Monday, October 28, 2013

Study tour.

It has definitely been a while since my last entry, and I should probably stop procrastinating so much on blogging about my whereabouts and travels. As much as I tell myself that I have no time, I definitely do judging by the amount of the assignment that I do in hostel, or the amount of time I spend on face book. Oh the wonders of the modern world LOL...
Now times comes for the study tour, we had a choice of going to  either Phuntsholing or Samtse however, due to few reasons like, it is expensive for the college to send 27 of us and our exam is very near to door  so,  we are forced to cancel that place and the college made mandatory to opt for the nearest place. So we preferred to go to the National Soil Services Centre located in Simtokha.
We started our journey exactly at 7:45 Am. We were provided the bus by college and ma’am Hari(Chemistry tutor) accompanied our class to reach us to the soil centre. Well in the bus, honestly I didn’t sleep! Because everyone just having fun and making a loudness sounds, we made own "Bus concert", own "Standing Party" and own "Stand Up Comedy" for seriously like OMG LOL. I already enjoyed the situation and the condition.
We took around one hour fifteen minutes to reach our destiny.
We entered conference hall by 9:45 in the morning.
The great thing about these study tours- aside from the endless mandatory sketching- there were presentation from various units.
We were briefed to the general introduction of the centre  by the program director. The soil centre were scattered into four units if I have not mistaken lol (Soil Survey UnitSoil Microbiology UnitSoil Fertility Unit and Soil and Plant Analytical Laboratory unit). All the units were headed by different peoples. We were there in the soil centre unit for around two hours and we made it to the restaurant for lunch. We actually beat the large group, which resulted in the restaurant telling us that there was no enough food for this large number of students… Hehe however we made it in the end.  After that by 2:20PM we headed towards the Department of Geology and Mines which is located in the heart of  Thimphu city.
 I'll make this post more of a photo journal, since I don't want to be over-wordy with my entry. 
Long story short, finally we moved towards the Buddha point. Uffs very windy and cold place…really I was freeze to ice... We headed college at six in the evening.

Bestieee, Bro GAjen and me,,,:P

Group photo with chemist,director and staff of NSSC.

This beautiful Buddha stands at the top of a hill above Thimphu. There is still earthwork going on - and the base of the statue is being finished, so we werent able to go right to the edge to enjoy the view - It was awesome!

The staff of NSSC were very wel coming....They entertained us with snaks and tea... we enjoyed!!

Grinder to crush the stones.
people across the country brings sample to test the minerals contain.
Sample will be grinded to analyze.

They made the sample into powdered form and mixit throughly...
Everyone just having funinside the bus...we made our own "Bus concert", own "Standing Party" and own "Stand Up Comedy"  LOL

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Baza guru Dungdrup in PCE.

Yesterday on 26th  of October  was the Lhabab Duechen or Descending Day of Lord Buddha. It has been declared a national holiday by the government.

Lhabab Duechen is generally seen by the Bhutanese to a be very religious day for dedicating oneself towards virtuous deeds. The benefits are multifold for every good deed on this day. Almost all Bhutanese find a way to break away from normal life and dedicate themselves towards the spiritual on Lhabab Duechen. Monastries, dzongs and dratshangs around the country are flooded with devotees. 
 I being a follower I attended the Baza guru Dungdrup in the college and was organized by the college on 26th October 2013 to mark the descending day of lord Buddha from Thirty Third Heaven. This was the fourth round of Baza guru Dungdrup I attended in the college. This time the program was presided by His Eminence Khen Chen Katayana.
The chanting of Baza guru Dungdrup started from 7 AM sharp in the morning and prolonged till 7 PM. The main purpose of Baza guru Dungdrup is for the well being of the country and all the sentient beings. The participants were entertained with refreshment and lunch.

The program came to an end with some traditional dances by the cultural members of the college and wang ceremony to the attendants by Rinpochoe.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Writng iz fun!!

