Thursday, August 15, 2013

I missed you...

 I missed my baba, mommy, dada, bhabi de, Bijay, Basant and my lil Sangay Rigdyen Doeji...

I have tons of worries about my family matters. I don't get quality time to spent with my family. Today, I cannot sleep because I really missed my baba and mummy a lot. They toil hard to earn a penny and sent to me actually. My dad is a contractor
who is 53-year-old senior citizen and mom is a 48-year-old illiterate. There is so much challenge in my life. Thank God my dad earns little amount of money and my mom is still able to work in her almost bankrupt company lol, so that they are still able to support my family. Thank God I have a caring elder brother who is willing to sacrifice his studies and work for the sake of his younger siblings, as he is the only hero at home to take the responsibilities and help parents in any kind of work. He toil hard to earn money, he was trained in Zorig-Chu-sum(13 arts) he does a carpentary work to earn a penny. Thank God that I am strong and independent enough to study.I wanted to see maturity in my two younger brothers and excel in their studie.My brothers is not mature in his thinking though. Pray for both of them..

 I'm not born with a silver spoon. 
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