Friday, October 31, 2014

Unblogged hobbies ;)

Life without a hobby is like food without the salt. It is a hobby which makes living interesting. It is a pursuit outside one’s regular work. A hobby gives one joy and pleasure; one does not get tired of it. It is a pastime, relaxation and leisure
Yesterday maam Yeshi snaped my house garden and tagged me.
Today I am inspired by two people to update my blog on unblogged hobby, Maam Yeshi lhamo and my blog reader Samten sir. Thank you both for your great memento.
There are many hobbies I have:  like cooking, painting, knitting, gardening, stamps collecting, photography, reading, sewing, pet care, coin collecting, playing games, travelling, blogging, etc. My favorite hobbies are gardening, playing and knitting.

Resting after immense work in the garden :P
:P grasses seems taller than me.
Gardening gives me immense pleasure. When I saw seed sown by me growing into beautiful plants and blooming flowers, it gives me a great sense of fulfillment. I enjoy tendering my plants and watering my garden every day. It gives me satisfaction and helps in keeping myself active and busy. I grow flowers and vegetables in my garden. The joy of witnessing blooming flowers and leaves fills my heart with a sense of achievement and realizing the fact that the work of my own hands is bearing fruit definitely gives me pleasure.
Another hobby which I pursue is playing games. There are a number of games I loved to choose from but I find chess the best and most fascinating.
My chess board. At homie ;)

Despite of my eight hours of school and burdens of bookwork, I always manage to get leisure time for myself. After completing watering the flower, in the evening I play chess with my friend. Sometimes when no one is ready to play then I play chess alone from both the sides. It is always interesting as well as difficult to play against myself. It is really a game that can help in mental exercising. It is an indoor game which I enjoy with biscuits and tea. I also play chess on my computer but most of the times I play it on cardboard. Playing chess keeps me mentally fit.:P You know during my college days during my friend’s birthday, I always used to buy them a chess board, so that whenever I visit them I can play the chess :P
Currently m knitting sweater 

My next hobby is knitting; I have a keen interest on knitting truly. Whenever I am in front of my laptop, I always browse the knitting video. When I was young, I knitted using the stick of hard-broom. My father always advice me not to knit, he says that, knitting is meant for elderly women. Still, my interest in knitting did not die for good reasons. Knitting is an excellent way to express creativity, save money on clothing, and create personalized gifts. I never buy simple winter stocks like socks, scarf, gloves and hat for me. I knit for myself. During my first birthday of my nephew, I gifted him, a set of knitted cloths. Knitting has also been shown to be excellent for people's health. For all of these reasons, I still knit constantly. I recently finished my very own socks and scarf. 
My knitting stuffs. ;)
My last favirouite hobby is blogging.Blogging is fun. I was inspired by many Bhutanese blogger. It was in 2012, August, where my action researches tutor introduced blog for our class. We were asked to post daily about the action research. I was not much interested in it. I never knew that, I can post my feelings, actually everything on my blog. I left my blog, and I was awake when I first read the blog post of Passu sirand Riku sir… Later in 2013, blogging became my hobby. I received first comments from a man from Germany and blogger Tsewang K. It’s really funny how blogging begins... slowly... and then gets some followers.. .and then gets more followers and more page viewers. That really drives my blogging hobby.
 Truly, my blog was a slow burner in all senses of the word.  Slow to gain readers and slow for me to really connect with it, as a creative outlet, and as a hobby. Blogging has given me some amazing opportunities to express my feelings. Blogging became my dairy today;). I am utterly grateful to be a simple blogger. I really do appreciate bloggers of Bhutan. Keep blogging friends.