Today I attended the writers workshop organized by the literary committee members. Today’s conference inspired me to write more. Though, I am not a good writer as I used to be very poor in language during my schools days and not to mention in my college days as well. So, I wanted to bring in the improvement within me, however I remained same. To be honest about myself I even cannot frame a proper sentence putting simple words.  I believed and am sure that the words that I write were all in dictionary. only things is to arrange in a logical manner. Poor me even cannot do that. Writing is the feeling where we can share without the restriction of others. We have freedom to fly our writings. Few people enjoy writing so much that they do it just for fun, similar to me I blog for fun… Sometimes an event or an object inspires me to sit down and write. Without any sense of audience or purpose. Dear readers, I am really sorry that I couldn’t bring you all a quality articles at this juncture. However,  I already mentioned you that I blog for fun right LOL… and  its nothing professional, it’s all my scribbles and I could see the increase in page viewers every day. This brings smiles on my face. Visit my blog and leave me a comment so that will bring improvement in it. Really writing is tuff job than speaking as; while we are speaking we don’t have to put the sentences in a logical order; however when it comes to writing everything we expressed should be in a logical order with proper sentences. I have something surprise for you……………………………………………………………. nothing  wonderful but just a snap of wall pasted sayings, views and  articles  of great peoples on writings collected by literary members. enjoy going through it!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

mY rEalizatioN.

I haven't really posted anything in a while right. last evening we friends were talking about dreams. It might be seen that we come back to Earth multiple times (as in multiple lives) and each time we come back we take with us something this life is supposed to teach us (always something that we chose to learn).  Well, if you do not do a good deeds in this generation then Its believed that we will not get a proper rebirth in the next generation. Lives in the form of human being are the most precious one, as we the human are outfitted with the brain where we can think logically and take decision on our own. In life, if we don’t understand what we're supposed to be learning, challenges that are similar will keep coming up until we get it. The realization of what we're meant to learn comes to us in our dreams too. So, upon reflection of my life and its challenges I feel like I'm supposed to learn compassion and reduce my anger(worry not I am doing an action research on my lessening of anger). This might not be the only thing I need to learn, but it seems to be one of them. I hope I can learn it LOL. Thank you Kencho, for your useful talk. I realized to be good LOL…
Let me share some of my Simple Plesaures jotted down in the cold evening.

Things that I enjoy,

1. wind blowing away my hair.
2. the smell of Chemistry class
3. Fresh flowers
4. the sound of the river
5. make up
6. the fresh air
8. wet grass
9. cool dressing
10. cold nights indoors
11. good music
12. watching the sunset
13. looking at the city at night
14. the sun
15. the feeling of smallness
16. the rain
17. Warmness you get when someone you like smiles/comes near you :P
18. Excitement when someone you like in face book says hi first.
18. smell of my Shampoo
19. Shirt
20. fanta
21. chocolate
22. topramen
23. batmention
24. Chess
25. football.
26. basketball.
27 cheese momo.
28.matching wonju and tego
29. facebooking.
30. Bunking from hostel :P

I have others but they're hard to put into words. I think you get my point.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

College marathon...

College marathon is always scheduled in end of September or first week of October and it is open events for college family, however this year it was different than previous year. This year we ran class wise. There were group run as well, like girls group, boys group and mixed group. Rest we all have the single runners from the class. September end is cold here in Paro, all the students teachers were asked to gather in the college football ground latest by 6 am in the morning.  The girls as well as boys covered up twelve kilometers starting from College gate-On the way to Airport and we followed the Paro town’s way.
Boys winner said, “This achievement is not for the first time for me and I am been winning this race since from the school days itself. However this achievement in the College is considered as great achievement for me in my life time”. “I hope for completing the race not for winning but unfortunately winning the race is so fascinating for me as a whole.  Girls first position holder said, “I stood first in marathon in my life time is so fantastic and great achievement for the long run” The Director of the College said that he hardly took participates in the race unfortunately he was there to award price as a guest.
It is compulsory to have at least 18 participants form each class.  Around 90 percentages of the boys and 80 percentages of the girls have been participated in the marathon competition. It was started at 7 am in the morning and all most all the participants have completed the race. I too ran and positioned in top 20th from single runners. Funniest part of me was you know, I ran first position till Hotel Holidays from college gate and I was totally exhausted by then. So, I just slowed my speed and followed consistency. My philosophy as well is not to win the race but just to complete it. It was nice to see even some of the lecturers competed the race and won medals.Exciting photoes of marathon will come your way later... keep visiting my blog :P...thank you!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dasara celebration...

