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Last post 2015^^ Lesson learned from Indian serial ^^

Wondering what to blog about can be one of the biggest roadblocks I faced lately! When reviewing my 2015 resolutions; it was hard time accumulating all…My holidays started from17th of December but I could not vanish from this place as soon as my holiday started, still I am here at a place which it does not belong to me.  I am waiting for the workshop to be attended down at Langthel about 21st century pedagogy. A week holiday and no students around brought two of us together( Ganga and myself). Ganga is huge fan of any movies and Indian series. Knitting and watching movies are only job. Well, I am here to share; lessons learned from watching Hindi Serials, and in previous post I have also shared on  lesson learned from Bollyhood and Hollyhood. In totality these three post are all about lesson learned from watching movies and series J
1. If a character is popular, he can die and come back to life as many times as he likes.
I mean seriously? Even characters in any games don’t have as many lives as characters in Indian serial. SHidarth Khuraana<>Raghu. Auchh this is shitty! Its like this, Hero Dies Family cremates him his duplicate appears family still believes dead hero’s back fight for the families.
In one serial she changed many husband :P
Source: Internet.

2. It is entirely possible to build a 30-minute episode on one minor event.
Ahem went out of home? They zoom in and zoom out on every character’s face for the next 10 minutes. Wastage of time!
3. Reactions are really important.
“Maa, I’m pregnant!” After this is uttered by a  bahu (daughter-in-law), every family member’s reaction has to capture at least 5 times with varying editing effects.
4. Never Tired of Marrying and Divorcing
The couples are madly in love but they cannot marry each other. They end up marry other people. They divorce. Marry their ex lovers. Again Divorce. Again Remarry. The story continues.
5.The Good Always Loses the Home
6.Lose Your Memory and Regain It Suddenly
7. Always Fashionable
The women in Indian TV serials love wearing heavy jewelries and saris all the time, 24×7, regardless of the situation whether she is sleeping, screaming or mourning.
8. The villain will always make faces and smirk, while thinking of an evil plan,so that you know she is a villian. But the irony is, you still won’t know, because you are too ideal to think of anything so evil about your own.
That's enough of this serial!
Photo credit: Google
9. Celebrates every Birthday of loved ones, with huge surprises. This creates expectations and when loved one cannot fulfill what characters in serial does, and then it leads to hurt finally misunderstanding and breakup. Haha I have seen this kind of women around me :P Shhh! That’s secret! :P
10. All women in serial procure long and fashionable hair.
Most of these daily dramas revolve around complexities of family, marriage and relationships. I was wondering, where all this crap drama came from?
Truly, this shitty serial literally ruined my wealthy holidays. I have good babies waiting for me to open in the bookshelf. But what I can do is just watch them and whisper, I will nail you during vacation. I know vacation will be filled with families, relatives and all fun. Do I really get time to read all? That is my biggest question so far! And also so sorry DAsho Lingi, thanks lah Dasho, for your greatest help, which I will be remembering your greatness to the eternity. I couldn’t go for Dessup as I was delayed in compilation of documents. No worries, next year is always there!
2016 be good to me, 2015 put me through a lot of hoax LWith the end of 2015 fast approaching, predictions for next year and resolutions were already rolled over my head.
This is a  last post for 2015!  I will be attending workshop from tomorrow. Last day to to be here at Samcholing as well, I will be out off internet connections. So, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends.
Thanks for smiling with me!

Loads of love to all of you J

Hollyhood^^Lesson^^Learned :P :P

You remember??
Photo credit: Google.
Animated characters are always more emotional than real characters.
The college heart throb is the captain of basketball team..And the most famous girl is the head cheerleader.
The villain is the guy who has everything but can’t get the girl.
The hero is the guys every bullet misses.
Do you know him??:P
Girl and boy fall in love within a few second staring at each other.
Vampires are handsome young men in search of love.
Every kid can exercise computer and can easily crack into any computer network in this world.
Chinese have nothing better to do than show their talent in Kung Fu.
Korean people really take cares of their lady. In actuality?
If staying in a haunted house, women should investigate any strange noises.
Never pick up a doll those smiles to itself. It will be either spirit or ghost.

Smart dogs, Smart cars, Smart weapons, but never a smart hair of any actress and actors!  I do not have quality hair plus I am not a heroine though!

