like to read blabla...
So here we are, It's already November 2016 and I'm not even going to pretend that sitting in front of a blank page and trying to find the right words to type is easy, because I'm so out of touch it's certainly far from it.
I never intended for this blog to become a long lost beauty graveyard, but over the past year, somehow that's the way it seems to have turned outL
No worries,  though today's post isn't something I can say I planned for... but I am impressed using science, human history, surrounding  and my own experience, I have put together a complete guide for the 21st century couple on how to be the best at relationships… I have scribbles plus babla… :P here it goes

Problem in many relationships is that women feel like they have to do all the boring chores and the men just get to go out and ride around.  The truth is that chores are lame and there is rarely anything fun about them.  Help your special lady out by making her daily housework into a fun challenge!   Does she need do cleaning?cooking? laundry?  No! Take turn. ..
This is known as the love around the head^^  :P :P

The only thing women love more than surprises is feeling special.  Show the world that you are proud of your lady by flailing when you're walking with her. The latest study says that just holding your loved one’s hand can calm your brain and shut down fear.  Use pet name to call her, wife, buri or amsuu sounds mundane … She will be reassured that you do not mind calling attention to her and will greatly appreciate the gesture…
Ps: he is carrying chocolates for his sweet heart! :P :P snatch some LOL

Jealousy is an issue that creeps up inside many solid relationships and renders them useless, much like a discarded fish carcass.  Probably the best way to combat jealousy is with compliment.  Every lady loves compliments from her gentleman.  It is a symbol of good intentions, thoughtfulness and love.  And if you use enough glitter, she'll forget she ever felt anything less than complete admiration for you.  Kick off the object of jealousy and welcome compliment.
It is a scientific fact that women love compliment It's in their genes! <3
Ummm he have taken out his heart for her...can you do the same for your love as well?
I can hear you uttering a big 'NO'  :(

I talk a lot! And I feel special when my partner pay attention to my babla.  It’s important to listen to your partner; a priority; if you want the relationship to last. Take a little time to set down your phone, close your laptop screen, put off the TV screen, stop writing lesson plan and listen when she is talking. These simple suggestions will make her feel great and don’t interrupt while they are talking, instead try using non-verbal signal to let your partner know you are listening.
Listen listen and listen

Who woud be able to measure her widest smile?
Maintaining day-to-day communication about your everyday lives will help to cultivate your relationship and become aware of changes your partner might be going through… So, keep ringing her phone^^ She woud smile wide to see your 50 missed call :P

Leave her a paper trail that leads to a surprise/ buy your partner favorite things. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Candles, notes and dairymilk can do, too hehe…

And finally, if you ever get into an argument, imagine that your partner is a puppy with two fore legs and when she drags her abdominal, there is a pool of bloods, and because of the pain she howl so loud...
1st Flaw In Women: Women fight for anything^^

now, your job is to think.'I promise you won't ever be mad again!'
   and steps back from argument  :P

 2nd: Flaw In Women:
Women have strengths that amaze men^^

Thanks for sticking with me, I love you:) and may kenchosum give you the courage to face all the challenges with a smile!
Wish You A Brightest Future With Your Dearest Aum/Ap Khoray LOL  :P :P 

Monday, October 24, 2016

FRIENDS! Hello! How are you?

I am so sorry for being such a lazybones lately. It turns out that I actually can’t do all the
It's disappointing to feel sad for no reason :(
things all the time. The past couple of months have been quite busy, and as a result, I’ve neglected this beautiful space. I apologize for that. I have so missed you! And this is so true.
How have I been today?
Sad sad sad and sad …
Some people have a genuine reason to feel depressed, but not me. I just woke up today feeling sad and weak for absolutely no reason.
Truy, It's disappointing to feel sad for no reason. Sadness can be almost pleasantly indulgent when you have a way to justify it , you can listen to sad music and imagine yourself as the protagonist in a impressive movie.
But my sadness didn't have a purpose.  Listening to sad music and imagining that my life was a movie just made me feel kind of weird because I couldn't really get behind the idea of a movie where the character is sad for no reason.
Standing around feeling sorry for myself was momentarily exciting, but I grew tired of it quickly. "That will do," I thought. "I've had my fun, let's move on to something else now." But the sadness didn't go away.
I tried to force myself to not be sad… it dint work again…