First of all Happy Dasara to all of my dear visitors

This is the Hindu festival that celebrates by all over world by all the Hindus.

Ths festival celebrates on the occasion of the victory of goodness of humanity over the bad or the evilness. Therefore Bhutanese govt. had already declared a holiday to celebrate the festival
 After almost 10  years staying in the hostel, this year I am fortunate to get blessings from my parents, during dasara.  Ah! I had my childhood memories of dasara celebration. Hehe after pesting  tika(rice on forehead) we used to get money right, you know we used to count the money beforehand, not knowing the fact that how much they will give us…That was  the cutest memory of dasara celebration, when I was a little girl. This year I had different feelings. Blessing was greater than the money truly… Blessing utter during the tika ceremony by my dad was really heart touching. So, this year I decided to tick the money off the list lol :P…
My dasara started from Friday, the 11th of October. On 11th of Oct, I went till Thimphu, after reaching there we had a family gathering… we danced, jumped and sang… Till Sunday I stayed there in Thimphu. On Sunday I with my first cousin headed towards Dagana at my village. Reached at 8 PM I guess. I was tired of travelling and I slept early, while other family members are still talking and enjoying being together. Next day I woke up early and I cleaned the house thoroughly. Arranged the room for the visitors to get blessings and at 9 AM I guess we had a Tika ceremony from my dad. This year we had a new member added in our families and we are blessed to be with him. You know, my mom brought new clothes only to him L… I too took a play educational toys for him, dad brought him a baby suits, my elder brother (his dad) brought him a cap and a cute jacket… his mom, my in-law brought him a purple suits … precisely all of us brought him something. Worry not he is new person in this 2013 dasara. Let me not make my post long, to brief my post… we really enjoyed 2013 dasara with my families. I wish the same gathering next year. Bless me always dad and mom. Love both of eww a million!!! ;)

U ll neva fully dressed without a smile on face..

The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.

Smile aswellis the powerful weapons, u can evn break ICE with it.


mummy n cousn dd...

b happy alyzzz....

Blessings are the powerful weapons,that will block our evil deeds...

Friday, October 11, 2013

Missed my dad and mom... :(

Its 2:58 am and I am still awake, I really missed my parents. :'( ... How true Mummy's and Daddy's words were when they says: all children must look after their own upbringing. Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.
Parents are not interested in justice; they're interested in peace and quiet.
Love you always my dearest parents..... I miss you when something really good happens,
because you are the one I want to share it with. I
miss you when something is troubling me, because
you are the one who understands me so well. I miss
you when I laugh & cry because I know that you are
the one that makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear. I miss you all the time, but I miss you most when I lay awake at night and think of all the wonderful times we spent with each other; for those were some of the best times of my life... I am coming home mummy to taste my favorite food cooked by you.
Baba(daddy) You kept me happy. You treated me like a queen. You talked me with respect. You made me special in my life.
Love U Dad and mom For Each n Everything 

I Respect U my dear parents. 

3 most close person in my life... <3 u alll... and my bestieee... ;)

Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Hello again, long lost friends! I cannot believe that I have neglected my poor, little blog for almost a week long! I do have some excuses, though, actually I am doing an action research, and this days I am collecting baseline data, which keeps me busy all the times. 

