Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Life? #BigBeeHive

I have written this post since two weeks ago but I have a dire habit of procrastination. I feel my write up is just bla so my inspiration level bogs down every time. So as the inspiration strike on my head then I will go ahead with my blogging passion… Passion? :P haha shall I say passion? When I don’t even open my page for a week?

K4 60 engraved by a late student Sonam Dorji, 
which passed away in a tragic incident.  RIP 
Any ways, I thought of bringing the news about a boy mercilessly murdered in his apartment with his 60 years old grandma. But before me Kuensel, BBS and all obtainable news media have already informed you about that, so I just wanted to crawl in a motion of a snail to bring you the news of a huge tragedy experienced by all the family of Samcholing MSS. We lost one good future citizen. Investigation is still going on.  It was really a tragedy. I couldn’t hold back my tears. I have his teacher’s day gift unopened. We could see his stone arrangement dedication to His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo on his 60th birthday. Really, he used to be a good student. The road will be lonely, cold and steep in absence of him but I promised to keep moving and reach a mile before I sleep. But inches to go if I sleep tomorrow, since I found life is impermanent. Heartbroken for his family and I couldn’t imagine the pain his mom must be going on. One of my dearest student, a boy beloved by all. Rest In Peace. As a teacher we feel a lot but that’s karma, ok life has to go on, that’s how I console myself. Really, he used to be a good student.
You know, his grandmother was an ice cream seller, and we were a regular customer. That’s the reason why I had more than a week of terrifying night. Haha but I am fine. That is is the reason why I wanted to post.
Sometimes, I feel life is meaningless. We all struggle so hard, but at the end, we all die. And a few decades later nobody will remember you. Unless you’re a famous rock star or something like that. So why do we even work so hard, why do we take such pains in life? I hope that every one of you have his own individual answer to that. I wish I could leave something behind, so that people will remember me. It scares me to know that one day I will be gone and forgotten. What is the meaning of my life then?  But then again, I would have to ask myself, why is anybody living? Is life just about the process of living? Maybe I shouldn’t think too much about this, because nobody will ever be able to give me the utterly truth…
Alright I have brought you a sketch of poem on life, it was made to order by Ugyen sir. Thank You lah. J
Life is big bee-hive
Life is to thrive
Life is to cherish
We don’t know when we will perish

Life is a long journey drive
Life is made short by knife
Life is blemished when you bribe
Don’t spoil your life when you are five

Life is a quest
I want to request
You to follow your passion and you will be fine
With positive attitude in life; you will shine.
Life is a beautiful circle which each of us complete.
Life is something we have been blessed.

I absolutely believe that we should all concentrate on the good things in life, that we should enjoy every little moment and be happy about all the little things that happen around us. I believe we should be grateful for what we have.  We should smile more often to other people and we should try to share our happiness. Life is wonderful and valuable and it is too short to be unhappy and to have a negative point of view.  I am absolutely convinced by that.
Nonetheless, of course I know that life is often hard and unfair. Because as I just said, I think that we should all concentrate on the good things in life and be happy about them. This is what I think. But what I feel is so different sometimes. You could say, there is a great difference between my thoughts and my feelings, between the things that I tell other people and the things that I actually feel. Often I concentrate too much on the negative things, I forget the positive ones and I am not grateful for all the good things that happen to me. I don’t really live the life I would like to live
But of course I don't tell anyone. I keep smiling and try to convince myself of my own opinion.
Thank You For Being With Me.

Keep Smiling And Live Life To The Fullest.
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