Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Who is my best friend???

A best friend is the one who knows exactly what you mean, someone who knows you better than yourself, and is with you no matter what.A best friend is an honest editor and your biggest supporter. A best friend is not just a shoulder to cry on, but also a source of joy which drives away the tears and puts the smile back on your face.
Everyone has a best friend during each stage of life only a precious few have the same one.

Tenn Yang:

Same like that I too had a best friend we met first in class seven, she had a beautiful heart, and she never hurts other people. So, it was in 2004 where we are placed in same class we two introduced with each other and became friends. She is no fairer weathered friend, we used to eat together, sleep together, buy a cloth of same design, study together and of course we used to score same marks in the examination. We passed every examination with similar marks... We qualified for class eleven and did our +2 together and I am so happy that after the complection of our Higher secondary school we are placed by government in the same college.
I do believe that friendship is the gift of god and I do really cherish the gift> You know, friendship is the true source of knowledge from where we can learn so many things which are so crucial throughout our short span of life. But due to the ignorance and unenlightened being we rarely do realize that.

Have you ever realized that today we are under same roof eating from a same pot is all due to our merit we have accumulated and it’s due to our fate? So, we should feel proud and let’s try best to help each other in our help and kindness and offer our help and kindness and compassion to those needy ones.
I as your friend always tried my; level best to make you happy but unknowingly I might have hurt you. So, if it is so they do forgive me and my love care and remembrance are always for you.
I am proud of you and happy to have a friend like you who always rendered you help even sacrificing your own work and time. You know I have learnt so many things from you which are precious in my life and I ll never forget but it will be remembered always in absence of you. I really enjoyed your company and you are so caring and good nature person and I will guarantee that you will become a helpful person for your parents and other as well in future. It’s not a word that uttered from my lips but surely it’s from the core of my heart. You have that potential in you.
Remember that I have limitless love, care, mercy and I feel too pity and I feel pinch in my heart when I think of your health because we know that our life is impermanent and nobody can predict our life span but I am worried about your sickness. Still then my payers are always for you and may god bless you.
I have so many things to be uttered but what to do I am wordless because we know that when our heart is full our words are less. So, I as your poor friend I would like to say that always have faith in god because the ultimate source that will help us when in need is none other than GOD. Hence forth whatever you do have faith, trust in GOD because there is no doubts that he will cheat us. I love you so much.Yangzom, I do remember you and I still trust you as you are one of my friend that is very precious and rare to find. So, Please eat meals on time hehe... ;)


Ezza is my best friend too. He studied in Dagana till class three.  He is from Dagana. We are very close friend. His birthday is 3 days ahead then mine... hehe waiting to celebrate together this year at least.
Ezza you are a source of constant support in our lives. Be it sharing secrets, exchanging advice, planning the future or just killing time doing nothing- every moment spent with you is a memory to be cherished forever. So I wanna cherish you Ezza and I wanted you to know how special you are to me.According to my experienced of self-esteem in friendship I have realized friends who take an advantages form each other. They relentlessly impact their sentiments. They approach you when they need you, but they never regard you when you need them. Sometimes they betray you without remembering your supports.   I really did experience that kind of friend in my life however my best friend are never shortlisted in that category.  I believes, hating some one, caring some one is the fact of life and I avoided hating those friend. So do not hate those kinds of friends if you have instead you must supports as much as we can. After all they will definitely change their immature mind towards right track.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

She was harsh on me... :(

Tsawai lam...

Living in a grateful world be grateful to those who have hurtled or harmed us, for they are reinforced our determination. Be grateful to those who deceived us, for they have deepened our sight. Be grateful to those who have hit us for they have reduced our karmic obstacles. It was right after the assembly I went directly in the library to submit the books which I have borrowed. However, I am sorry librarian ma’am to point you out but you taught me a great lesson and I learnt lots of things within a short period of times. My friend and I borrowed the books and we planned to return on the same day however my friend was lucky and I am unlucky that day. I am fined with Nu. 100 where as my friend was escaped, and I didn't mean that I am covetous coz of my friend. I just wanted to clarify my doubts that 25th was holiday and Friday we had a class in Rimpung is that be okey to pay Nu.50 ma’am? I asked. however, she didn't accept instead she scolded me in front of many fellow friends which I had a tear drops in my eyes as I had a glace of my guru(tshwai lam), and he said me that I am there for you so, I thought that the GOD was in the form of Libran ma’am checking my passion.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My elder brother's first son...

