Thursday, March 07, 2013

My personal experience of being a teacher…

My class students 2012... :)

I don’t know how it all happened but as I remember I never wanted this profession way back. After my plus2 my parents are already convincing me to join teaching but I hesitated because I know that being a teacher is a tough profession, I even told my friends that if in time I’d be a teacher, I won’t be efficient because all I will have to do is to give students presentation and I will never explain the lesson, I’ll just be a friend to the students. I was once a student and I remember how hard our teachers work for us, they are always encouraging us to do what we don’t want to do and I have to admit that they were like our second parents but out of all the hard task they’ve been doing, they still get to be criticized in the end. Well, that’s one thing why I don’t even bother to take this profession.
It was been offered to me I hesitated but accepted and I was trained for two and half years, after that we have to go for the teaching practice for six months. Well, hear now, I’ll tell you one of the best experiences I ever had.
Things happened so fast I have to teach that instance, waaah, I can’t even believe I was a uuhhm teacher. So I gave it a try, I said to myself ok I’ll just have to give it my best shot. I was really terrified, worried, scared well I really have mixed emotions of uncertainties that day. I thought to myself . Teaching profession is really difficult. But the first time I handled a class, I remembered I taught class IX IT , I told the class that I’m new to teaching and they must understand whatever inconsistencies they might observe. Well, the first day went good my students are participating and I really enjoyed it then I went back, the one week got extended and extended and extended. I was hell yeah enjoying it. I like the teaching profession already, and yeah I’m not mistaken with my percept of being a teacher it was really a hard task, but what’s good about this is it’s a rewarding experience specially when our students shows gratitude of how thankful they are that they have you to educate them. During teachers day and during the rose day students came and wished me with bunches of roses and cards. WOW, what a great experiences…Well, I can say that this profession is something we could love and hate at the same time but after the hard work and pain v can look back to something v can be proud of and when v see the results, the lack of compensation will after all be rewarded by thank you then suddenly realize that nO tHiNg iS gOoD oR bAd tHiNkInG mAkE iT sO... :)
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