Bollyhood^^Lesson^^Learned :P :P

The hero wears a minimum of three layers
of clothing – shirt, coat and coat plus sun-glasses.
Photo credit: Google.
Ghosts are women with flowing hair and white cloth.
The old caretaker at the house wears a red towel on his shoulders.
The couple only find the deserted temple AFTER they get completely drenched.
Comedians either sport a Charlie Chaplin moustache and wear suspenders or talk in an irritating nasal tone and have a ‘funny’ tic.
The heroine wears skimpy clothes even when they are dancing  in sub-zero temperatures.
The hero wears a minimum of three layers of clothing – shirt, coat and coat plus sun-glasses.
All heroes are established guitar players and great at chopping wood with axes without their shirts on.
All people who are hit on the head and dumped in the river will wash up on the other bank and be rescued and healed by fishermen or monks.
Photo credit: Google
\Hero’s mother is usually a widow, 
dressed in white with hair pulled back
in a bun and a ugly streak of white in her black hair.
Bollywood actress dress while dancing, Rain song <>Transparent saree, Holi Song <>hopelessly white saree, College song <>Tight miniskirt. :P
All movies have Happies Endings… Owing to the well-informed comments of my readers, I am adding a
When the evil villain tries to rape our heroine, hero comes and fright for her.
Hero’s mother is usually a widow, dressed in white with hair pulled back in a bun and a ugly streak of white in her black hair.

PS: Holi is festivals of colours. They will sprinkle different types of colours. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

108th National dayand my Pose :P ^^

Bhutan celebrated its 108th National day on 17th of December, 2015. All Bhutanese people celebrated the day together. Despite spread out political, moral, economical and religious backgrounds  all stand as Bhutanese and chant the prayers for wellness of Tsa-Wa-Sum(King Country and People) and we also expresses our deepest gratitude and appreciation to our Monarchs. This year, all over the Bhutan, Bhutanese celebrated the day with songs and dances, plays and prays, all excitement, joy.
Our Monarch... Photo credit: Facebook :P 


My Nephew VS Mr. Barber.

Bath time is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for children but it’s just contrary when it comes to my nephew’s case… My In-law would promise him saying this and that so that he would happily get into water. 
If his mom says, something like, I will take you to the shop after bath, he will never shed tears, while bathing... Happy toddler after bath :P :P and happily going to barber shop with his mom :P haha ... let's see what happens next: :P

My nephew has always hated to visit the barber. This is evidenced from his shabby hair all long-grown and blondish. Last year before his 3rd birthday we decided he needs a haircut and we planned to take him to the nearest barber.

He never knew it's a barber shop, he was placed in front of huge mirror and he was joyously playing keeping his round-fat finger on mirror smiling and saying something in a voice of toddler.

He cried hysterically when the barber started to cut his hair.
 His mother brought him bag full of chocolates and chips to console him, but he haven't stopped crying yet. 


The second time his mom took him to meet our friendly Mr. Barber, kid started crying just the momet he saw Barber.

The third time we decided he needs a hair cut I was there as well, I was holding his hand and  he started to cry the moment he saw the shop building from very far away and he was pulling himself away from that

Perhaps Mr. Barber should disguise himself as Chotabeem, paint the wall bright and colourful so that it looks like the Hi-5 studio and put candy bowls by the window to attract toddlers like my nephew to come and have a haircut. With mind at peace, of course... haha

PS: Dear Rima I hope you will enjoy this scribbles too :P wink wink...

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Leech VS Me^^

I have just had a bath and was drying myself under sun. I saw a big black spot on my leg I took a closer look at the black spot and saw it squirming.

As far as I can remember, that was the loudest scream I have ever made in my entire life. I shouted for help while jumping up and down, obviously forgotten that I was only one outside.
Mom rushed from a pavement to rescue me.  When I showed her the black, wriggling thing between my fingers my eyes tightly shut, to my surprise, she screamed too.
I cried my heart out, still jumping, while mom worriedly tried to find a stick to remove the black spot. It was a leech. A huge one!

After few minutes, the leech was finally detached from my skin. Not because mom kept poking it with a stick (Yeah, that’s right. OMG!) but because it had drained up all my blood and now it felt a bit dizzy with this non-stop jumping activity of the host. Leech was on the ground already rolled into the blanket of mud and became grey. It was still squirming. That brought me another goose bump.
That was my first encounter with a leech. I was only little girl then. Apparently, the incident left a remarkably scary impression of a cruel blood-sucking creature in my mind.

