Saturday, March 02, 2013

Struggle for my primary education.

I still remember walking 3 hrs a day. Some times with empty stomach. I was little girl when I was first admitted in the school. The road I walk wasn't a rose instead its all thrones. Where during summer I cant imagine leeches kissing my legs and bleeding. Whole body get wet when I reach in the class, because no umbrella to get on instead I have a plastics over just to protect my books. My unlucky feet never get chance to wear the leather shoes till class four, all I prefer is the plastics shoes which is durable one. I used to have the plastic shoes stitched several times.  It is not that my parents don’t want to buy good looking’s shoes for me but I never used to demand for that. No lights at home what I can do is that I used to complete my home works staying myself near the kerosene lamp, which embarrassed me to show my home works next day  to my teacher.
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