Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thrue Bab" The Blessed Rainy Day...celebration.

Paro college of Education celebrated the thrue bab today. The court yard of PCE was filled with decoration…the program started exactly at 12 am and went till morning at 6 am. Director General was the chief guest of the celebration and the celebration was also attended by the lecturers and student- teachers from the college… Every class performed the cultural show, some of them sang a solar song, performed drama and there was many plays to entertain the guests as well as the interested student teacher.
It is believed that on Thrue-Bab (blessed rainy day) all water on earth turns holy. God is believed to shower Its blessings over all water on earth. And if we take bath by the blessed water it is believed our body will be cleansed of sins, diseases and negativity. 

Today my sis Kencho kept bucket of water strewn with flowers, believing that the heavenly shower will fall in the water. So; that we can take bath by the blessed water, it is believed our body will be cleansed of sins, diseases and negativity as I already mentioned in above pargraph. 
Currently, we are preparing food with different items of curry. We were so excited to taste a different dish on this occasion. We have a long list on our menu and everything is mouth watering… Wanna taste?? LOL
Till then, enjoy your day, and Once again Happy thrue to everyone.

It’s time to bath in a holy water and clean one’s sin. :P
Dance performed by trainees... :)
Stage decoration at first glance... :)

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