All I want to do is go home, stay on the couch all the day and not do anything other than internet things. This may have something to do with my nerdiness. :D
But, since I was depressed, this method was less inspirational and more just a way to dominate myself with hatred.
I turned back and saw piles of papers to be corrected.
I don’t want to correct the papers, because I am sad says my stubborn mind! But I need to do them, says my weedy heart…
What did I do next?
I followed my heart! :D :D
I turned on the music; put on the headphone and listened to the fast-paced music and music energized me, music gave me the energy that I need to achieve the task, and make it seem as if time passes quicker. :D
Within no time, sadness evaporated <3
Task competed! yAAy!!!
I smiled the widest! J
And finally I opened a blog to tell you how my sadness turn out to be a happiness within a microscopic duration :D and the impact of music. Its powerful!
I wish I could tell you that I’m back and that Living on Love will be lively and updated on the regular, but I just don’t know. I do have some exciting program coming up and a few other ideas up my sleeve, so I won’t be completely absent. For now, I’m just trying to survive and figure out how to do it all. (How’s that for honesty, ummm?!) You can certainly stay in touch via facebook, instagram and weChat… It’s my favorite and I can’t seem to let it go :D :D
Love you all!
Thanks for checking in and keeping up!
 Xoxo...<3 <3

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Kagan Cooperative Learning

Kagan Cooperative Learning is vibrant in our country…every teacher is Kagan trained. In July, three Kagan trainer came to our vicinity, to teach all of the new hires about cooperative learning, and it was awesome. From learning new chants and cheers to awesome ideas for getting my kids up and about, I’m in love.

Kagan is all about cooperative learning,
  team work – with frequent modeling, celebrations, community building, and brain breaks…sounds fun, right? Kagan structures hold every student accountable and eliminate ‘hoggers’ and ‘loggers’(I was forever logger during my schooldays)  in the learning process

 You know today in my classroom, students are not seated in rows, they are not asked to be quiet, to keep their eyes on their work – just the opposite. For proponents of alternative teaching styles, Kagan has become one of the most revolutionary learning strategies in Bhutan.
In fact, I am a brand new secondary teacher, trying out the simple strategies I picked up from a PD this past year that was called "Kagan's Cooperative Learning Structures." Ever since the PD, I had been dying to try it out in my own classroom. I'm currently teaching all the sections,( VII(Science&NIIT), VIIIAB(NIIT), IXAB(EScience), XBC(EScience) and Class III( SUPW)… so I have finally been able to test it all out before September rolls around. I can tell you from firsthand experience as a NEWBIE that these simple strategies change the game. I surely wish I knew about them when I started my first year because it would have made my lessons more engaging while also keeping my classroom highly structured. However, Bhutanese course outline being vast it will be difficult for teachers to cover the syllabus on time. I highly recommend curriculum driver to streamline the syllabus, to promote our 21st century teaching pedagogy efficiently.