Rest came on Saturday, so, we took a trip to  Drugyel dzong. Fascinated to be emerged in this amazing place for the second time.  Our class girl’s friend was deciding to do a girls gathering and I stood and said, “Let’s go to Drugyel dzong, which is a very serene place.” They all agreed and we went for dry picnic on Saturday, towards the Drugyel dzong. Which is in complete ruins but so quiet and serene. It was the only dzong that has not been most others that had been destroyed by fires/quakes had been restored/ rebuilt and looked new & bright. It was wonderful ruin, so beautiful and so historically meaningful for the Bhutanese. And lovely to walk around such a fine place and enjoy the splendid views of the valley. All my friends loved the view of the mountains...a small village at the foothill is the perfect setting of the place. The Jhomolhari peaks are a great view. They really loved going around the dzong. We reached there around 12 PM. As soon as we reached there, I took my friends behind the utse to view the Jhomolhari peaks. My friend Yeshi told, “I will visit next time with my families, where we can find inner peace from the place, my first dose of happiness.”  We really enjoyed being there. We were showered with heavenly downpour, in the evening, that’s why we returned back early than the time we have estimated. We had our lunch with friends We rested, drank and breathe in the air of serenity. I still have that air preserved in my cell LOL…and had a photo session in a group and headed down to the valley. Which left sadness in my heart, because I was already in love with that place L
When I stepped into my room it was exactly 6 pm to 10 minutes.
Completely exhausted, did washing, got into my bed and I cannot be selfish. So, I wanted to share my trip however because of the corrupted net, I couldn’t do that right away. I already mentioned that I cannot be selfish right. So, I got little leisure time today and I wanted to share. So that you can visit that beautiful place later in future lol... We really enjoyed our visit of the place truly.
The ruin Dzong was beautiful and the area around was even more.
Watch out the snaps of the day... 

Laughing is the best medicine...lets have evergreen cooperation like dis in future as well... love you alll...

Ummm yammy alryt....

:P  ufss my bag!!!

:) they are beautiful... :)

Winter alredy welcume us... its cold here in Paro... My umbrella matches my coat ryt... diddn't notic dt :P 

Take a right desicion on right time.

Beautiful view of Jomolhari peak... :) 

Beauty is joy forever!!!

Dey are in their own pose... Love it Ana Yeshi...

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Trip To Paro Taktshang...

Life is beautiful when my parents were nearby me. Parents are and were my heroes in my life. This week I feel blessed to be with my parents. My dad and mom came all the way from Dagana which is a day travel by bus, to search the inner peace from Paro TakTsang(Tiger nest). Taktsang is one of the holiest places in Bhutan the monastery is perched on a high stone cliff overlooking the northern Paro valley. This place is especially venerated because of its association with Guru Rinpoche, who is said to have flown to Paro Taktsang in the form of Dorji Drolo, mounted on a flaming dakini-tigress in the 747A.D. Our journey started by 7:30 am in the morning and headed towards Taktshang with few of my relatives from Paro. We reached Taktshang around 10:15 am. We relaxed for a while, registered, Then I drank Drupchu (blessed spring-water), after that we kept our belongings, where we are allowed to take in the materials to make offer. As, one’s body is searched of and any thngs like inflammable materials, cameras, etc are not allowed to take in. The body-search done by a police I guess, with his bare hands and we are allowed to go inside the monastery to offer butter lamps. Then we climbed up the properly arranged wide but steep steps of stone-slabs to the main entrance that leads up again along the same steps to the internal landing that leads to the main Guru shrines on the far edges of the precipice. This was my second time visit to Taktshang, I was blessed to visit for the second time. This time I went around along with my parents and I got an opportunity to explain, some of the shrines present inside the temple. I was double blessed by then LOL… My dad has little backgrounds about Taktsang, however my mom being illiterate she doesn’t have any ideas; so, I was guide to my mom. We spent almost three hours inside the monastery. WE had lunch together and headed downwards the Paro Valley which is the breathtaking but chilling view down across the stretch of greenery of coniferous forestsl.Well, I got to go now. I don't want to make it a very long post. And sorry. I'm lazy to upload those pics I took. Maybe some other time when I am not lazy first alright? HAHA!