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Celebrating Achievements of 2014 ^^

Samcholing Middle Secondary School was established in 2009 as Lower secondary school, later in the year 2012 it was upgraded to middle Scondary School. The first batch of class ten students was graduated in the year of 2013. It is a rural school situated in hills under Trongsa Dzongkhang, Drakten Gewog, which is almost 33 kilometers  always from heart of Trongsa town. The school is currently staffed by a Principal, 18 teachers, two ADM assistant, a librarian, a lab assistant,  4 cooks, 2 sweepers and a caretaker. The school roll is currently 354 students out of which 219 students are boarder.

Our current philosophy is to provide learning programs that are challenging and appropriate to the present and future needs of our children – Skills for Success. The school recognizes its responsibilities to meet the learning requirements of all children including those with special learning needs and within its general teaching programs. The students participate in a range of interesting learning activities that are frequently linked to their own lives and the local community. Students are encouraged to participate in education outside the classroom...  
So, in the year of 2014 SMSS was commended as one of the top 10 school across the country.
These achievements does not belong to teachers only, it’s a combined harvest of all the members of our school. We have a very committed and enthusiastic Board(board here is a parent leader from each village, in total we have 6 members in a board chaired by gup) of Trustees who is clearly focused on providing the best possible education for the students of this community. They have affirmed the following rights:
Students right to learn
Teacher right to teach and
Parents right to keep their children safe and sound.
They have made these three affirmations the focus of their governance role. The Board’s relationship with School principal and staff is positive and supportive. The school has two parent support forum in a year, the PTA(Parent Teacher Association). PTA will be held right after the beginning of the school and after the mid-term examination result. Here, the school's achievement information is well delivered to all parents at an individual level, to support learner engagement, progress and achievements... 
Yesterday we celebrated the achievements of our school for being top ten school in overall performance for the year 2014 at Middle secondary level(Class ten), Khenpo was our special guest and he made an inspirational speech about working hard and aiming high. Congratulations to all my colleagues here. 

Vision is our primary source of information;  My Photos  Is One Easy Way to Clearly Convey my Messages To You All… Please have fun ;)

Program started with serving thuep (porridge) 

Then tea was served with snacks... 

The aroma of cypress incensed the air

Teachers on the way to MP hall where main program
 was held…

We were lead by our students with the traditional song Labey-labey :p plus blowing of trumpet by monks.

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” 
― Albert Einstein

Welcome dance by students.

Marchang ceremony

Guest on their place :P


Students entertained us with different cultural program :)

My duk duk heart :P

Sreved deshi :)

Labey, announced that next list is certificate awarding program for all the teachers and staffs of 2014, sadly those new comer didn't get any certificate :(

These achievements does not belong to teachers only, it’s a combined harvest of all the staffs of our school.
No worries I was there in 2014 :P as a very hardworking teacher :p haha
My smile says, 'Yes you deserve this certificate :p.'

Khenpo awarded the certificate of commendation to principal :) Kadrinchoela khenpo for your inspiring words. 

DAncing and dancing :) never gets over ! Sigh!!! :P

Yes yes romance here :P 

I am attatched with talented bunch of people who achieve success everyday ...
 Thank you for being with me...
Love you loads...
Take care.
Plesant Sunday evening to you :)

Please donot invite Monday :( 
Sob Sob 

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