You know planning out the seating arrangement comes first. It's always a challenging jigsaw to figure out your seating arrangement, especially once you get to know the students. But let me start out by saying that you don't need to know the students when you arrange your desks. Before the students' first day, I followed Kagan's structure by putting the desks in groups of 9. He recommends even numbers (4 memebers in a group).  Since I have 44 kiddos, and my classroom seems congested. I have 6 groups of 5, and  5 groups of 4 members  and it is working out just fine.  Number 1(A) and 4(B)should be away from teacher and number 2(B) and 3(A) should be near the board.
The seating structure allows you to do all sorts of tasks and activities in an organized fashion. You could use it to your own advantage by assigning simple jobs. "All 1's do prepare for answer." "All 3's please collect your group's notebooks and bring them to my desk." The real purpose of the structure is to ensure engagement for all students. So for example, during a Timed Pair Share, you'd say something like "A's, you will start the conversation during this first round. Tell your shoulder partner what you did this weekend. B's will share out. You have 30 seconds…go!" Then you'd switch. Sometimes I also like to have students check on each other. "A's high five your face partner if they are listening." Or I'll do a quick attention grabber during a transition "all 3's touch your nose," all B's pat your head." It's so simple and straightforward, but it will keep everyone on their toes.
I just threw few  information at you, but  I encourage you to learn more
about Kagan. I use it every day, several times every class period and it has
totally changed the way I teach. 

"I am a passionate teacher :P of middle school students. I teach chemistry n IT. I am on mission to change pedagogy to suit today's learners" 

Hapiness is when dream comes true!!!


Thursday, June 30, 2016

MiD-TeRm bReAk^^

The longer I am on world of blogging, the more I notice there is something for everyday. I love seeing what everyone posts.  But alas, as I have mentioned before, I never know what I am going to write about.  When I set about trying to manipulate my thoughts I usually end up deleting everything.  My muse visits, I write.  I suppose some posts are just absurd. . .
Anyways, this is my busiest time of the school year.
The wheels on the bus are carrying me straight downhill
at hurried speed.
There is always something for which to prepare,
to begin or to finish.
Work comes home.
Along with enormous hope.
The table gathers a fine layer of test paper:
Paper clippings, corrections, tabulation and they glitter.
I could see red pen’s ink steadily sinking its volume.
Pencils become dull on his rack,
Erasers do not have to disappear in his rubbery dust.
Foods in the kitchen freeze out.
Babies in the shelf are neglected.
Coffe + milk powder + sugar dance and celebrate their independency.
Standing hours to invigilate hits me hard with iron rot on my knee.
Are you full of activity all day like me? Do you complain like I do?  Shhhh… I am a complain box, I complain everything under sun and moon L
 Okay, its time to stop everything, take a breath and plan for my holidays, umm I will be officially out of school from today.  Today will be definitely a welcome day of rest.  Last day of a semester end would be definitely a roller coaster ride J  Wow, there are lots of glitters swirling around in my head for each day of my holidays.   Today will be welcome treat at home hehe… Then traveling- traveling ^^fun-fun^^ families- families … wow !
Happy Holidays To All Teachers Of Bhutan…
Have Fun.
And dear reader,  I will get back to you soon with positive note hehe:P  :P :P

I have medicine for you to smile... These are some hilarious answers from our students: 
Have fun^^
Question: List down any TWO conditions to make your body flood.
Sweeper = cooker :P

Question: Draw human reparatory system and label, bronchi, lungs, trachea, nose and DIAPHARM
They have drawn Bhutan map and showed Samdrup Jongkhar :P :P.

“Time is very slow for those who wait
Very fast for those who are scared
very long for those who lament
Very short for those who celebrate
But for those who love time is eternal”
-William Shakespeare

With this Sayeonara!
You Keep Smilling Hai^^ <3 <3 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How we met him part I

Hi everyone! After a LONG wait, I’m super excited to be sharing my wedding photos (and maybe videos?) with you and walk you through the day I got married! It’s a little belated considering I got married five months ago, but really, better late than never!
I spent the past two days reviewing the materials (gosh, there are like at least 600 photos from different crews), organizing them, categorizing them, and shortlisting the ones I want to share with you guys( definitely not today, since I have weak internet connection). Well it’s been five months since my wedding, just reviewing the photos and videos is instantly bringing back the memories. Feels just as if I got married yesterday with Beby and I’m just so excited to let you guys in on this special part of my life. :>
You know, there were often times when I wondered if there was anyone out there for me at all. I would have lengthy chats with friends as we lamented about love and life, but my end conclusion would be that I, or anyone for that matter, had to remain hopeful. Whether or not there was someone for me, having a negative mindset about love wasn’t going to help me find love. I had to believe that there is a special someone out there for everyone and it was by being positive and being my best self that I would attract that person, whoever he might be. And he is the one, though It took him almost 6 years and several rejections before he managed to win my heart over.   He titled himself as “Worlds Best Lover” and yet to win a trophy. I will be awarding a trophy after a decade,(conditions, if he remain unchanged...) :P LOL