Last summer, we had a friend gathering at my friend’s house. I held my phone in one hand and I was merrily sending voice messages in wechat, I got a pop up message in facebook messenger and when I tried to touch on it, my phone accidently fell off on the ground.

 OMG! I yelled to myself, cursing for my carelessness. Its okay, I consoled myself and I wanted to pick up the phone. Yalama,my phone lied near a immense vampire. I was scared! If I try to pick up my it would stick on my hand and I would break down into tears out off fear.

 I didn’t know what to do? I had conflict with that blood sucker. I warned him not to touch my phone.

 When I was shouting at him he was angry and turned towards me. His bulging red eyes brusted outof anger. 

 When he turned other side, I silently picked my phone, without the notice of him! My heart swelled up...

 Ahhh! I got my phone in hand...I was celebrating my victory against leech.  His red eyes got few hairs as well :P Its scary!!!

 I picked up a huge stone to hit him..., he was saying me to love him... but I was all like  "NOooooo"... I was very angry and I was saying,"You blood sucker!!!"

 I hitted him with that huge stone(bang on his body!!)  blood flew like a river and that creature was like a rubber flat on earth, then I had mixture of feelings, I did sobsob!
This is end of the story before reaching Yangchen's home ... :(

After reaching Yanchen's home. I didn't share this story with any one. We ate, talked and laughed cheerfully. That made me to forget all. The whole evening was all about food, movie and friends.  After some while, Yanchen’s  hubby came home, Yanchen was pointing out for the black spot on his right leg, her  eyes was widen already.” Oie choe gi kam na gachimo?” (What’s that on your leg?)  I was busy onto my sip of thick milk coffee. I avoided that, he calmly grabbed leech on his hand. When asked what was inside the hand, he showed it out by flattening his palm to me, and showed the content to everyone,  LEECH!!! Very alive, fat and aggressive too. Goose bumps again! Azaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! I was hiding my face.  It reminded me my horrible experience with a leech that evening.

:( :(
:) :)
Happy Weekend Friends^^
Thanks for reading this hehe!!!
Loads oflove xoxo !!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Bade farewell to grade 10 ^^

On Saturday night, I went to a farewell party of grade 10 students; I didn’t teach grade ten this year but spending almost a whole year with girls in hostel, was amazing. I found it so sad that I will not see them next school year in SMSS. My girls were nice friend to me.
Before the party, touchy moment was when all of us hugged together and said something from our heart. Most of them have tears in their eyes, trying so hard not letting them out. It is always sad to be apart. But it is amazing that I get to be together with wonderful girls. One, of my girl named Tshering Choden was talking about me in the mass and she said, ”Our madam is like a child, she plays with us, laugh with us, eat chocolate together, watch movie every Saturday...”  I must admit I had tears in my eyes, but I was pretending to go hahaha…  
Time has gone by so fast… They say time flies when you are having fun. I guess it’s true. This has been an incredible year for me with girls. I have grown and learned so much …
I have shared all kinds of moments: happy, sad, fun, magical with my children…
My girls, such incredible memories, such meaningful adventures! We have stepped away from our comfort zones and dived into so many unforgettable experiences. Bringing the world of happiness into our hostel has been really powerful and absolutely inspiring, not just for you, but also for me.
Watching each of you put your heart into projects and everyday work has been priceless. It’s amazing how hard you were willing to work when tasks were given to you. By watching the savor each of your work I became aware of the kind of environment you wanted and needed. I am definitely not the same matron that stepped into our hostel on February 23, I complained, I cursed for me being ill lucked woman,  but now I have changed and grown too. What I liked the most was that we walked through this together.
All the adventures, great moments and difficult times have helped us create, not just a girls hostel, but our hostel. A friendly and safe environment we all felt happy to be part of. Each of you has given your best; each of you has worked really hard throughout this year. I can’t find the words to describe how proud I am of you all. DEO(Dzongkhag Education officer) was so impressed with our hostel. It was clean and green. This was created by you my girls.I was certified for being a matron, this certificate is ours not mine. Today morning when I woke up it was already 6 am and I found silence in hostel. I wanted to hear your voice, absorb your smiles, feel the warmth of your morning greeting but everything was empty.  I don’t see you all around. That’s make me to increase the sadness in me.
Never the less, I’m so thankful for all your smiles and hugs. I’m grateful for all we have shared. Thanks for opening your hearts and letting me be part of your lives, but I would especially like to thank you for helping me to become a better educator^^mother^^caretaker^^helper. Each of you has made a difference in me. I will never forget you all. Take care. I am already missing you all…

Loads of love, Rupa

Our hostel


Our certificate ^^

Friday, December 11, 2015

Mom's Favorite Dish??