 Trying new things is so important. Everyone should go out and try something new every day. So that one day that will be your hobby.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Suday ^_^ Book of memories ;)

There are various ways in which we entertains ourselves. Picnic is kind of open air entertainment for me.
Yesterday, me with the students of Class VI of Samcholing MSS :P  went for a picnic cum trip. We wished to hold the picnic near Dramey-Tang Lhakhang(temple)which is a mile away. We also decided what should be our menu. However, finally we canceled everything and went for a trip, packing lunch. The place was unknown but it was very peaceful.
Towards 9:00 am, everybody gathered in front of Aum Sangay Lhamos general shop. Some hurriedly munched their biscuits and drank cool drinks and tea as the part of their fast breakfast. I purchased chocolates and snacks to munch later.
I checked whether all the students gathered or not and asked to call those missing friends. We started our journey towards our destiny. We had several things to carry, especially me. We thought of taking cab of app Tsewang but students denied me. Students helped me to carry the stack. I giggled and passed my stuff to students.
We gathered on the picnic spot. It was a lovely place, though remote. Idyllic place for the picnic goers, total silence, less people travel by, and away from the road. The place where none disturb, even mobile phone didn't disturb me, as there was no network coverage. Isn’t it beautiful and peaceful?
View of Samcholing valley 
Then, there was the boom boom of music blasting from the hoofer. Now, its dance session!  All of them danced and made me laugh, immeasurably blissful moment. I can rate my students as,” Talented dancers “.  Their dance and my enjoyment made a heaven on the earth :P. Truly, I was lost in the forest of excitement while they danced. It was fun being there. The book of memory remained in my heart. We had lunch and we headed back to our own destiny. 

I have brought you few snaps of the day, please view it :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I am happy for who I am...

Dear friend,
 how have you been?
I am grateful to have woken up to a beautiful clear morning. To have another day to celebrate life. To have been greeted with an extend. I am grateful for a cell phone to be able to call my dad and mom who is traveling in Dagana from Samtse. I am grateful to TEXT book of class six and Khedrup Rinpochoe for reminding us to be grateful.
religious discourse with Khedrup rinpochoe
Yesterday on 13th of October was immense occasion and it was a wedding ceremony of our Fifth Druk Gyalpo with a beautiful Gyeltsuen. ‘Happy belated weeding anniversary HM and her majesty the Gyeltsheun la’. Coinciding with the wedding ceremony, we had a religious discourse with Khedrup rinpochoe.I was touched. Rinpochoe la, you are just amazing and you bring us to the true life, the life of joy and peace within, your words and phrases are soooooo strong and powerful and revive everyone’s soul. Thank you so much.
Actually I am a science teacher by professional, but due to the shortage of teacher in our school, I was assigned to teach social studies in class six. I reached concluding chapter. This chapter is all about a great people and their great ideas and teachings that made difference in different people’s lives. I was influenced by the Buddha’s teaching. The four noble truth and Eight Fold Path are GREAT! Being myself teacher I explored many about Buddha’s teaching and now his teaching brought me enormous changes in a day.
I try to remember that things can always be worse. Coming to the end of a painful nightmare over the last couple months and it is easy to get caught up in it. But then I am slapped back into reality that I am still very lucky. I have my caring dad and mom, loving innocent little brother, guiding elder brother, wonderful friends, my home and my health. In other words, I have all I really need. I am very lucky indeed.
Nagged Dasara gift from my mom :P
What I am most grateful for today is the life I live despite the challenges before me. I am confident and always encouraged because I am literate. The fact that I am employed, educated, have a strong faith, am healthy and have enough money to pay my bills, so so so much. I am blessed beyond belief and grateful each and every day for it.
 “Happiness was not achieved through comfort and luxury, but by wanting less” Social studies text/chap:11/PG:108
“People should ask the things what they need, not the thing what they want” Social studies text/chap:11/PG:108
You know just before a week I ordered my mom to send me some face creams. She did send me. Now after, I will never nag my mom any more :P. I PROMISE!
Dear friend you are wonderful. Thank you for reading my blog post though it’s just a squiggle. The above two guru’s(BOOK+ RINPOCHOE) are the wonderful reminder to the path of my religious conviction. ThE  way they taught me was very humbling. Take care of yourself ...
Pleasant evening ahead.
Keep visiting!