First we met at College in the year 2010, and the next day I received proposal from him and I never wanted to explode into his arms so, he became penlop several times, he agonized me to accept him as well… but I was already dating. That was the reason why I always hated his presence. Today I call my hubby as Psy..o and this name is the most preferred by him.  Later on he found out that my ex cheated on me… He was back to me again and my heart actually opened for him from last January, 2016.  
Then, we spend hours on phone texting and talking about our college life, history and he always used to say how stubborn I was back in college. All  I told him was, “I changed now”.
On 19th January, he texted me “I am still waiting for you to embrace…”
Timidly I replied back, “I would love to!”
 What he texted me next was, "I will never forget, 'Is that a yes?'”
I told him, “Yes”
Both of us was so happy that night! Rest is history!
That’s, how we met :P :P

The ultimate proposal.
It was on 9th of February,2016 coincided with Bhutanese new year. He planned a picnic, where he invited me along with his family at Bhurkhola in Gelephu. I was busy with all those shopping’s to join new academic year. Told him that I can join after lunch only and they patiently waited me. I was kinda blameworthy then. We drove to Bhurkhola and we stood on the pebble near river bank , watching the pick of  sun rise over the river and listening to my favorite songs. Not even for a second did I I was so taken aback when Beby got down on one knee I completely blacked out! It was like a rush of heat and a wave of uncontrollable emotion swept right through my body. I didn’t have any words at first (me! no words!). I experienced mixed feelings, pure joy  from head to toe? or I am scared? I pinched myself to ensure it isn’t a dream. haha kidding aside. I considered myself as the lukiest to have him now.
Two souls, one heart!!
On Valentine’s Day 2016, proposed for an engagement. Being engaged actually does feel different. There is a sense of strength in us, a feeling of being further grounded but most of all, it just makes me really lighthearted!
The ring itself makes me feel very feminine (actually I was OGB , Over Grown Baby haha).
 Getting engaged has been about much more than the engagement itself. The rush of love from friends and family, plus the support from all colleagues^^ you all has been overwhelming. The love being poured into this next step of our relationship is incredible, and I’m so very grateful.
It wouldn’t have mattered even if he proposed to me with the ring from a juice can; I would have said yes all the same, because it is him I’m marrying, not the ring.

Marriage gave me sense of strength,
 a feeling of being
further grounded but most of all, it just makes me feel
 really good!
I’m marrying Beby because he is the love of my life and he is the person I can ever see myself with in this lifetime and who knows, for lifetimes beyond, if fate begets.
You know after our engagement, I shared with with my mother and sister-in-law. Our parents wanted us to come home. They planned for wedding! It was a huge surprise, tiresome and ad hoc plan aswell but it was a great success.  If someone tells you that you need at least a year to plan a wedding, they are crazy! We had few days and never felt like it was too rushed. We just figured out what we needed to do and did it!
I left Dagapela(My village) on 20th Of February, I reached there on 22nd. My dad ordered 400 invitation cards to be printed from Gelephu. “Ahhh, It is a big number’  stroked my mind. I ordered my wedding dress from Silguri.  Beby stayed back in Gelephu. I know he have bitter-sweet stories to be narrated, but thing is he do not blog…
22nd and 23rd of February was ground preparation at Dagapela.
24th we had hindu pujari(monk) performing puja at home.
25th-27th khenpo and his team from Dagapela lhakhang  performed rimdro (puja), guest reception ,mendhi day… aww!! It was tiring and I had sleepless night for almost five nights.
28th-29th wedding ceremony at Dagapela, BB and I exchanged our vows… I have his magal sutra as well…

