Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Writng iz fun!!

Today I attended the writers workshop organized by the literary committee members. Today’s conference inspired me to write more. Though, I am not a good writer as I used to be very poor in language during my schools days and not to mention in my college days as well. So, I wanted to bring in the improvement within me, however I remained same. To be honest about myself I even cannot frame a proper sentence putting simple words.  I believed and am sure that the words that I write were all in dictionary. only things is to arrange in a logical manner. Poor me even cannot do that. Writing is the feeling where we can share without the restriction of others. We have freedom to fly our writings. Few people enjoy writing so much that they do it just for fun, similar to me I blog for fun… Sometimes an event or an object inspires me to sit down and write. Without any sense of audience or purpose. Dear readers, I am really sorry that I couldn’t bring you all a quality articles at this juncture. However,  I already mentioned you that I blog for fun right LOL… and  its nothing professional, it’s all my scribbles and I could see the increase in page viewers every day. This brings smiles on my face. Visit my blog and leave me a comment so that will bring improvement in it. Really writing is tuff job than speaking as; while we are speaking we don’t have to put the sentences in a logical order; however when it comes to writing everything we expressed should be in a logical order with proper sentences. I have something surprise for you……………………………………………………………. nothing  wonderful but just a snap of wall pasted sayings, views and  articles  of great peoples on writings collected by literary members. enjoy going through it!!!

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