Sunday, May 19, 2013

mY BirthDay!

"I wouldn’t say I had the most memorable day of my life because every day is so memorable to remember. But when that one-day is all yours, that day holds special in your heart."
It was exactly 11:57 PM, where Tse-Ten came and covered my eyes with scarf.
11:58 I recieved the sms from my friend Sonam Choki... She is the first wisher :). 
 Exactly at 12 AM they undone with the scarf and they had a surprise for me. They prepared choclate cake, kimchi, stemed momo and lot more all my favorite dish.
They sang a happy birthday song.
And gave me the gift which touched my heart, knowing the fact that I love cats, they drew cats pics and gave me as a gift... 
We slept by 2 am i guess.

Again I woke up early in the morning of 18th May,I looked through the window, I saw flowers blooming so beautiful and birds chirping in the early morning. I felt like the summer has come to wish me. And my day just started. A smile is all I had, coz my friends said not to fade wawy with my smile. And then, went for washing, light incence stick, offer water, prostrated 108X2 times and prayed for 30 minutes. After that my friend Yangsoo and Tse Ten woke up aswell, we drank coffe and ate left over steamed momo. Was ready to go off to the college. Then I went to college, It was a sport day in our college so, cherred fro a while and went to my sister place with my friend to collect the stuffs to celebrate my birthday. I gave lunch to my friends and went off to watched movie "THANK YOU SIR". Wow, indeed, I will never forget 18th of May, 2013. Anyhow, the calls from my friends, families and the wishes filled my day. Sometimes, it is nice to feel special. 

Thank You every one who wished me on my birthday. There wouldn’t be my world without you all in it. Life is good as long as we are good to each other.
Thank you Yangsoo and Tse-Ten for the surprise... Love both of eww a lot...
LOve you all my friends.

Birthday snapzzzz...

bez frnzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahh al my fav...


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