Sunday, August 23, 2015

Celebrating Achievements of 2014 ^^

Samcholing Middle Secondary School was established in 2009 as Lower secondary school, later in the year 2012 it was upgraded to middle Scondary School. The first batch of class ten students was graduated in the year of 2013. It is a rural school situated in hills under Trongsa Dzongkhang, Drakten Gewog, which is almost 33 kilometers  always from heart of Trongsa town. The school is currently staffed by a Principal, 18 teachers, two ADM assistant, a librarian, a lab assistant,  4 cooks, 2 sweepers and a caretaker. The school roll is currently 354 students out of which 219 students are boarder.

Our current philosophy is to provide learning programs that are challenging and appropriate to the present and future needs of our children – Skills for Success. The school recognizes its responsibilities to meet the learning requirements of all children including those with special learning needs and within its general teaching programs. The students participate in a range of interesting learning activities that are frequently linked to their own lives and the local community. Students are encouraged to participate in education outside the classroom...  
So, in the year of 2014 SMSS was commended as one of the top 10 school across the country.
These achievements does not belong to teachers only, it’s a combined harvest of all the members of our school. We have a very committed and enthusiastic Board(board here is a parent leader from each village, in total we have 6 members in a board chaired by gup) of Trustees who is clearly focused on providing the best possible education for the students of this community. They have affirmed the following rights:
Students right to learn
Teacher right to teach and
Parents right to keep their children safe and sound.
They have made these three affirmations the focus of their governance role. The Board’s relationship with School principal and staff is positive and supportive. The school has two parent support forum in a year, the PTA(Parent Teacher Association). PTA will be held right after the beginning of the school and after the mid-term examination result. Here, the school's achievement information is well delivered to all parents at an individual level, to support learner engagement, progress and achievements... 
Yesterday we celebrated the achievements of our school for being top ten school in overall performance for the year 2014 at Middle secondary level(Class ten), Khenpo was our special guest and he made an inspirational speech about working hard and aiming high. Congratulations to all my colleagues here. 

Vision is our primary source of information;  My Photos  Is One Easy Way to Clearly Convey my Messages To You All… Please have fun ;)

Program started with serving thuep (porridge) 

Then tea was served with snacks... 

The aroma of cypress incensed the air

Teachers on the way to MP hall where main program
 was held…

We were lead by our students with the traditional song Labey-labey :p plus blowing of trumpet by monks.

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” 
― Albert Einstein

Welcome dance by students.

Marchang ceremony

Guest on their place :P


Students entertained us with different cultural program :)

My duk duk heart :P

Sreved deshi :)

Labey, announced that next list is certificate awarding program for all the teachers and staffs of 2014, sadly those new comer didn't get any certificate :(

These achievements does not belong to teachers only, it’s a combined harvest of all the staffs of our school.
No worries I was there in 2014 :P as a very hardworking teacher :p haha
My smile says, 'Yes you deserve this certificate :p.'

Khenpo awarded the certificate of commendation to principal :) Kadrinchoela khenpo for your inspiring words. 

DAncing and dancing :) never gets over ! Sigh!!! :P

Yes yes romance here :P 

I am attatched with talented bunch of people who achieve success everyday ...
 Thank you for being with me...
Love you loads...
Take care.
Plesant Sunday evening to you :)

Please donot invite Monday :( 
Sob Sob 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Life? #BigBeeHive

I have written this post since two weeks ago but I have a dire habit of procrastination. I feel my write up is just bla so my inspiration level bogs down every time. So as the inspiration strike on my head then I will go ahead with my blogging passion… Passion? :P haha shall I say passion? When I don’t even open my page for a week?

K4 60 engraved by a late student Sonam Dorji, 
which passed away in a tragic incident.  RIP 
Any ways, I thought of bringing the news about a boy mercilessly murdered in his apartment with his 60 years old grandma. But before me Kuensel, BBS and all obtainable news media have already informed you about that, so I just wanted to crawl in a motion of a snail to bring you the news of a huge tragedy experienced by all the family of Samcholing MSS. We lost one good future citizen. Investigation is still going on.  It was really a tragedy. I couldn’t hold back my tears. I have his teacher’s day gift unopened. We could see his stone arrangement dedication to His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo on his 60th birthday. Really, he used to be a good student. The road will be lonely, cold and steep in absence of him but I promised to keep moving and reach a mile before I sleep. But inches to go if I sleep tomorrow, since I found life is impermanent. Heartbroken for his family and I couldn’t imagine the pain his mom must be going on. One of my dearest student, a boy beloved by all. Rest In Peace. As a teacher we feel a lot but that’s karma, ok life has to go on, that’s how I console myself. Really, he used to be a good student.
You know, his grandmother was an ice cream seller, and we were a regular customer. That’s the reason why I had more than a week of terrifying night. Haha but I am fine. That is is the reason why I wanted to post.
Sometimes, I feel life is meaningless. We all struggle so hard, but at the end, we all die. And a few decades later nobody will remember you. Unless you’re a famous rock star or something like that. So why do we even work so hard, why do we take such pains in life? I hope that every one of you have his own individual answer to that. I wish I could leave something behind, so that people will remember me. It scares me to know that one day I will be gone and forgotten. What is the meaning of my life then?  But then again, I would have to ask myself, why is anybody living? Is life just about the process of living? Maybe I shouldn’t think too much about this, because nobody will ever be able to give me the utterly truth…
Alright I have brought you a sketch of poem on life, it was made to order by Ugyen sir. Thank You lah. J
Life is big bee-hive
Life is to thrive
Life is to cherish
We don’t know when we will perish

Life is a long journey drive
Life is made short by knife
Life is blemished when you bribe
Don’t spoil your life when you are five

Life is a quest
I want to request
You to follow your passion and you will be fine
With positive attitude in life; you will shine.
Life is a beautiful circle which each of us complete.
Life is something we have been blessed.

