Saturday, May 25, 2013

Walk to Chumbu Ney... :)

Today,  25th of May falls on a very special day for Buddhist as it marks 5 important events in the life of Lord Buddha. The day is celebrated as Buddha Parinirvana, to mark the Lord’s conception, birth, enlightenment, and nirvana. So, many Buddhists observe the day with great faith, enthusiasm and dedication all over the world. Myself and my class mate recognized the day by visiting chumbu ney. Which is located north-east of Paro Valley. It was blessed and left as a hidden treasure by great master, lotus born Guru Rinpoche and later, late head abbot of Bhutan have discovered this Ney and also have built monastery and placed with the statue of Dorjee Phagmo (Vajra Varahi) standing on air and there are numerous sacred sites to be explored . First we went to buy snacks and incense to offer. We reserved bolero to reach us till halfway. After that we headed towards cumbu ney. The path wasn’t rough. We took our steady race not get tried ourselves. At the temple below Chumbu ney, we went around three times and again headed towards the Chumbu which we took thirty minutes walk to reach there. Beauty of Chumbu was the water fall… wow that beauty hasn’t washed away from my heart. It was amazing and lovely.  When we reached the scered place The monks served us tea with zau. I went inside and registered ourselves with our details, I did all. We went inside, prostrated six times and one of the wise monk explained about Chumbu ney, we saw the amazing statue of Dorjee Phagmo (Vajra Varahi) standing on air.Outside the temple, we headed towards the tsho( small lake),  it was beautiful as well, we prayed, offered money and lightened incense stick  while thinking good thoughts. It was a wonderful trip…

 Bhuddha Blesses us always…

Snaps during the day :)

This is Chumbu temple... :)

The greatest gift of life is friendship .
 Nature Beauty ;)
Destiny :)Be happy for this moment... ;) 
Trying hard to reach chumbu...
Water fall... <3 ly :)

Surving on their own world. lol...
Just wanna give away my smile... :P ROFL

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