1st -2nd wedding in Gelephu at his village.
3rd -6th we went India for our honeymoon and car maintenance as well…  
And we were back to school, on 7th... 
Smiling wide ^^ :P :P 
Our wedding was absolutely perfect!! Our families from nook and cranny came around us and supported us and passed on their best wishes, more than we could have imagined. Our friends, relatives, villagers, Tsendagang and tashiding gup, Aruna electronic, were also so supportive and we had the perfect wedding days…
Being with him is one of the best things that happened in my life.
Personally, I believe “if you know, you know. why wait?” If God has brought the two of you together and you know that you’re going to get married, don’t drag it out unless you absolutely have to because for one, you avoid and help prevent temptation and two, life is short , and three, life is so much better together! I don’t regret about my decision.. I have such an appreciative godly husband (smile if you are reading hehe )  and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. Till date kenchosum has been so good to us and I only hope and pray that other young married women get to experience the love and devotion of a good husband.

So many people have told me how hard marriage is, but I haven’t found it quite that hard! Stressful sometimes, but not hard, because I know Kenchosum is providing for us. My husband is my best friend and personal photographer( that was the reason why you didn’t see my selfie over social media?) hehe and I have found marriage to be so much better than when we were dating( we fight sometimes, when realize, I would be only the one who is shouting like a pop corn on hot frying pan, and with his silence I would melt on that very pan like a butter)… It’s fun to grow together.
God has done so much for us and has put it on my heart since day 1 to be a homemaker.
I am so excited to see what the future holds for us!

PS: Every year we would be celebrating our wedding anniversary on 28th of February. Do not forget to send us your best wishes on that day… hehe. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I am back, 2016 :)

Hi everyone! 
I’ve been away, I’ve been silent and I’ve been mean to my blog lately ^^ for which I feel tragic. Not extremely sad or exaggeratedly tragic, though because come on, you do know how blogging is becoming an increasingly tough task in this world? Why is it that when I sit down to type something to put on this blog my mind seems to go blank? I've really struggled recently with this question. There are so many things in my head that I know would be better off recorded, but I'm struggling with doing that. Not just here but in my paper journal as well. Not completely sure why.
I’ve been cheating on Blogging with Wechat, facebook, Twitter…
Also, I’ve had been busy bee implementing all transformative pedagogy at school, and I’m a wife, all over the place new wife now. Yes! I’m a wife! Can you believe it? Feels like it was just last month that I met with him who thought I was stubborn, idiosyncratic, funny, babyish, irritable and one day she would love me anyway.

Smiling curve to  welcomw you!

 Wasn’t it just last week that we got married? Ha ha. I know I’m being annoyingly sweet here hehe…
Anyway, back to blog. I didn’t blog then and after my marriage, I literally had no time and I still have no time. Being a teacher is really exhausting, who knew? But then, like they say and like I now know to be true, one smile on face of my children let me forget everything.
So the blog was ignored again. I was regular on FaceBJJk  obviously.
I want my blog posts to be simple jovial and or like minded people to like it. Nothing of the sorts on facebook or wechat.  I’ve never given a damn about who likes the way I scribble, who takes an error or who laughs at my hot-air scribble…
But writing long posts is where my heart lies so here I am – just updating anyone who still reads this blog and has been wondering what’s up with me. .and also to my  like minded friend-readers, who reminded me time and again to update my blog post, told me they missed me a lot in this blogosphere! Sure?
 Yayyyy I am here…. Can you see me :>
Moving on. I will try and be regular because haven’t been a complete disappointment in the scribbling department. Noooo. Though I didn’t blog much but I have bottled up every story to open up… Next post would be about, “How I met him…” wink wink…
I love you all^^

Thank you for still being with me^^