Tuesday, October 22, 2013

mY rEalizatioN.

I haven't really posted anything in a while right. Okay...so last evening we friends were talking about dreams. It might be seen that we come back to Earth multiple times (as in multiple lives) and each time we come back we take with us something this life is supposed to teach us (always something that we chose to learn).  Well, if you do not do a good deeds in this generation then Its believed that we will not get a proper rebirth in the next generation. Lives in the form of human being are the most precious one, as we the human are outfitted with the brain where we can think logically and take decision on our own. In life, if we don’t understand what we're supposed to be learning, challenges that are similar will keep coming up until we get it. The realization of what we're meant to learn comes to us in our dreams too. So, upon reflection of my life and its challenges I feel like I'm supposed to learn compassion and reduce my anger(worry not I am doing an action research on my lessening of anger). This might not be the only thing I need to learn, but it seems to be one of them. I hope I can learn it LOL. Thank you Kencho, for your useful talk. I realized to be good LOL…
Let me share some of my Simple Plesaures jotted down in the cold evening.

Things that I enjoy,

1. wind blowing away my hair.
2. the smell of Chemistry class
3. Fresh flowers
4. the sound of the river
5. make up
6. the fresh air
8. wet grass
9. cool dressing
10. cold nights indoors
11. good music
12. watching the sunset
13. looking at the city at night
14. the sun
15. the feeling of smallness
16. the rain
17. Warmness you get when someone you like smiles/comes near you :P
18. Excitement when someone you like in face book says hi first.
18. smell of my Shampoo
19. Shirt
20. fanta
21. chocolate
22. topramen
23. batmention
24. Chess
25. football.
26. basketball.
27 cheese momo.
28.matching wonju and tego
29. facebooking.
30. Bunking from hostel :P

I have others but they're hard to put into words. I think you get my point.

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