Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I am happy for who I am...

Dear friend,
 how have you been?
I am grateful to have woken up to a beautiful clear morning. To have another day to celebrate life. To have been greeted with an extend. I am grateful for a cell phone to be able to call my dad and mom who is traveling in Dagana from Samtse. I am grateful to TEXT book of class six and Khedrup Rinpochoe for reminding us to be grateful.
religious discourse with Khedrup rinpochoe
Yesterday on 13th of October was immense occasion and it was a wedding ceremony of our Fifth Druk Gyalpo with a beautiful Gyeltsuen. ‘Happy belated weeding anniversary HM and her majesty the Gyeltsheun la’. Coinciding with the wedding ceremony, we had a religious discourse with Khedrup rinpochoe.I was touched. Rinpochoe la, you are just amazing and you bring us to the true life, the life of joy and peace within, your words and phrases are soooooo strong and powerful and revive everyone’s soul. Thank you so much.
Actually I am a science teacher by professional, but due to the shortage of teacher in our school, I was assigned to teach social studies in class six. I reached concluding chapter. This chapter is all about a great people and their great ideas and teachings that made difference in different people’s lives. I was influenced by the Buddha’s teaching. The four noble truth and Eight Fold Path are GREAT! Being myself teacher I explored many about Buddha’s teaching and now his teaching brought me enormous changes in a day.
I try to remember that things can always be worse. Coming to the end of a painful nightmare over the last couple months and it is easy to get caught up in it. But then I am slapped back into reality that I am still very lucky. I have my caring dad and mom, loving innocent little brother, guiding elder brother, wonderful friends, my home and my health. In other words, I have all I really need. I am very lucky indeed.
Nagged Dasara gift from my mom :P
What I am most grateful for today is the life I live despite the challenges before me. I am confident and always encouraged because I am literate. The fact that I am employed, educated, have a strong faith, am healthy and have enough money to pay my bills, so so so much. I am blessed beyond belief and grateful each and every day for it.
 “Happiness was not achieved through comfort and luxury, but by wanting less” Social studies text/chap:11/PG:108
“People should ask the things what they need, not the thing what they want” Social studies text/chap:11/PG:108
You know just before a week I ordered my mom to send me some face creams. She did send me. Now after, I will never nag my mom any more :P. I PROMISE!
Dear friend you are wonderful. Thank you for reading my blog post though it’s just a squiggle. The above two guru’s(BOOK+ RINPOCHOE) are the wonderful reminder to the path of my religious conviction. ThE  way they taught me was very humbling. Take care of yourself ...
Pleasant evening ahead.
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