You know my mom was here to celebrate the closing stages of dasara and she went back staying with me for very few days, I brought all kinds of things for her but truly I never knew her favorite dish. I asked my mother what her favorite dish was.
“Nothing” she replied.
“But there must be something. Everyone has a favorite”, I persisted.
“Nothing, you silly child”, she replied. Mummy in her usual no-nonsense way had dismissed an important question about herself.
But her answer just caused more questions to pop up. I thought about what she said over and over again at dinner time. She served me mushroom datshi, papad  and rice for dinner. The papad was crisp, which you could hear its crack as someone bit into it. I liked both the crispy papad and cheesy mushroom with fewer chilies. The mushroom is one of my favorite. She knew what’s my favorite dish.  So what was her darling part of the meal?
I went to bed that night with the words playing in my head. My dreams were troubled because he is leaving-she is leaving. It must have been early morning 3:20 a.m. when I finally slept. When I woke up, it was already 5am. I went directly went to kitchen rubbing my eyes and found my mother in the kitchen.
She placed before me a cup of coffee. Made the way I liked it. Steaming hot. Sweet, thick and frothy-on-top. Mummy knew everything about my taste. She knew I could empty an entire bowl of ‘noodles’ for breakfast. She knew her daughter never went anywhere near a bitter gourd and that the lastcheesy veggie in the container was always mine, I don’t take the fried rice and anything bitter, was reflected in the written rule in the invisible family book.
I knew only one thing about my mother’s preference in food. That she liked her tea cold and thick. But all of a sudden I wasn’t sure if that had been a preference all along. Or was it because she never had the time to sip it when it was hot?
She stood by the stove as I watched, flipping rotis, urging me to eat while the roti was still warm. I had watched her, beside the stove for so many years now  flipping rotis, frying something, making azay or stirring curries. She will never sit down with the rest of us.
In all my 25 years, never before did I pause to ask, Mummy what is your favorite dish? Do you like beans? What about chicken? Gravy or fried?
She had rearranged her spice preference according to us. Rearranged her appetite according to us. Rearranged her life around ours. Sacrificed her life taking care of us.
Last time looked at the spatula in her hand and I pushed my plate back.
“Why don’t you sit down and eat? I’ll prepare the food”, I said.
I knew the answer before she said it. Not now. Not hungry. Dishes in the sink. The potatoes must go into the pressure cooker first. A list of to-do’s before she rest.
She refused to give up the spatula and I have ordered to sit back and ‘enjoy the rice while they are warm’.
Mummy, today I have a ‘home-sickness’ feeling creeping up on me. Missing you and the food cooked by you, mixing of all kind of ingredients like love, care and everything in fact.
And I swear to God, one day I will find out that Favorite Dish of yours and I am going to cook by myself and serve you. I just missed you today. 
 - 20th of Oct, 2015.

Thank You Note I ^^ :) :)

 Hello Bishnu,

You know my greatest happiness is to receive books written by my favorite author, about my favorite idol from my finest friend. This is the third time that I have smiled the widest. Thank you so much for the wonderful books that you sent me. Its beautifully wrapped by gift wrapper. I hated to open it but I did as I couldn’t wait. It is a perfect present/ treats for me, not only was it the perfect present (I haven’t been able to put it down!) but it will certainly come in handy for my writing skills as well hehe. You picked the perfect thing!
I am truly grateful for your kindness and generosity!  All the colleagues are super excited to read “MESSI more than a super star” which is great! I also got thrashing words like, “If you have human heart you will allow others to read it first!” Damn me! I carry human heart but for now I be a demon and read it first alright(:P :P:P)  I need to do instantly what I crave for. Now, I have assigned myself, when to read which books. Today, I am reading a book sent by my brother. And next assignment is to read “MESSI more than a super star”.
Someone said, ‘In life you must always celebrate happy endings and new beginnings.’  When I just heard the news about your first job. I just rushed to congratulate you! You remember? :P I know that getting that first job after college is often very difficult , you are very lucky!  And I commend you to be down to the earth. Work hard and give it all you’ve got. You will find more success than you had ever thought. With your background and your artistic talent, you will make a fine contribution to TCC. Best wishes for success and keep in touch.
Again, thank you thank you thank you much for the first salary treat. ‘Kadrinche beyond words’  for remembering me!
Once more, congratulations for your new job! Stay safe^^happy and donot forget to smile!
Much remembrance!
Rupee here J

My happiness is to receive books written by my favorite author, about my favorite idol from my finest friend.Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you.

