Sunday, March 10, 2013


Sonam choki(PinkyPinky), She is from Punakha.  Mostly remains in her own dream world. She speaks soft and smooth.  But she at least laughs when she is happy. She likes playing around like a kid, and used to drink numerous bottle of amul kool and munch kurkure . True lover but bitterly betrayed. Cool life she leads.

She has a glasses bigger than her face. But she never wore it outside the classroom.heeh…

Lhamo, shortest name perhaps in our class.  Fashionable, Modern and frank! she does not have any nickname, though she like having one…She is from Paro, so some time she speaks in Parop acent.”Gam bay”
She is friendly with boys as well as girl.

Sonam Yangzom(Tenn Yang), as far as I know her closely,  she has compassionate heart, true lover. She is from Mongar, and speaks fluent Nepali with correct pronunciation. True lover by nature, hurt brings her tears but heals super fine next day. But lives an optimistic life with full of ambitions. She is emotionally weak. Closest friend of mine as we studied together since class seven.

Rupa Gurung(Kaykay); She is popurlary known as nothing lol… she is from Dagana. She is very harsh to unknown. For her smile is the strength because she keeps on smiling so no body will notice or find her pain.  ..She loves kitty very much and eats biscuits a lot.

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