I absolutely believe that we should all concentrate on the good things in life, that we should enjoy every little moment and be happy about all the little things that happen around us. I believe we should be grateful for what we have.  We should smile more often to other people and we should try to share our happiness. Life is wonderful and valuable and it is too short to be unhappy and to have a negative point of view.  I am absolutely convinced by that.
Nonetheless, of course I know that life is often hard and unfair. Because as I just said, I think that we should all concentrate on the good things in life and be happy about them. This is what I think. But what I feel is so different sometimes. You could say, there is a great difference between my thoughts and my feelings, between the things that I tell other people and the things that I actually feel. Often I concentrate too much on the negative things, I forget the positive ones and I am not grateful for all the good things that happen to me. I don’t really live the life I would like to live
But of course I don't tell anyone. I keep smiling and try to convince myself of my own opinion.
Thank You For Being With Me.

Keep Smiling And Live Life To The Fullest.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

What does happiness mean to you?

A few weeks ago, someone asked me, "What does happiness mean to you?"

I still don’t have a definite answer to that. To define it is very difficult for me, although I think I know what it means... I really can't explain.

Some of my friends are already participating in Bhutan Photo  Campaign, on what
happiness mean to them. I received a message saying, you define what happiness mean to you by signing in and posting photo/photoes. I still do not have any idea whether I can post only a photo or more. I couldn’t log in since they are asking me verification code and I am failed to receive code. Nevertheless, friends I will definitely going to login and like your post. Smilling now?? Haha…I was mesmerized by your brilliant caption of happiness with magnificent photo. The way you define happiness was perfect and I am here to solve this rigmarole question haha :D as I couldn’t carry the load of questions, so today, hammer of inspiration strike my head to write and I am squeezing the juice of my brain to solve all my puzzlement about what happiness mean to me.
My first thought is always that it might be all the small things in life that make us happy. These things we happen to see at a usual day, like a genuine smile, or some beautiful flowers, or laughing with friends.

Are we happy if we have a lot of joyful moments in our lives? Is happiness the ability to enjoy these moments?
I think I'm happiest when: my student score best mark in exam/test, I'm writing, listening to music, munching chocolates, eating noodles, blogging and stealing little moments just for myself.

But isn’t these are rather joy than happiness? In my opinion, these are. So, what is happiness? Again lots of question in my mind.

What I feel is happiness seems to be a rather permanent state. When someone asks you “Are you happy?” it is usually meant “Are you satisfied with your life?” rather than “Do you feel joyful at the moment?” that’s how I understand. 

But can happiness really be permanent? Is that even possible? If we were in a state of permanent and infinite happiness, would we even know we were happy? To know what being happy means, we must also know the opposite. 

Furthermore, humans seem to have infinite needs. Given this, can they ever be perfectly happy?
Truly, I can't imagine ever being permanently happy otherwise I'd be in paradise, and everything will be so perfect. Yes or no? Happiness seems to be one of those mystical things you either feel or you don't. It's almost religious in that sense.
Does happiness mean is something we have no influence on? Can’t we affect it at all? Does it only depend on how lucky we are?
Or is it rather a way of how we see things? Does it depend on one's ability to focus on the good things in life? Is it a combination of both?

Is there someone in this world who is perfectly happy? 

However, to answer this, first there should be an idea of what happiness is. If it really is something like a permanent condition, happiness cannot be the same as joy, because joy is not permanent, provided that there are not just ups but also downs in life.
But then what is it that makes us happy? Is that different for everyone; is it totally subjective and relative? Or are there certain things in life that decide on everyone’s happiness? Is it love, friendship, family? Or success? What about money?
In my opinion, money can certainly make a lot of things easier and by that I mean that it helps if you have enough to be able to pay for your bills and all the necessary things in life without having to worry about it permanently. However, I would never equate money with happiness. 

I really don't think you need to be rich in order to be happy. Anyway, if you had to be rich to be happy, the majority of people would never be happy and this is something I refuse to believe.

So, maybe a sense of, I am pleased with where I'm at. When something goes wrong my emotions change and I become unhappy with the things that are not right, or with the thing that has just happened, so that I can always opt for betterment and also what makes me happy is just everything that makes me smile. Maybe it is indeed all the simple things in life, or rather things that we too often consider as self-evident and given and that are actually not at all simple. Things like having true friends or a supportive family, or being healthy. Maybe it means to enjoy life and its good moments.
Finally the definition of happiness arrived on the spinal code of Rupa,  for me happiness is like being content with where I am in life at the moment, lending my supportive hands to my students and students glowing with wisdom brighter than me…
Yalama You Finished Reading My Passage? But you didn’t smile alright :)
Are you still pregnant with questions what happiness mean to you? Clarified? Infact I am still confused since I couldn’t squeeze my juice of brain completely to shrink lol haha…
Thank you so much for being with me.
Have A Nice Day :)
God Bless You…
Visit Again :)
Till Next Time Xoxo ;)