We are so thrilled to welcome baby boy to our family!
Sangay Rigdyen Dorji
January 20, 2013
3Kg 20 g

Unzoii.. :)

In his Dreamy world... :)

His Chama wants him to hold tight...

Sangay is the name of Tsawai Lam(Another name of Bhuddha), Rigdyen for the first letter of his fater(R) Dorji stands for the name of his mother(D)
We all the families are very happy.. We all wish you to have a great life ahead… Love you always nanu…

Friday, February 08, 2013

instructional design


How instructional design will improve teaching and learning in the classroom?

The modern education system aims at enhancing the skills and strategies of teaching and learning in the classroom to make it effective and appealing than traditional methods of teaching. Instructional design is just like an accelerator in learning and teaching, giving proper flow and structure to the instruction throughout the courses. But before this, let me eplain what an instructional design is? Instructional design is a process by which instruction is improved through the analysis of learning needs and systematic development of learning materials. Instructional designers often use technology and multimedia as tools to enhance the instruction (Kearsley, 2011). I feel that instructional design is very essential part of classroom teaching and learning if you want to have the good learning outcomes at the end. If the instruction we have for our learners are well designed, it is going to guide us throughout our instruction delivery.
The instructional design is guided with different learning theories and models which make it so effective to be used in the classroom. Effective instructional design can create environments that lead to deep learning and provide students with opportunities to reflect, discuss, and learn actively. An essential characteristic of this design process is that it never finishes because only by continuously improving and assessing the instructional design and its implementation will enhance learning experiences which will definitely become stronger and more effective over time.
This instructional design has tremendous affect on classroom teaching and learning which I am going to explain in detail in this assignment. This assignment will also take us through advantages of use of instructional design in the classroom teaching. This assignment is not mere lay down of my opinion; it contains the ideas of some other experts with my own perception. 

