Saturday, August 10, 2013


Today we went to drugyel dzong which is ruined. It was wonderful ruin, so beautiful and so historically meaningful for the Bhutanese. And lovely to walk around such a fine place and enjoy the splendid views of the valley…
splendid view of the valley…
Went the during day time and it was very quiet. and had our first experience which was great. Great views of the valley. Fascinating to be emerged in the spiritual history of this amazing place. "My first dose of happiness"
My first dose of happiness lol
The Dzong is in ruins but it was worth the visit for me to get some clear glimpses of the peak of Jumolhari in the distance. It's located at the trail head for the Jumolhari trek so the views are really beautiful here...though most views in Bhutan are hehe:) It is a very serene place.

We really enjoyed going around the dzong and I was saddened with the ruin of  awe inspiring place.
Went during day and it was very quiet and peaceful place.

 Well preserved...
The existing ruins of the Dzong are comparatively well preserved.

One can without much difficulty understand or distinguish features of the complex. Although most of timber components of the Dzong such as roof truss, door and window frames, and floors and ceilings are almost totally absent, major portion of stone and rammed earth wall structures are still standing. They provide for visitors in understanding ideas and practices for defense in the olden times.

The Dzong consists of Utse, the central tower building, we went besides the tower and rested for a while to refresh and drank water and juice to quench the thirst. 


Walk for health lol :P

 You know, I silently snapped the photo of some tourist who visited drugyel dzong... They are so very much in love with the surrounding of the Dzong... :) hehe...
The beauty of Dzong attracts the trouist... :)

 I was exausted and want to rest for a while and breath out the air of serenity :)...
 This photo I snapped just after fulfilling GNH LOL... :D

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