Saturday, August 24, 2013

Trip to Zela.

Hello again, long lost friends! I cannot believe that I have neglected my poor, little blog for almost a week long! I do have some excuses, though, actually I am doing a research, which keeps me busy all the times. 

Rest came on Saturday, so, we took a trip to ZELA, which is 3500m above the sea level. To be frank we had a challenging walk towards mountains. It’s being summer today, we experience hotness in the valley… However Zela remains chilling cold in summer as well. It was so amazing to be together with my class mates, in such a magnificent setting. The places were breathtaking truly.
It was dawn in the morning. We woke up and prepared pack lunch. Crescent sun rays stroked on the valley, the birds were already creeping in the early green valley of Paro. At that very time we left our Paro valley and headed towards mountains. We really had a challenging trips because there was a bright sunshine...Finally we reached our destination, This palace sits on a very beautiful slope of the mountains in the historic center. It was built in the 15th century. As soon as we reached Zela, we experienced a chilling cold wind dashing our face. T he surroundings are beautiful and very peaceful. We rested for a while and the monks living there served us with the tea, zau and the snacks. After, finished having tea and snacks. We entered inside the lhakhangs(Temple), we offered butter lamp, prostrated ...and listened to the story and significant of the temple and description of statues given by the monks.
I know you will fall in love with Zela when you arrive. The area where the temple stand was gorgeous. Rolling hills and beautiful wild flower surrounding it. The monks living there were very welcoming. 
After that we had our lunch with friends and had a photo session in a group and headed down to valley. Which I carried sadness in my heart, because I was already in love with that place :(
When I stepped into my room it was exactly 7 pm to 10 minutes.
Completely exhausted, did washing, got into my bed and I cannot be selfish. so, I am blogging now lol. So, that you can visit it later... We enjoyed our visit of the palace truly.
The temple was beautiful and the area around was even more.

Below are a few random pictures of the. Enjoy.

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MOnks serving us with tea and snaks...

Maddy the boss LOL...

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