Sunday, February 24, 2013

She was harsh on me... :(

Tsawai lam...

Living in a grateful world be grateful to those who have hurtled or harmed us, for they are reinforced our determination. Be grateful to those who deceived us, for they have deepened our sight. Be grateful to those who have hit us for they have reduced our karmic obstacles. It was right after the assembly I went directly in the library to submit the books which I have borrowed. However, I am sorry librarian ma’am to point you out but you taught me a great lesson and I learnt lots of things within a short period of times. My friend and I borrowed the books and we planned to return on the same day however my friend was lucky and I am unlucky that day. I am fined with Nu. 100 where as my friend was escaped, and I didn't mean that I am covetous coz of my friend. I just wanted to clarify my doubts that 25th was holiday and Friday we had a class in Rimpung is that be okey to pay Nu.50 ma’am? I asked. however, she didn't accept instead she scolded me in front of many fellow friends which I had a tear drops in my eyes as I had a glace of my guru(tshwai lam), and he said me that I am there for you so, I thought that the GOD was in the form of Libran ma’am checking my passion.
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