The government today has realized that the use of instructional design should be increased in the education system because they have found it effective and appealing to education so called modern education. “Instructional design affords educators, administrators, and curriculum developers the opportunity to observe problem areas in the current curriculum, and systematically make the necessary changes that will improve student performance” (The Utilization of Systematic Instructional Design). As classroom instructors, we are in a constant state of revising and editing our daily lesson plans to reflect and address the needs of our individual students.  Sometimes, this is enough to see improvement in student work.  However, more often than not, the problem is part of a much larger issue; one that cannot be rectified by simply altering a daily lesson plan.  The process of instructional design specifically focuses on identifying problem areas in student performance and systematically develops possible solutions. This can be achieved through providing proper training to the teachers so that they can implement this in the field.
I being one of the educators of the future generation, I strongly feel that the use of instructional design will help the teacher to come out with good delivery strategy which is going help students understand the concept better. The instructional design also focuses on type of learners and helps us come out with appropriate strategies and teaching learning materials. Instructional design also acts as the guidance to the teacher throughout the whole process. Since, instructional design makes the learning process cyclical, it helps us to evaluate and assess the learners at the end of the lesson.
The following are some of the reasons how instructional design help to improve classroom teaching and learning;
Instructional design encourages the advocacy of the learner (Smith, 2000). It is very important here that learners are considered to be the focus of the instruction. Designer mainly focuses on the learners and tries to find out more information about the learners in the beginning of the stages. Information about the learners should take precedence over other factors that might drive design decisions, including the content itself (Smith, 2000). Today even in our Bhutanese education system, advocacy of the learners are highly taken care. We look at the stage of learners and accordingly we come with the appropriate teaching strategies and other aspects of learning.
Shift the balance of power toward the learner.  The use of instructional design will make learning more meaningful. The power of students’ understanding on different concepts presented to them by their teacher becomes easy to understand. Using of instructional design can help facilitate the transfer of power and give students opportunities to practice mastering the material at their own pace. They know the real day to day application of what they learnt and in this way learning takes place at a high capacity ( Rothwel, 1996).
Use content to organize activities. Students appreciate a structured, logical flow to their courses, and how you organize your assignments and activities can go a long way in minimizing confusion (Mager, 1997). The logical sequencing of teaching learning materials, the content to be taught, learning activities in the class, etc. determines the effectiveness of learning. The technologies that support how you organize and communicate course materials and expectations could include instructional design.
Think of teaching as facilitating learning. Instructional design always tries to eradicate the traditional method of teaching and learning. It helps the students to actively participate in the learning process and construct their own knowledge.  Teaching with technology enables the instructor to create learning experiences that will gain the attention of all the learners. Gaining attention is one of the most important components of good learning.
 Responsibility for learning rests with the learner. The main person behind their learning should be themselves. The individual accountability is very important in modern education system and this can be seen in instructional design. Learner-centered teaching means creating assignments that allow students to practice building connections with the material, and evaluate their learning. In this way, we do not have to teach them; instead they will come with different interpretations, which indicate learning.  
 Evaluation provides a way to foster learning. It is important that we evaluate the learning at the end of the lesson so that we know child’s understand and go further accordingly. This helps us to revise or modify the instruction if it is not so well according to the learners.
Lastly, if I relate instructional design in our own context, it is very near to our eye that we are  perceiving the differences between the education of yesterday and today in our country. The quality of teaching and learning has rapidly improved today as compared to yesterday. The main reason of improvement comes from the use of appropriate instructional design tools in the classroom teaching. 
We the teachers are provided ‘instructional design’ as a separate module in the college to study thoroughly and put in practice when we go to the field. The Bhutanese education system’s curriculum and lesson are embedded with instructional design, making teaching and learning more of student centered. Thus, we can proudly say instructional design not only improves the classroom teaching and learning but it also guides the tutor throughout the course throwing us with optimum benefits.

Friday, February 01, 2013

What inspires me…

I am RUB student. I am Rupa Gurung, born on 18th May 1990. I am pursuing Bachelor Degree In Education, here in Paro college of education. But how am I moving. How am I having enough inspirations to move on with my life? I asked these questions several times a day. And these are the immediate answers that zoom by in my mind. Spare me, if I am wrong, hehehe...

I was a school girl. I was the one who walked all to school carrying books inserted into the back pocket of my kira till class two. I used to have the plastic shoes stitched several times. Once I went to school without shoe where I still remember my head master giving punishment to me. It’s not that I have a pair of shoe but I don’t like wearing. No, no, I don’t mean my parents they don’t at all bother me to buy shoes but they have hard times buying it. And at the same time I never asked them! I was the only girl who fought summer rain with plastic over me, all others had colorful umbrella and I have to walk 3 hrs daily, during summer I have a hard time where small rivers get bigger, and I could not cross easily, leeches kissing my feet, elders bullying me. So, it inspired me to study hard. Even harder when my loving parents and teachers advised me to do so. And I use to do it. I used to be inspired to study when my parents looks at me with the innocent glances and smile to know that I passed the examinations.

I used to be inspired when I think on being the only daughter of my parents. I am burdened because I am the only daughters. I am not burdened that I have to look after my parents and siblings. I never can predict how wide I and my parents would smile when I first hand over my hard-earned payment to my parents. How successful I would feel to be able to give pocket money to my two younger brother. How happy I would be to be able to offer my service to the Bhutanese people? And more happy when I first be able to pour my wisdom to my students. It may seems a castle in the air, but dream causes no harm. Dreams are just a yard of hard work away.

In school I learned various subjects just to pass my examinations. But here in college, I have to learn in order to pass my life. It is not enough to complete my 4 years course and return home proudly. I have to be a good teacher. I prefer what I can do for my students than what I can do for myself. I still don’t know how triumphant I would be the moment when my first students scored high marks in examination.

It must be proved! It does not mean that I am blowing my own trumpet so loudly. But it is the source of my makes me work hard and follow my dreams.

This is what inspires me to move on...and what about yours harayneee hehe…