Saturday, August 17, 2013

My say... :P

Today woke up early by 4 am... went for washing, prayed for a moment, went through the national news, browsed facebook and now m blogging lol hehe...
Today by 8:30 am I have to reach to the BOB(Bank Of Bhutan), to create the bank account.
eww the wether aint good today... Its gloomy... I guess it will shower after sometime.
Alright,yerterday you know I slept early because I was in depressi on. I just don't feel like to remember that day. M a girl who wants the eauity and justice, every where.I just wanted to share with my best friend, ya, I did with Yanzom but I didn't get time to call Roshan. Best friends are the friend of life and they are part of me as well. Best friend are the only person in my life who supports me emotionally, mentally, physically and sometime financially lol :P apart from parents…They always lift me high when I feel low.

oki, now, I ll be leving to move the floor. I will catch you later oki... hehe
takecare and happy weekends.
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