Monday, October 20, 2014

Suday ^_^ Book of memories ;)

There are various ways in which we entertains ourselves. Picnic is kind of open air entertainment for me.
Yesterday, me with the students of Class VI of Samcholing MSS :P  went for a picnic cum trip. We wished to hold the picnic near Dramey-Tang Lhakhang(temple)which is a mile away. We also decided what should be our menu. However, finally we canceled everything and went for a trip, packing lunch. The place was unknown but it was very peaceful.
Towards 9:00 am, everybody gathered in front of Aum Sangay Lhamos general shop. Some hurriedly munched their biscuits and drank cool drinks and tea as the part of their fast breakfast. I purchased chocolates and snacks to munch later.
I checked whether all the students gathered or not and asked to call those missing friends. We started our journey towards our destiny. We had several things to carry, especially me. We thought of taking cab of app Tsewang but students denied me. Students helped me to carry the stack. I giggled and passed my stuff to students.
We gathered on the picnic spot. It was a lovely place, though remote. Idyllic place for the picnic goers, total silence, less people travel by, and away from the road. The place where none disturb, even mobile phone didn't disturb me, as there was no network coverage. Isn’t it beautiful and peaceful?
View of Samcholing valley 
Then, there was the boom boom of music blasting from the hoofer. Now, its dance session!  All of them danced and made me laugh, immeasurably blissful moment. I can rate my students as,” Talented dancers “.  Their dance and my enjoyment made a heaven on the earth :P. Truly, I was lost in the forest of excitement while they danced. It was fun being there. The book of memory remained in my heart. We had lunch and we headed back to our own destiny. 

I have brought you few snaps of the day, please view it :)

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