P.S:  Bishnu Lal Gurung, is younger friend of mine who did his, Diploma Course in Financial Management from (RIM), Semtokha and currently working in Phuntsholing under TCC. This letter is all about sisterly advice for him being in new into job :P :P and also to show gratitude for him being  thoughtful to select me my favorite stuffs.  J

iNtO 2015 Resolutions^^

Yesterday while going through piles on my table, figuring out what needed to be moved over to the dust bin and what needed to stay in files.  I discovered a notebook in which I had written my 2015 resolutions. As much as my busyness and professional life bleed into each other, it shouldn’t have surprised me to find that so did my goals, as far as I know. 100% pass result with quality marks of my students, reading minimum of 10 books, writing 44 blog posts, decreasing my frustration level, being down to the earth. What did surprise me was that most of these somewhat bigger aspirations have actually been put into practice this year or at least are close to coming to fruition. It’s crazy to think about how quickly the past eleven months have gone by. When every day feels like there aren’t enough hours, though, I suppose it shouldn’t be a shock that this year and all the opportunities it held are coming to an end…

Spending the week with good friends
Spending the week with good friends and upcoming holiday’s window has certainly put me in the strength, but sitting inside the home, it’s put me in a reflective mood as well. I always thought my dad was crazy when he said, “Just wait the older you get the fasted the years go.” How is that even possible? And yet… it’s so true. Time is precious. Time with friends, time better used, and time better spent. The last month has been a busy one as I have mentioned in the last post. October was reserved by my students and work , I felt like in December I went the opposite way staying home and prioritizng my personal time over work time, knitting, (is only the greatest hobby who born in December and expire in the same month… ).
Suddenly, it’s time for holidays and fun and travelling, family time, and I’m worried about the aspirations2015 resolutions and the huge to-do list for the next two weeks staring me in the face. Alawai! So, I guess it’s time to take the lessons learned from 2013 and better start working on some 2015 resolutions.
                                          Number 1?
 Be more disciplined with time. This doesn’t mean I need to work harder, but I definitely need to work smarter. Sticking to time, I need to plan well. Because now that I’ve finally become better at finding that balance of work and play, I certainly don’t give it up! (wink wink)
And this month will be the perfect time to start putting some of those ideas into practice! with a smile on my face. The good thing is that I’m absolutely excited for every bit of it,  to fulfill my resolutions and the holiday. So let me make the last month of 2015 one to remember, shall I!?
Las(okay) like today, I am reading the 10th book, if I include the four text books then I have fulfilled my aspiration alright. Hehe you know I hardly read books and last year I exactly remember, it was during National day, 17th of December, I posed for a photo snap and I accidently uttered, ‘These photos are for my blog post, I was blush blush then, I never intend to tell this… Damn me!’  My boss apparently heard it, “Yes  madam Rupa you do blog but I never seen you reading books? Boss confirmed.
I with all nononsense I notified her,” Madam, I finished reading 7 books.” Before I grin, she raised her eyebrows and stated, “Oh really? That sound good !”
I genuinely smiled at her.
“You want to know which books that I have completed so far?” I affirmed.
“Ya ya sure, can you tell me!”  She confirmed and smiled too.
“Bhutan history for class seven, Indian history, toposheet, Bhutan geography for class eight, principle geography for class eight, class seven science and class nice chemistry text book.” Nonstop flow of text books name made her to go all hahaha…
You know,  I always wished to become a serious reader, but I never became because I wasn’t serious about my destinations. When I kept your best wishes; very close to my heart, reminded to me constantly, worked smarter to achieve it and now watch what happened to me, “Wishes about to Fulfill” alright. I have read many wonderful books that gave me the “frequency” that became a gesture of joy and clarity as I now inhale contentment.
True motivating factor to let me read books were my blogger friends, who beyond doubt inspired me to read more books to have quality writing. I want to thank all of you for your words of inspiration and hope. I’ve encountered challenging times but with your inspiration I was uplifted an inch with an every fall and helped me to maintain a positive attitude and trust that “everything is as it should be, nothing is impossible”.

May you be blessed as you have blessed me.
  Loads of love and energy to you!

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Goodbye November, Hi December^^

November sure went out with a bang for me and not in a celebratory way. It was a pathetic month for me, preparing questions, blue print, model answer, compiling CA, rushing to complete chapter, remedial support for students, calculating SUPW grade, preparation for annual examination, paper correction and result preparation really kept me busy. Thank god this busyness in me really washed away my bad emotions. Today; when I visited back to the memory of that past day, it was already elapsed. These raised smiles a broad!  Despite the busyness in my work field, we nailed TWO big events: 1) Birth Anniversary Of Our Fourth King and Annual School Award Night(ASAN). The fact was that it went as award Day instead of night hehe. We had a whole day of award ceremony day in Samcholing MSS. School administrations; thank you so much for these certificates, which will definitely going to be a motivating factors for me. “Really?” Oh! That’s slip of tongue. You know I was awarded with the certificate for being a matron, but nothing will turn my mind to be a matron then. Even the shower of goldly liquid every morning at my home, cannot hold me back. I hated this job. I was more like counselor and caged bird this year.  I need to give up and walk away; from this heck matronship. Truly; I am not designed to be a matron L ...
Thanks madam Phub for allowing me to post
this photo and helping me to wave farewell Nov. ;)
2015, these parts were hard for me this year!
-Presence of leeches.
-Being cynophobia.
-Meeting up with my friends.
-Being victim about my own weird feelings.
-Food that I eat.
-Being emotional fool.
-Hostel building being problematic.
-Dealing with tricky students in the school.
-Cough and cold,  didn’t recover as fast as it used to.
-Too many things happening!
-Having to tell people things they don’t want to hear.
-Anxiety about having conversations in which I tell people things they don’t want to hear. A lot of having to remember that now is not then.
-People I love were in freak-out mode, and it was painful to watch.
-I want a holiday so badly I can taste it. A proper holiday, with no work at all.
-I am doing things that scare me!
-Being with people I love.
-being depressed and in pain. But some of the pain got better and when I recognized the depression for what it was, that got better too.
2015, these were my favorite parts about you!
-Wearing my new cloths, and being warm, contented, comfortable, cozy.
-Mid-term vacation. Really was amazing. Next one is in January; it’s pretty close to full!
-Being able to read seven books :P my destination was to complete ten books in 2015, now I have only 30 days in hand. Please December be good to me to fulfill my objectives.
-I could buy a c.. for me, that’s kind of saving.
-School work, everything being superior.
-I was offered with multi workshop by school. I was pretty excited as I will be meeting up with my college friends. Pre-planned, Hi, guys!
-Being a Barca fan and left me undying smiles they proved me by being them championships, that was a very special and much dreamed-of thing. Xoxo
-I got to hang out with my Singaporean friend.
-Talked with my best friend, we spent hours on the phone giggling like teenage girlfriends sharing hilarious stories from classroom. Thanks teamViber for providing us with free call :P :P
-I met with capital H I M.
-I got a REALLY good piece of news that I am happy about^^

So, I am looking forward to an inner light for the month of December.
The sun rises over the Black mountain and I'm hoping I can wash away the busyness^^ tiredness of November as I try to capture the magic of December.

I have good news for me :P hehe you know, all of my life I had struggled with stomach ulcer, which included pains that were of the same kind to childbirth ( :P :P :P, I am talking as if I was a mother once) no worries I experienced through reading, it pained me. But this year I experienced less comparing to bygone years. Every disease in me must be waning. Happiest me! Thank god for everything^^
You might think kenchosum has forgotten you, No, he has not. Good news for you, your case file has been forwarded to him by the angels. So he is treating it now. You are next in line to confirm, you will be marked out for greatness. No matter what is happening around you, be pleased about.
Avoid anxiety, expect surprises from good. Almighty God can show up anytime even at the least expected time. Remember; we have 30 more days to go for this year to come to an end. You will restore, which you have lost, as long as you have faith in god.
Thank God for the year so far ^^
Happy New month J Happy December^^
Xoxo :)